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  1. Just to prove we're still around - We're finishing up the last 5 illustrations. After that, we're done, and Coats will be released as a full game (non-beta). Exciting, isn't it?
  2. 14/2 - Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. Hope you're having a wonderful time. I'm building a pillow fort and wallowing in self loathing. So! We're still looking for a pixel artist for our upcoming project! What else... we're still working on the final illustrations for Coats. When we're finished with the final polish (somewhere around March/April) Coats will be brought down from public download. This is because we're going to market it as a Steam Greenlight project. So if you're curious about the game - play it in Beta while you can!
  3. As we're nearing the completion of COATS, there's already plans for future projects. We're going to be needing a second illustrator on our next project, mainly for work with animated cutscenes. I will personally be doing animation, but an illustrator is needed for the actual artwork to be animated. If you or anyone you know would be interesting in taking part of a project even bigger than COATS, send me a PM (preferably with samples or links to such). There might also be room for a sprite artist. Again, samples are great. In both cases, there might be some monetary compensation. How much, and to what degree, is still to be determined depending on the reception of our pitch. It won't be enough to work full-time, but it might be enough to pay an extra month of rent. All depends on the reception. Might also be nothing. Again, PM me for details! Needless to say, our next project is more ambitious, and we're aiming to actually commercialize it properly.
  4. don't read the spoiler if not playing this super awesome game yet . btw veggie stand looks good. i would love to play it too . any link? . Sure, I made a thread about it -> http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/20863-veggie-stand-fall-festival-game/
  5. DECEMBER UPDATE! - Several new illustrations! - Phase Two: Traps have been improved - Phase Two: Added a threshold value, overall lowering the chance of a massive attack - Fixed some minor dialogue issues That's it for now. We're looking to get out of the Beta and having the game officially done by March, at this rate. That's when most of the illustrations are done and we've done enough bugfixing. By then, we should also have gotten a bit into our next, upcoming project - more about that later, but I can tell you it's gonna be awesome.
  6. I didn't consider people still paying by the mb. I thought we had gone past that age o_o Well, if that's the case, I guess the size still matters. So here ya go, the game without the RTP (ca 140mb).
  7. Here's a small update for those following our progress: - New illustrations are incoming. There will be several new illustrations for the next update of Coats. We're looking at a December update and moving out of Beta in March. - We're releasing our entry for the Fall Festival contest. It's now available for download here. We also have a thread about it.
  8. So, right now things are moving pretty slow. A new update will show up once I get some new illustrations to add. Until then, here's what's going on right now. - I just entered a game called "Veggie Stand" into the RPG Maker Fall Festival Contest. I'll provide a link for it or maybe it's own topic once the contest is over. Be excited! - I'm currently in the planning stages of my upcoming project. I won't spoil it too much, but it's gonna be awesome. I'm currently making a proper GDD and assembling a team. So... lots of stuff going on. I'm still keeping a close eye on Coats and double checking all feedback, but a problem with feedback at this stage is that some people are suggesting radical changes that would force me to remake large portions of the game - something I'm not capable of doing right now. The work/payoff ratio is simply not big enough for me to invest in radical changes. To round off this update I wanted to show off our lovely intro screen for "Veggie Stand"!
  9. Updated the Beta today! - Small hints and tips at the beginning of the game to make the start-up easier. - Rebalance for the third phase of the game - Replaced the Autopsy placeholder with an illustration from our very talented illustrator (link) - Various bugfixes - Fixed som spelling errors
  10. Sorry, no. Don't want to confuse people with two download links. Just get the one with the RTP, it's not that big a deal
  11. Well, the Beta is pretty much the final thing. The only thing missing is the placeholder artwork, and perhaps a few cutscenes. But story and gameplay-wise, it's done. Not at the moment. Coats was my first. But I have plans for future games! Thanks, it's just me. The teeth are not photoshopped.
  12. Well, it's RTP is included for those who don't have the basic RPG maker, so it does have to be a bit on the larger side. Appreciate you giving it a go anyway Have fun with it!
  13. Lots of great feedback since release! New version released with a few bugfixes and minor balance tweaks!