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  1. Jens of Zanicuud

    Script on/off

    You could do that via scripting, but only if you specify it in the script itself. I'll produce an example. Let's say you want your party name be "A" for half-game and then switch it to "B" by means of a switch. You should go to the proper script and set something as follows: class Game_Party def name if $game_switches[1] == true return "A" else return "B" end end In practice, it's really difficult to do if you aren't good at scripting. Anyway, you could require some help in the proper section to modify the scripts you need to activate/stop via switch Jens
  2. Jens of Zanicuud

    Damage error

    I don't know the system well, but I'm pretty sure such script exists (since it's not too much difficult to create). Try googling it, if you aren't able to find it just reply here Jens
  3. Jens of Zanicuud

    Hiding an actor

    In practice, you set the opacity to 0 or change its graphics to None and the actor is still there? Or does it disappear after a while (something like a frame)? Jens
  4. Jens of Zanicuud

    Damage error

    Tankentai requires a sort of "death animation", as far as I know. There are only two ways to solve that: 1. create the "dead char's sprite" from scratch (there's no way to create it via character generator); 2. modify the script in order to remove the "death animation". In the latter case, send me a link to the script and I'll see what I can do. Jens
  5. @Booma Forest Excuse me, are you trying to set the enemy's atk to a variable or to store said enemy's atk in a variable? DP3's post is about the second one. To make the first one, you should build a proper script... EDIT: nevermind, your OT was rather confusing, I'm sorry... DP3 is right, just follow their picture tutorial. Jens
  6. Jens of Zanicuud

    Help with a simple(ish) damage formula

    Try this one if b.state?(16) then b.add_state(2) end; (a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2) This syntax is used when you need to explicit an if condition on a single line (if [condition] then [result] else [failure] end). The ; separates two lines and let the parser "translate" them one after another. You could also write it this way: if b.state?(16) then b.add_state(2) end; return (a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2) where the return is explicit (in the first version, it was implicit as usual). A return should give back the actual damage made by the attack. Anyway, let's speak about this particular one: First part add the desired state if and only if target is under state #16; second part causes the fixed damage. I hope this can help, Jens
  7. Just to add something to Tsukihime's statement, there's no problem about the array position, just remember to declare them (array = []) before using them. It could seem idiot, but sometimes errors like this can ruin one's mind, generating random errors... Jens
  8. Jens of Zanicuud

    Are you allowed to edit RMVXA RTP?

    Exact. If you own both of them, you're allowed to use both RTPs in both engines Jens
  9. Damn! Still freezing? ... Wait a minute, I'll see what I can do. I've forgot the super() in the update? Maybe it could be that? I'm analyzing the problem, sorry for the inconvenience. EDIT: Okay, fixed Just add a super() in the update method before the Input.trigger? condition and you'll be done Jens
  10. I'm still learning RGSS3, so I'm not sure at 100%... but you could try adding these two: #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Termination Processing #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def terminate super dispose_background end #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Update #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def update if Input.trigger?(: @mywindow.close until @mywindow.close? Graphics.update @mywindow.update end return_scene end end I hope this can help, Jens
  11. You should replace apply_critical this way: def apply_critical(damage, attacker) if attacker.is_a?(Game_Enemy) damage * 2 return end if attacker.skill_learn[100] damage * 3 else damage * 2 end end and then, replace this (Game_Battler, line 348): #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Calculate Damage #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def make_damage_value(user, item) value = item.damage.eval(user, self, $game_variables) value *= item_element_rate(user, item) value *= pdr if item.physical? value *= mdr if item.magical? value *= rec if item.damage.recover? value = apply_critical(value) if @result.critical value = apply_variance(value, item.damage.variance) value = apply_guard(value) @result.make_damage(value.to_i, item) end with this: #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Calculate Damage #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def make_damage_value(user, item) value = item.damage.eval(user, self, $game_variables) value *= item_element_rate(user, item) value *= pdr if item.physical? value *= mdr if item.magical? value *= rec if item.damage.recover? value = apply_critical(value, user) if @result.critical value = apply_variance(value, item.damage.variance) value = apply_guard(value) @result.make_damage(value.to_i, item) end In practice, this aplly_critical will receive two parameters: the damage and the battler who caused the damage. If the battler is a Game_Actor (i.e. a party member), this script will check if they have the proper skill. In that case, damage will be multiplied by 3. I hope this can help, Jens
  12. Jens of Zanicuud

