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  1. Wendell

    Retro Style Icons

    Thanks for the reply @Ronja. Those are very neat, too bad they're modern :/ I'm in the need of some medieval helmets, armors, boots and accessories. I think that's better to learn how to do pixel art and do them myself.
  2. Wendell

    Retro Style Icons

  3. Wendell

    Retro Style Icons

    Hello! Does anyone knows where to find more retro-style icons for VX/VXA? Crazy Leen did some good ones, but I really miss some armor, helmet and boot icons on the same style. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, is there a way to make a skill only usable if the party has the id_x item? Also, if the said skill is used, the item must decrease 1. Thanks!
  5. Wendell

    Roof Tiles as "Star" Passability

    Oh thanks, but it doesn't work... there's no way to set the roof tiles as "star" in the database
  6. Back in the VX, if I remember correctly, there was a script who allowed the topmost part of a roof to behavior as it was a "star-tagged" passable. Something like this: The area inside the red box is passable and above the character, all the rest remains as it is, unpassable. There is a way to do a plugin like this for MV?
  7. UPDATES | March, 03, 2016 Crafting: Find recipes and items to craft new and useful ones. - Mine: You can now explore a Mine and gather minerals. - Blacksmith: The Blacksmith can craft some metal stuff for you. - THOSE FEATURES ARE NOT AVAILABLE ON THE DEMO v 1.0
  8. OK. I might as well say my idea: Is it possible that the characters from this game could appear in my game? As a tribute to... Well I don't know. Absolutely! Whoa, I'll be honored. If there's anything I can do to help, just ask.
  9. @kirimash: thanks man, it was terrible to lose everything I've done for this project... Well, maybe is the destiny saying "hey, remember that old project of yours?" thanks for your words and, if possible, check my "new old" project under the gaming lounge, it has a demo!
  10. Hope no one steals my laptop again :/

    1. magic2345


      YOUR LAPTOP WAS STOLEN?! Burn whoever did that at the stakes!

    2. Kirimash


      I agree with you, magic.

  11. WARNING: THIS GAME CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE You've been warned! - Wild Gold is a story about the Old West. You'll find many funny moments, intense battles, duels, mini-games, and many other things. Please, download the demo at the end of this topic! Some of you may notice that I was with a farming project, but due to some circumstances (more information on the game's thread), out of my reach, it was abandoned. I've found this project, pretty advanced, in my old laptop, so I decided to give it some light. SYNOPSIS In Wild Gold you'll play as Bill, a young cowboy that loves money and women more than anything. Together with his best friend Carl, their journey to become rich will spend lots of bullets. Fight bandits, pirates, wild animals and many more! CHARACTERS Bill is the main character. He uses the gun given by his father. With his cowboy skills you'll spit on your enemyes, blind them by throwing sand on their eyes and do lots of gun tricks. Carl is Bill's best friend. He is a very skilled Gunslinger. With Bill they'll embark into a journey which the goal is, after all, have fun. There's more, but showing them will ruin the story. Let's just stop here for now. SCREENS AND FEATURES - DOWNLOAD LINK (DEMO v 1.0) IMPORTANT: please, donwload and install this font before playing Wild Gold, or it will be very buggy. Download the game using this link. If broken, please let me know. - CREDITS Enterbrain / Whitedragon / Raith / Victor Sant / Khas / Yanfly / V.M. of D.T. / Galv / Pacman / Mr. Bubble / Synn / Modern Algebra / Pineda / Grandma Deb - "POOR GRAMMAR" I'm not english native. The final version will be revised by a native speaker, don't worry. Please, if you find bugs, liked, disliked, or anything, please, comment.
  12. @Riki and @Takeo: My wallet was inside that bag too... documents, some money... All gone. I'm really, really sad about this. All my work was lost. I hope this can give me strenght to not give up on that project I've found in my old pc :/
  13. Sorry for the late response guys. And yse, unfortunately, this project is dead, but I'll explain you why. Recently I was going to my girl's house, with my bag, and I was robbed. My laptop and my back up HD were inside it. Absolutely everything about this project, including the rmvxa project itself, all graphics, sounds, scripts, a text file with general descriptions, dialogues, secret locations, item recipes, and many, many other things were on that laptop and the back up drive. I was very, very upset about this, as you can imagine. I've worked for months on this project. Well, the only good thing about all this is that I've decided to turn on my old laptop (pretty old) and I've found a file with some projects I've been working a few years ago, so, instead of making something from zero I've decided to give those old projects a fresh look. You'll hear about them very soon. I'm sorry for this, I know a lot of people were excited about this project, believe me, I was totally into it. Hope you guys understand