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  1. I found out is was my error for not letting the game "run" long enough to change those limits. I kept thinking the program froze when the game would only load the black screen. Sorry for my noob-ness.
  2. I don't know if there is any necroposting in the Completed Ace Script section, so I will ask here just in case. I have a question about a database limit breaking script. In the setup section of the script, I have the option of modifying the limit of common events: I set the script to break the common event limit, but I'm still not able to go past 999 in the database. The same happened to the Animation, and Tileset limits. All the other limits are up to 9999. Did I not do something right, or does the script not really break those? Link to script: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/573-woratanas-database-limit-breaker/?hl=%20database%20%20limit%20%20breaker
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    (Walks over to Knightmare, and helps him up) Its ok Knightmare, I like goofy people. Thanks for the welcome wagon friends! (Goes back to lurking)
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    Hello everybody! I've sorta migrated here from R3, but I'll still visit them. I'm looking forward to what this RMVXA turns out to be, and hope I can buy the game when it comes out here in the US. I look forward to meeting everyone here, and hope to make some friends. It's good to see some familiar faces around here as well. Now I don't feel so new.