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  1. Looking for someone to work with me on my current project by creating a custom battle system and potentially other custom aspects for the game, such as menus and on map alterations. Battle system will be similar to that from the Lunar series, as shown in the video below. https://youtu.be/Zz3uf5puAMY?t=35 Payment and other details will be discussed in private.
  2. Necromedes

    Commission Work For Background Artist

    Artist has been found. Mods may lock this thread at their leisure.
  3. I am currently looking for a background artist for my visual novel. The art style will have to mesh well with my existing character art and will be modern day, Japanese style settings. Please PM me here or on Discord at Necromedes#4690 if interested. (Note: I am more likely to see your message on Discord.) Be ready to offer a portfolio or examples of your existing work. Payment is negotiable and will be made per piece provided. I don't pay by the hour, sorry. Feel free to contact if additional information is required. Final Note: Actual work will not begin until further into the year. At the moment, only a few pieces for a demo trailer will be needed but when work does begin in full, I will expect timely results and the artist will need to be readily available to work with me. This is going to be a rather large project and I will be needing my artist for a good long while. Please only apply if you fully believe that you can provide these services for the long haul. Thank you and I look forward to working with you.
  4. Looking for a BG artist for my visual novel. PM me on here or Discord with a portfolio or whatever examples of your work you have available for consideration.

  5. "Sound the death knell! I ARISE!"

  6. A short, 10 question survey for me to get feed back regarding what features people look for in a game. https://surveynuts.com/surveys/take?id=141541&c=3145607201RVTJ

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    2. Necromedes


      I just noticed that when attempting to edit the survey, I included a duplicate question at the end. My apologies for that.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      The duplicate question allows me to answer the same question with both answers since both upgrading and replacing apply to my preferences.


      Also, would of liked to of been able to explain on how I felt about certain questions, but only allowed to answer with an integer, an oversight to be taken into consideration.

    4. Marcherfu


      For the QTE question, i think it depend on the genre of the game. For example : you gonna do a lot of QTEs in Asura's Wrath but it's cause it's one of his mains features. But on the other hand, for example in some FFs like the 9, there is few QTEs but they're not the main feature. So i think my opinion on that is : if you do it as a main feature then put a lot of those, but if you don't then put some but not too much.

  7. Necromedes

    capitol Of Jot

    Ugh! The style of those walls! They remind me of something and I can't put my finger on it! >,<
  8. Guess who's back?

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    2. Saeryen


      Hello there!

    3. lonequeso


      He could use a tan. So could I, but I usually go from white to red.

      What black and white and red all over? Me when I'm sunburned and wearing black. =D

    4. Radiant Arin

      Radiant Arin

      "Guess who's back?"




      Too soon?

  9. I'm thinking about trying to do some voice acting for monster SFX.

    1. lonequeso


      Rawr! Snarl! Growl!


      How'd I do? Do I get the job?

    2. Rezanta
  10. Working on a tool for RPG devs. Hopefully I can get it working right before I tear my hair out, as per usual protocol.

    1. Ragnos


      What kind of tool?

    2. Thejaxinator
    3. Necromedes


      You'll see when I upload it XD

  11. Necromedes


    Those are my thoughts on the subject. The Chrono Trigger remake was practically finished and instead of Square saying to the devs "Hey, that's awesome! Nice job!" or even go so far as to say "If you pulled this off with a small team, how would you like to come work for us?" But no. All that time, energy and passion wasted, all because they shouted "Stop playing with my toys!"
  12. This video of Game Theory was just recently released and this sheds a lot of light on what many people on this forum are doing, which is making fan games. Everyone here needs to watch this because things may end up taking a turn for the worse when it comes to the subject.
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