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  1. Arrgg I wanna get home I hate hospitals (T_T)

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    2. Cecillia


      I hope you get better! I'm scared I'm going to be in the hospital for a few days @.@

    3. Ritsukou


      thanks guys!


      @Ceci - Dont worry everything will be fine ^^_

      wish you safety..

      may god bless you Ceci..

    4. Rizrazzle


      Yep, the best way to cure people miserable after surgery is parking them next to loud snoring people in a sterilized white place with a very artificial smell. But it makes getting home so much sweeter! >>;

  2. Ritsukou

    D'eux: Sleepless Angels [feat. Scarlette]

    what an awesome art style.. I SALUTE! I can say your style is one of the best style here.. A big thumbs up for you!
  3. Ritsukou

    September ReStaff: Fantasy In Flight

    sorry if I'm not able to join this month theme,.. (T_T) I'll catch up soon..
  4. Ritsukou

    Mechanical Mayhem: August ReStaff Release

    Again a very nice release congratz to all.!
  5. Ritsukou

    The Photo Booth- show your face people!

    mabuhay! hahah lol..
  6. I've been away for days cos I dont have a PC or laptop to use XD but now I'm back with a new Quad Core PC too like jonnie! ^_^

  7. Ritsukou

    The Photo Booth- show your face people!

    I think Ritsukou is a Filipino >.< My parents are full blood filipino but I was born in America YUP I am I already posted my real picture here
  8. O.o First time I made something like this http://img850.imageshack.us/img850/5084/xtoj.jpg

    1. Jonnie91


      Wow! That looks amazing Ritsukou :D

    2. Ritsukou


      @jonnie thanks sir.. gonna practice a bit more i got excited making this for the 1st time hahaha!

    3. IceyVampire


      that looks great! i like the way the eyelashes flow

  9. NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC : My Art Library is under construction for future updates.. I remove some of the resources but it will be back soon with a better quality, also more Resource will be uploaded when Done..

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    2. kayden997


      Wait, you gave other people trashy 1.0 and now you're releasing 2.0 to the public? I take it back! You're sick!

    3. Ritsukou
    4. Wren


      He means you are even better than a cool dude, you're completely awesome on multiple levels.

  10. changing the character arts they kinda belong to the normal series of Hellsing XD
  11. Ritsukou

    Main Character Sprite & Faceset

    Well in my opinion you need to try and clean those Very Thick Solid lines and instead use a much softer brush it looks like it was drawn with a pencil tool to me.. also you really need to study how the shade is done in the RTP just like Cecillia said it will really make your potraits quality close to RTP when you done it right and you can use the color palette that can be found here so you can match the RTP colors since they are extracted from the RTP and after you made a change come back and post again youre new portraits so we can see the improvements GOODLUCK!
  12. Car Park (^_^) with my new Tileset http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/236/qbgx.png

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    2. Radiant Arin

      Radiant Arin

      Obviously, the RTP clashes a little bit, but I think you already knew that.

    3. Xyster


      I love the look of the roads on it.

    4. Ritsukou


      @all thank you peoples :D haha!


      @arin yeah haha its because im not gonna use rtp in my tileset pack :D

  13. New Screen Shot of City Tile Pack (Roads) http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/6158/iou4.jpg)

    1. Ritsukou


      Once I'm feeling better and got some free time I'll do some building tiles.

    2. kayden997


      Knew it was that easy to make roads and what not. Still, time is time so good job no less.

  14. Urban Tileset will be added on my resources very soon...

    1. Jonnie91


      Oooooh can't wait :D

    2. Ritsukou


      :D haha! im just done with the road tiles adding more props to complete the whole pack.
    3. Kire
    1. grandmadeb


      Interesting gradient. Nice.

    2. Ritsukou


      Thanks grandmadeb its been month since i last make a window so maybe im back haha XD

      Thanks again.. ^_^