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  1. I like LoL but...it's just too professional it seems. I consider myself good at games (pretty good actually) but these guys make it their life and get paid to do it. Little too much to compete with, not exactly like the 11 yr olds on something like CoD lol

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    2. Intocabille


      I enjoy a LoL game, though... mainly just with friends and against bots... less chance I will be called names.

    3. The Dragon God

      The Dragon God

      Never tried LoL yet nor WoW.

    4. BrassKnucklehead


      I only play against bots. I tried online once and it was meh (needless to say i got smashed). From what I've seen in vids and the game is literally 'obsessed' with elitism and good grief it's the time-consuming, life-wasting of WoW, but skill-based. Still the same addiction.

  2. Thinking of picking up my old project again. still a lot left to do, always seems like too much

  3. Laptop fried. bought a hefty new one (Lenovo) and transfered hard drive. after a very tense day, i got my files all out and accounted for. Dodged a bullet.

  4. Haven't done any work in months, though the idea keeps toying at the back of my mind. maybe later this summer I can start again

  5. Temporary pause

    Stopping work on Sul for now. I have been working on a minecraft rpg server with a couple old friends and am going to focus on that for a while since I won't be alone while doing it an its just generally really fun, have had a lot of experience playing/running servers with them. If anyone has free time and likes mc, we can still use help building and/or just play testers. It's still early stage but close to getting down to basic beta stuff. If you want to try out, message me for the address. Could be a long time before the server is decently through, but if what we think works, it could be a really nice place.
  6. oh twitch is super easy to use with minecraft. Though my computer lags when it runs. So probably won't use it, unless someone wants to chat and watch/help me build lol

    1. LordSquirrel


      What streaming software do you use?


    2. BrassKnucklehead


      none apparently. I thought i needed to get (I know you do for almost every other game you play you want to stream) But in Minecraft I just press f6 and it start streaming. I bet I would get less lag if I actually used a software, but....I'm cheap so I was happily surprised to see I could just automatically do it with nothing.

  7. starting a new minecraft server with old friends always gives me some nostalgia

  8. Deus Ex directors cut super cheap. Sigh, they just know where to hit me where it hurts

    1. Feldschlacht IV

      Feldschlacht IV

      Try to pick it up, it's a great buy. The DLC is pretty rad.

    2. BrassKnucklehead


      I did lol but I usually feel bad buying things. I have played it before, but never beat it. So far though it's repaying in stealthy glee.

  9. Been away for a while, have done a few tidbits here and there but I just was doing other things longer than I'd hoped. I have resumed putting at least some more serious time into it. I remember I still haven't released the latest full demo, so I'm going to finish that up and try to reignite some fire. I realize this is really just a hobby of mine (well it's actually my biggest passion, but I can only put enough time in it to make it a hobby) so I probably won't finish for a long time. However I'm thankful for every little encouragement.
  10. oh cool sword art online is on netflix. Thought there was the next season for second though...

    1. The Dragon God

      The Dragon God

      NEEDS to be on Crackle.

  11. My legs are holding my body hostage, I want to get things done..but...too tired

  12. rain for 30 minutes and people suddenly act like it's armageddon

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    2. Paddy


      Is it weird that I find that idea really exciting?

    3. SpookyMothman


      Not at all. Now that I think about it, it's kinda terrifying.

    4. Paddy


      Terrifying, but the idea makes me feel giddy in the sense I feel when watching Godzilla, or any other Kaiju film.

  13. a tortoise could wipe the floor with me at the rate i'm doing stuff. At least stuff related to the game x.x

  14. Bored, time for some achievement runs. First up, Metro 2033.

  15. If the weather insists, I guess I might as well hand it my time gleefully.....