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    making adventure games
  1. I keep getting an error even though the room i'm going in isn't a dungeon. is there a fix?
  2. casshern6s

    Starting character(s)

    I've spent about a half hour trying to figure out how to move this to requests but I can't figure it out. will you please tell me how?
  3. casshern6s

    Starting character(s)

    Can anyone make a sprite and face for Iseki, he is a combination of strider hiryu, Hei (DTB), and Train(black cat) with black hair, wears a gallade holder on his back like lightning(FF13) and a pistol holder on his left leg.
  4. casshern6s

    Face Set

    if anyone here has Erangot's character machine, can they make a few faces of certain sprites for me?
  5. casshern6s

    Face Set

    Can anyone make a face picture from a sprite into showing some of the body but mostly face.
  6. casshern6s

    Side View Battle With Custom Enemies

    does anyone here know how to, or know some one who knows how to?
  7. casshern6s

    Side View Battle With Custom Enemies

    take a random image off the internet and make it look like a battler. like this to look like one of the enemies type of design. a picture like this, but made to look like the type of design as the battlers.
  8. casshern6s

    Side View Battle With Custom Enemies

    I mean like, make it look more like it's from rpg maker vx ace.
  9. casshern6s

    Side View Battle With Custom Enemies

    can you make an enemy picture out of a normal picture?
  10. casshern6s

    More than 4 followers

    how do I do it for more members in battle and for show?