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  1. Anyone playing wildstar? I need friendsssss

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    2. Darkanine


      I want to get it actually, looks pretty fun. But my budget is very, very tight currently.

    3. Tigerbite


      It's the newest mmorpg. It's pretty epic with all the "new" stuff it brings. Google is your friend!

    4. Euphoria


      Oh god, don't google lecture me xD

  2. If anyone preordered Wild Star and has a spare 7day trial key...this guy is looking for one ;) ;)

  3. Looking for another (preferrably turn based) RPG on PS3. Suggestions please!

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    2. Nekotori


      Try Valkyria Chronicles, only pkayed 2 and 3 though... :3

    3. Darkanine


      Stick of Truth is alright, it's a pretty decent RPG but they really tried to hard on the shock humor and not the more classic South park humor.

      Honestly it just seems most PS3 RPGs are generic anime JRPGs.


    4. Fernyfer775


      Tales of Xillia was great.

  4. Debating on wildstar. Debating on watchdogs. Debating on spending money. I need more money.

    1. sateda


      In my opinion Watchdogs wasn't all that it was hyped up to be. That's my view of the game anyway.

  5. Hello Guests. I will be your guide today.

  6. I am bored out of my mind at work. -_-

    1. MinisterJay


      Which is always better than being bored and not having work to go to....

    2. Tigerbite


      True. At least I'm getting paid to be bored >_<

  7. Where's a good parallax mapping tutorial? The few I've seen are old/broken :[

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    2. Tigerbite


      I did it my way (map size x 32) and using tsuki's script (which gave me the same dimension.) But it's not showing the full picture o.O

    3. ihartrpgs


      Do you mind uploading the game and sending it to me so I can look at it? You can just PM me if you do not want it out to the public. :)

    4. ihartrpgs


      I sent you the file. :)

  8. Need some serious help from a writer or anyone really to help me get the beginning of my story going. Message me if you have a creative mind and need something to do. ;D

  9. Looking for a concept artist. Message me if interested with samples and pricing (or free, I like free.)

  10. Looking for a concept artist. Message me if interested with samples and pricing (or free, I like free.)

  11. Looking for an artist. And voice actor. And pixel artist. And scripter. And writer. And probably some more people. Anyone interested?! ;D

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    2. Tigerbite


      I live in Georgia now, Jay.


      Cadh, that's creepy as hell. If I need a creepy voice, I'll be sure to come hunt you down. ;D

    3. Euphoria


      Hey, I lived in Lafayette for 3-4 years!

    4. Cadh20000




      Here you go Tiger, another example from the same project.


  12. I want to make a Megaman RPG, except I lack talent in a few areas. And by few I mean all. Scumbag brain.

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    2. Euphoria


      Well fan games are also unoriginal and never going to be as good as the real thing, so why play one to begin with? And then comes the question, why make one? Plus lots and lots of noobs decide to make fan games, and do so poorly as said above.

    3. Faye V.

      Faye V.

      The "noob" part was somewhat rude an unnecessary. But yeah, i agree. A fangame will never be the same as the original game. I've seen FEW exceptions but they have never seen the light (they weren't finished)

    4. Euphoria


      Oh, I wasn't calling him a noob, just saying lots of them randomly appear with 7 posts and want to make fan games, and usually never finish.

  13. It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry if I want to...

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    2. kaz


      Neither Kaz or any of the mods- like status abuse that's why CC told you.so no spamming but a very Happy Birthday to you Tigerbite :)

    3. Tigerbite


      You can't really call it spam if it's hiding! More like anchovy. I'm highly disappointed we didn't make it to 100. The day is still young though!

    4. Jeff-Andonuts


      Happy Birthday, Random Forumer!

  14. A few weeks ago, I said my fiancee started working should I get the Xbox One or PS4. Well, I ended up with this: https://scontent-a-iad.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/t1.0-9/579211_754080967949804_1182091312_n.jpg

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    2. Heartfeltcurse


      Well, that's another reason to wait.

    3. Paddy


      I did take that gamble and pre-ordered Arkham City, and thought that was really worthwhile. But then I also did that with Silent Hill Downpour and was massively disappointed. I probably would be more inclined to pre-order or buy games on their initial release if I was earning more money, but as it stands, I can't really afford to invest too much in gaming. xD

    4. Sughayyer


      Wow, the guy's just got a car and instead of sharing his happiness you're talking about games?! Now, about Dark Souls 2... :P

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