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  1. ebonknight

    Make-A-"Wish" Foundation

    Wish granted. Now no one can mess with animal flesh because they've become fifty feet tall with a penchant for human flesh. We went extinct in a week! I wish meat grew on trees, already cooked.
  2. ebonknight

    Month-long Making! (Contest)

    sign my lazy butt up!
  3. While everyone is fighting over what are possible two of the worst presidential candidates in history, let's not forget that the are other choices on the ballot, the country is not actually two parties or die, or you could vote for one of the other hundreds of millions of citizens who are not completely despicable people. The two parties work hand in hand using a centuries old divide and conquer technique and fear tactics. Neither have genuine solutions and in this day and age why are we still using a system where one person has control of what over THREE HUNDRED MILLION people are doing? I don't think we need a new president. We need a new system.
  4. ebonknight

    Art Competition Discussion

    An art competition would be great,even if it's only for motivation and practice!
  5. ebonknight

    Indie by Night

    Sign me up. I'll take a shot at this.
  6. ebonknight

    Indie in a week!

    Alright here you go people. Time to witness my attempt. Have fun trying to SAVE THE DAY!! https://www.dropbox.com/s/jy6w9gdkqmaip5f/Save%20the%20Day%21%21.exe?dl=0
  7. ebonknight

    Indie in a week!

    I'll sign up, might getting something done depending on schedule
  8. You could have combat where your attack skills are different ways of communicating with antagonists. Skills like calm, joke, hug, things like that. Maybe some would calm down the opponent causing their hp to drop until no longer aggresive. Maybe using the wrong skills cause status effects that make the opponent harder to calm, and they respond by attacking. You could use love instead of attacks!
  9. Does anyone know what variables I would have to edit to store the info to another character, so I could possibly make multiple copies of the script and use each one for a different character? Thanks for any help