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  1. Some time missing...man, you will make full game? P.S: i hope for you and almost wait your awesome game
  2. DartKain

    Progress Bar

    Amazing script. Simple and fine. I try it in white colour...
  3. Interesting...so please, throw the screen.
  4. I confussed. =( Come can help? Trable text on page 22 on page end. Please. =)
  5. Hi all! I have strange trouble with command to display message on event, "$game_map.events[id].pop_damage('')": when i try it, i have error in script-part "Pearl Sprites" on line 309. (For example, i try it in official Falcaos Demo...and i have Fantastic Patch too) Somebody can help? P.S: command for display message on player work correctly and nice.
  6. Chigoo, really big thanx!Its great!
  7. Hi all! How i can decreace skillbar with 4 skills places and 2 items places to 1 item and 2 skills?
  8. Hi all! I have one simple question: This great ABS have some command/comment in Skill and Item for his "untouchable" - making it unchoose for adding to bar?
  9. Hi, Falcao! How do I make it so that when pushing or pikuping object and move with it, it is not a "turning" - did not change the graphic?
  10. Falcao, thanks. I will try it.
  11. DartKain

    World map travels script

    Arin, thanks. I do it.
  12. DartKain

    World map travels script

    Tigerbite, all good, i understend. I use its script for a "missions". Tsukihime, on a day i have idea such a you. Its gain a great features and easy in making. Thanks. Thanks all. Moderator, you can delete the topic. (I newbie there - may be i must delete topic?How i can do it?)
  13. I apologize for my English. During this day, I improved the idea and try to better explain the point. For simplicity, we define the terms: 1) "Mob" - the event, who set to some action in ABS (enemy, right now). 2) "Player" - the main character of the party. 3) "Active" - mob, who initialy have agresing for player and attack him; or mobcan to move 4) "Passive" - mob, who attacked a player if he is in his sensetive range; or the mob can not move. At the moment, we have: 1) A player who is active in the map. 2) Party members, is also active on the map. 3) Mobs, active or passive, depending on the settings of event . But in my opinion this system lacks mob friendly to the player. Not party members, namely the mob. Concretely - combat unit (similar to event-enemy), active or passive, which does not attack the player and his party members, and attacking other mobs (who attack playersand his party). (And this allied unit not stay in a players party) In addition, the system can enter a mob reaction, consisting of three items: "1" - Mob is Friendly (initially). "2" - Mob is Neutral (does not attack unless attacked it or get into the sense range. So, what is now customizable Event) "3" - Mob is initially Aggressive to the player. As an addition, You can make "friendly fire," in which the player (or party member) hit friendly mob, he becomes an aggressive. Example ... If you've played in Alien Shooter 2 - guards and robots. Or horse in TES: Oblivion