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  1. Geekman

    Item List for Each Actor

    Look for an actor or multiple inventory script.
  2. Lol! I love your profile picture! Just thought I'd let ya know! :)

  3. Geekman

    Common event list

    This is a menu script that can have descriptions and common event calls from the menu: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/6418-xs-menu-delux/ Don't know if it's necessarily what you wanted, but...
  4. Geekman

    Time Traveling Magic

    Glad you like it!
  5. Geekman

    Time Traveling Magic

    Battle System... There should be a way for Kokino to assist Adom in battle, like a summon or just giving buffs. And yes, I would play this game. Without a doubt.
  6. And this is done with eventing? I got that from the learning scripting... This is probably the best looking menu I've seen yet...
  7. Geekman

    xMikachux's New Game Status

    *Hits follow button* I think this is awesome. I will most likely use this after the other things are implemented. Just out of curiosity, commercial or no? EDIT: Sorry I forgot to post this: Any issues, criticism, or comments.
  8. Geekman

    Other Travelers

    I'm going to have to find this game...
  9. Geekman

    Other Travelers

    I wasn't even necessarily shooting for this, but definitely will happen...
  10. Geekman

    Other Travelers

    That's a brilliant idea! Pokemon Rival Stylish. For some NPCs it'll be completely random and they'll just bounce from one area on the opposite side of the world randomly. For others it might be just a progression similar to yours. I plan on having one party with the same goal as yours.
  11. Geekman

    Other Travelers

    What is number 2? I know. I don't think it would be THAT tedious, you'd just need a variable for every NPC.
  12. Geekman

    Other Travelers

    The main problem would be setting up the online. The rest of the stuff doesn't even sound too advanced.
  13. Geekman

    Other Travelers

    Whoever said that you're the only traveler out there? What if there were others who traveled from area to area? This can be done extremely easy with variables, and I honestly think ti would be a nice system. You could have it so that some people travel around randomly, or set it so they move when you want them to. Here are some things I have thought up that they could do: -Battle you -Share items -Talk And many more! If you have any other suggestions or ideas, feel free to comment. Think it's a good idea? Comment. Bad? Comment.
  14. Geekman

    To Have a World Map or Not?

    I'm making a game right now with no overworld. I plan on making them FEEL the travel. Not to mention instead of inns I'm using hospitals to better control days in-game. I think an overworld would get in the way of that.
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