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  1. Corey Zamora

    Twilights LPs!

    Here's my demo, it's 2-3 hours long give or take http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/17179-shadows-of-odessia/
  2. Corey Zamora

    WumbelMaster's LP Game Room!

    Here's one for you, it's a demo for my game Shadows of Odessia There's info on the thread, I kept it as limited as I could to prevent spoilers. http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/17179-shadows-of-odessia/ Should clock in around 2-3 hours depending on all that you do. I had a game breaking bug recently fixed, and there is A LOT of content in my game that hasn't been seen because of it. I would love to get some feedback and see your reactions while playing
  3. Fixed the game breaking crashes and other known issues with my game. Anyone that wants to give it a play is appreciated http://alturl.com/wjh37

  4. Corey Zamora

    Deathspark's Let's plays!

    http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/17179-shadows-of-odessia/ Here you go, the demo is about 2 to 3 hours long if you don't mess with any of the extra stuff to do. I've watched a handful of your LP's so I'm hyped to see you play it.
  5. Corey Zamora

    Request to have your game 'Let's Played'!

    Just fixed all the crashes, and addressed other issues as well. The new demo link is up if you still want to give it a go, I'd appreciate it. And I apologized to Cecillia as well if that makes you feel any better
  6. Update: Fixed all crashes, and the battle window issue. Also replaced all music with placeholders until I'm able to record my own tracks with better equipment. I also changed the walking speed in Lavister just for you Cecillia. Sorry for being an ass. Also if anyone could tell me why my PM's are disabled that would be great. I assume it has to do with the warnings? I also had to remove the HP bar script, so the Analyze ability now lowers defense and magic defense of the target by 20% instead. Until I can get an Hp bar script that functions the same way without causing my game to crash. Edit: Also, The "Help button" is actually defaulted to the "A" key and not escape as it is stated in the game. Sorry for anyone that didn't get to use this feature if you didn't figure out that I messed that up, that's my fault. And it's one of my favorite features in the game too
  7. Personal insults and attacks? Dude fuck you, I was expressing an opinion you biased chump. Edit: Blow me.
  8. Oh yeah I see what you mean, I'm using Victors battle engine but I think I can adjust that somehow. I had the same feeling about that awhile back and forgot to address it. Thanks I'll try, but I'm afraid the bugs are from scripts that are important to the gameplay. So I'm not sure when I'll have them fixed :/
  9. Yeah the first battle for whatever reason crashes when it wants, none of the following battles do so. I don't have any idea why. As for throwing the player into the story, there is an intro in the works but it doesn't exactly give backstory. I understand where you're coming from, and while I wanted to try a new approach with a different flow, the crashes don't help. I'll take what you're saying into account. I'm not sure what you mean by the battle system, I know the HUD is something I need to address as it cuts itself off. I really have no clue what to do about the first battle crashing when using shadow dance. It doesn't even make sense. And it didn't use to do that, it just started to toward the end of finishing the demo. Cliche and boring characters? Coming from you I find that hilarious. Maybe my conversations should be about something more believable like teenage anime love and rape? No one talks like that. Honestly though. It's just a matter of taste I suppose, since the dialogue and character development was the one thing I got praise for from other people playing it. Generator faces are addressed in the topic, as stated the art is just a placeholder for the moment, but the effects and windows I agree need to be changed. As far as the music goes, I totally agree the battle themes are jarring, and in terrible quality. This is due to using terrible equipment, and I stated above that the music isn't done. I planned on re-recording each track once I picked up some new recording stuff. Most of the tracks while incomplete are completely bearable, so I disagree with the music being disturbing. That's pretty ignorant. Muting the game in order to concentrate on dialogue? There's not exactly dialogue in battles, so I'm not sure which songs you had to mute in order to read text. On saving, I should have made it so you could save anywhere I guess. Apparently the crashing was even worse for you, because once in Lavister it rarely crashes. And I've play tested it more than I wanted too. I disabled sprint for certain areas because I found it breaks the immersion in a game like this, only in certain places. But if it feels too slow I can easily change that. Feels like you're using a speed hack IMO. Anyways thanks for trying I guess.
  10. Corey Zamora

    Request to have your game 'Let's Played'!