    ENiGMA - ENemy interception Genetically Modified Airforce

    Okay, some explanation is needed. I've configured the input via the F1 command, but it looks like anytime you copy a RGSS player on a computer with RMXP installed, input button mess up in a humourous manner. I've no idea on how to fix it, though, and discovered it right now. In practice, you have to press F1 and set ENTER to the Z button. I don't know why this causes problems, and I'm really losing my patience after this issue. An external note: Jonnie, have you reached mission #9? If you don't unlock it, the game is not ended yet... since there's another scene after mission #9 is completed: EDIT: I've explained the situation in the instruction booklet and replaced it. There was a problem in the previous version, some save files remained in the folder even after compiling the game. Sorry for the inconvenience... EDIT 2: I've updated the instruction booklet in order to fix this issue Take a look if you wish to;) EDIT 3: I've released version 1.0.4, which fixes said bug with an introduction before the Intro Scene. Jens
  13. ENiGMA ENemy interception Genetically Modified Airforce Copyright ©: Andrea Demetrio, 2013 Abstract: a sci-fi fangame based on old arcade shoot'em ups Genre: vertical scrolling shoot'em up Average Game Time: > Story Mode: about 45 minutes; > All achievements cleared: about 2 / 3 hours. Purpose: This game was born both as a sort of "support" to my exam period and as a sort of tribute to Video System's Aero Fighters / Sonic Wings series. These old glorious arcade games from mid 90's were really amusing, but fundamentally, they lacked some plot... so, I've written down the engine, I've designed the main character and a decent plot, and in a couple month I've completed & compiled the project. I hope you'll enjoy it News: Version 1.0.4 has been released by 26th March, 2013. Some little bugs were fixed, as well as some spelling mistakes. An introductory screen has been added to explain controls to lazy users who don't intend to lose time by reading the booklet Story: "So, this is it. My name is K-069, and I'm a GHA. What's a GHA?! Crap! Where have you been in the last century? GHA stands for Genetically Hybridized Androids. Yeah, I'm a robot, an android... or a gynoid, if you prefer. Not that this make much more sense, since I haven't any reproductive organs. By the way, I'm self conscious... or at least, I think so. I know I exist, I know I live and I know I will take part in a sort of suicide mission. In practice, we GHA are pawns, acting in an enormous chessboard: the Universe. Earth Government is employing us as expendable fighters. Once we seat in our airships, we are nothing but tools of war. War... against who? Well, this is too much difficult to answer. I have no idea, either. I'm just aware I will seat on one of that damn ships to mash some other vehicles, that's all. Trust me, this is not stimulating at all." Characters: The story revolves around a single main character, GHA K-069. GHAs are mass produced androids (or gynoids, depending on the model) which are one with their own starship. GHAs are built in order to protect Earth Federation from an unknown Enemy, whose army is solely composed by unmanned units. K-069 is no more and no less than other androids, a self-conscious machine with a human appearance.She will be soon activated to test her piloting skills... Credits: Screenshots: > Screenshots from various missions: > Boss fight: > Sample cutscene: Features: > Solid plot developed around eight different missions; > 50 achievements to clear in order to complete the game; > Hand-drawn cutscenes to develop and explain the main story; > Extra unlockable modes and features; > Seven unlockable starships, each with different weapons and bombs; > Game optimized to be played with a PS2-like USB controller or a standard keyboard; > Good performances even on medium-class computers (game created&tested on a netbook with a 1.66GHz Intel Atom processor and 1 GB RAM); > 50 fps rate, for a faster action (instead of RMXP standard 40 fps); Downloads: Instruction booklet: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?muocv566rfdx435 Game: http://www.mediafire.com/?1dmoci39z2jg4eg (note: this file is a .zip containing both the game installer and the instruction booklet) Notice that no RTP is required. Every necessary file is included inside the installer. Known Issues: There should be no game-breaking bug in the current version If you find any, just reply to this topic or contact me. It looks like if you download ENiGMA and have already got an instance of RGSS player on your computer, controls will be messed up. See the instruction booklet for further information. Support the Project: Here's the userbar provided with the link to this page. If you want to support the project, just put it in your signature Jens
  14. I'm to release my first complete game ;) not an RPG though, just a good old shoot'em up ;)

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      It's an amazing game, I fecking love it :P

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  15. I'm to release my first complete game ;)