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  1. Dark Influence

    Autorun for events

    You don't need the Erase Event command in that case. An auto event on one map won't repeat when the player is transferred to another map, even if the event is still ongoing after the transfer.
  2. Dark Influence

    Autorun for events

    If the event transfers the player to another map before it has finished all of its commands, it will still continue running after the transfer until it has finished.
  3. Dark Influence

    KMS Minimap

    There's a setting in the script called BLINK_LEVEL - Set it to 0 to stop the blinking effect.
  4. Dark Influence

    Overworld maps - Provinces and Regions

    Here's some feedback (which you didn't ask for), what you decide to do with it is up to you. That's an unnatural looking river, it's too straight and its bends look like the corners of squares. A grass path? That's unlikely, considering people travelling that path would eventually trample down and tear away all the grass leaving a dirt road in its place. Again with the straightness and those square corner bends. You might consider replacing any main dirt roads with stone roads, nobody likes to travel along a bumpy, muddy main road, especially when it's raining. You could probably make the entire thing look a bit more interesting by adding patches of darker grass in various places, smaller sections of trees in empty looking areas, and large mountains in the middle of small mountains. That walled fortress should really have a road inside the walls connecting to it, otherwise it looks as if people rarely ever travel to it due to the grass.
  5. Dark Influence

    Got some issues with Venka's Crafting Script

    Why not just use a different crafting script? It's better for you than trying to wrestle with errors you have no experience dealing with. There are a few other scripts out there which you may find easier to use, and they aren't likely to throw those kinds of errors (unless you mess around with something you don't understand).
  6. Dark Influence

    Tree Cutting

    You probably haven't enabled Direction Fix, it will stop the event from changing its direction to face the player.
  7. Dark Influence

    Using XP tilesets in VX Ace

    Ace has a height and width of 512 x 512 for B - E tilesets, anything beyond gets cut off.
  8. Dark Influence

    Remade Pensington, and Schedule

    I have some feedback for you. 1. That river is really quite disorientating, it just looks like an underwater cliff which goes down endlessly. 2. The roads should really connect up to the doorways and the bridge, this is easily done with shift mapping. 3. There's three areas which stand out as being very empty and uninteresting (to me). Those two farms(?) in the south and the area to the east of the equipment store(?), put something down in these areas, anything area-appropriate will make the whole map look more interesting. 4. I see a lack of bush grass, a tree has its head cut off and a piece of wooden roofing seems to be relaxing on the river bank in the east (escaped roofing?). Good luck with all your later mapping, and with your project in general.
  9. Dark Influence

    Problem with Pictures

    The Surface_Z setting in the light effects script causes that issue, you can solve it by changing the value to 50.
  10. Dark Influence

    Getting rid of the shift key sprint

    Check the box Disable Dashing in Map Properites. It's the quickest and easiest way to disable sprinting. Map Properties > Right click a map name and click Map Properties... or press Space when you have the right map selected.
  11. Dark Influence

    Editing end of battle text?

    If I'm understanding this correctly, go into Vocab in the script editor and look for ObtainGold and change the order of the message elements next to it.
  12. Dark Influence

    RPG Questionnaire

    ...Eh, why not. I'll answer it.
  13. Dark Influence

    Bittersweet and Bad Endings

    This kind of thing is backwards for me - I like bad endings because I see them as good endings, but I hate good endings because I see them as bad endings.
  14. Dark Influence

    I dare you to make a game with these titles

    Maybe some people do, I'm starting to think that generator is where some of the nonsense RM games I've seen get their names from. Incredible Unicorn Paratroopers - Reserved for Rikifive
  15. Dark Influence

    I dare you to make a game with these titles

    Cookie Ninja would probably use that. All those are great names for silly games.
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