    Just put this up yesterday, http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/17179-shadows-of-odessia/ Takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete, maybe a little less. Would be pretty cool to see you play it.
  11. Character designs changed, so they didn't work anymore Also i'm pulling the download link for a few hours, something game breaking I need to fix. Sorry to anyone that downloaded it prior to that, I had an event to help take some screenshots that I didn't delete. Link is now back up
  12. Corey Zamora

    Mech-Based RPG Ideas

    1) do both, those are both solid features to have. 2) the frame idea sounds much more creative, it'll give you more freedom to make certain frames do completely different things. 3)Y'know if you designed the default battle system to look like its coming from the first person perspective from inside a mech, that would be pretty sweet. I think this is the only instance in which the default battle system could work. The problem lies in more interactive enemies, instead of just attacking still images. There are a few scripts to make them move around a bit, but in the end it's really up to you. Either way the battles should be tactical, in order to be challenging.
  13. This is a game I've worked on over the past 6 months, and isn't yet as polished as it will be in the future. * I'm waiting on a friend to do all of my character art, and CG scenes. Story/Setting: Shadows of Odessia is a dark game, layered with lightheartedness. The story takes place in a very semi-futuristic world, which is almost entirely run by a corporation known as Vycorp. Vycorp uses its resources to oppress and experiment on a race known as the Zodiac, a lineage of people who are able to command "Magic". The story follows a young man named Zek, who has just recently become a bounty hunter for his own personal reasons. Upon meeting a quirky inventor on one of his bounties, Zek is quickly drawn into a conflict alongside a group of unlikely allies that will ultimately decide the fate of Odessia. Through this conflict Zek will discover who he truly is, and what his role is in this world. Characters: Zek An extremely fast and agile swordsman, Zek dual wields Katana's. He uses "Shadow Artes", abilities that must be used strategically as an offensive, and defensive tool. Screenshots: Credits: *Music - Fin De L'Affaire by Hank Mobley - Avila And Tequila by Hank Mobley - More than you know by Blossom Dearie - Everything I've got by Blossom Dearie - Le Voyage de Penelope by Air - My Favorite Thing by Outkast - Mr. Tom by Patrick Watson - Mike Mills by Air - Night Vision by Daft Punk - Mi Viejo by Ratatat - Radio one by Krzysztof Komeda - Cul-de-Sac by Krzysztof Komeda - Night Train by The Ventures - Mirando by Ratatat - Hernando Hideaway by The Ventures - Flynn by Ratatat - Dura by Ratatat - Mumtaz Khanby Ratatat - So Weit Wie Noch Nie [Ju¨Rgen Paape] by Erlend Oye - Sky Dancing by Patrick Watson - The Spell by Patrick Watson - Dark Gift by Patrick Watson - Xl-30 by Shuggie Otis - Black Foliage (Animation 5) by Olivia Tremor Control - Tetra by SebastiAn *Tiles - Lunarea - Celiana - Enterbrain - Icedragon *Sprites - Enterbrain - Vibrato - Mack - Kazzador - Cecillia - Hoko *Scripts - Victor Sant (Lots) - Yanfly - MOG - Modern Algebra - Killozapit - Rbahamut - Elemental Crisis - Tsukihime - Pk8 - Galv <3 - Nelderson - Yami - Estriole - V.M Features: (For now) - Original Soundtrack - A unique use of Galv's Magic Shards Script - Plenty of things to do aside from following the main story, including collecting special items, fishing, a battle arena, and side quests with unique gameplay elements and stories - A battle system that eventually forces you to use your entire party together as a team - Very Strategic, and fun boss fights (This is probably my favorite part about the game aside from the story. Once you get a few hours in the difficulty really jumps.) Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/5ziw1255w5s55ws/Shadows_of_Odessia.exe Known Issues: - The "Help button" once you get it, is actually defaulted to the "A" key and not escape as it is stated in the game. - This isn't really an issue but keep in mind none of the character art aside from the sprites are final. Again, I'm waiting on a friend to finish busts and CG scenes. - Any bugs you come across, just let me know and I'll be sure to try and fix it. The demo time probably runs about 2-3 hours without doing any of the extra stuff. The full game is probably going to end up somewhere around 30 - 35 hours, and I'm only about 8% done probably, and I've got a lot going on right now, and other things I want to focus on, so who knows how long it'll be before the games finished I also said as little as possible about the story and characters to prevent spoiling anything. I hate when games like FF9 put characters that don't start in the party all over the case. I just sit there for hours waiting for them to join >.< Edit: - Fixed all crashes. - Fixed battle window issue
  14. It's actually either. Just depends which one you want to use.
  15. Corey Zamora

    Making items less/more valuable to vendors

    Yeah but there's no restrictions on items that can be sold. i want a vendor that only takes these certain items, otherwise players can just sell the item anywhere and it defeats the purpose of the special vendor. I had a similar post about this for something different but I'm just gonna handle it the same way. Have the event check conditional branches for variables, and just have the player need a certain amount of the item for each tier.
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