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  1. Hello Everybody, just a writer.

    Sorry I couldn't respond sooner, I had to replace the monitor on my laptop, and just got it back today. I've just gotten started on RPG Maker and already I feel giddy and excited. Granted it's a bit tedious for me, especially at first but it's still rewarding. I've been working on a story that revolves around a small party of monsters and the taking down of an eccentric necromancer, demon king, and the great evil he has discovered, and I'm wondering if that sounds interesting to people.
  2. HELLO PEOPLE! It's been a bit lonely using RPG Maker XV Ace, even though it's only been a day, so I've decided to join you guys here. I'm a writer ala books (and am making my own), but I found for games it's better to go into a screenplay format, which is really different, but sorta cool at the same time. So yeah. Hi.