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  1. this was a very helpful tutorial. thank you.
  2. BulletPlus

    Hello all, Roach is here

    hello roach. welcome!
  3. BulletPlus

    Longtime RMXP user about to upgrade

    hello volrath. welcome to the forums.
  4. BulletPlus

    Hello to all!

    welcome vince! do not worry about screenshots. unless there is some gross error with it you do not need to change it.
  5. BulletPlus

    One more "tupiniquim" \o/

    welcome to the forums arthur.
  6. BulletPlus

    Simple Self Switches

    a very useful script. thank you.
  7. BulletPlus

    Should've done this a week ago :P

    i know you fenixfyreX. welcome to the forums
  8. BulletPlus

    Event Condition: X Tiles away

    you can dot his by eventing. make an event (parallel process) to check the difference between x-id of player and enemy(use variables). if it is 2 (or whatever number you want) then do whatever you want. if not check difference between y-id of player and enemy. if it is 2 then do whatever you want. if not then the player is safe.
  9. BulletPlus

    Hey, fellas!

    Welcome to the forums Rai.
  10. BulletPlus

    Simple Steal Command

    a very useful script zetu
  11. BulletPlus

    State Icon Animation

    another useful script by jet. good work
  12. BulletPlus

    T. the Frenchman ! :D

    bonjour monsieur T.
  13. BulletPlus


    Welcome to the forums Evolvingmind.
  14. BulletPlus

    Animated Battlers

    This is awesome. so may scripts so fast. no wonder u r a jet.