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  1. Hello, I am writing to ask how I might go about implementing a rear-view battle system, as shown in the following images: https://m.imgur.com/gallery/hJWenhT https://imgur.com/a/PQZiChc Just a simple system w the party on the bottom of the screen & enemies on top, that lets you use walking sprites that step forward when it’s their turn and step back when their turn ends. I have asked in various ways in various places how to achieve this, but I’ve met with little success. I have seen a lot of chatter online about this type of system and many games that use it, but no clear answer on how to achieve it in RPG Maker MV. I’m open to methods that make use of plugins as well, but so far I haven’t seen any for MV. Thank you for your time.
  2. ddblue

    Vehicle music all messed up

    You sir, are a scholar and a gentleman. That worked like a charm and fixed my problem completely. Thank you!
  3. After some non-stop (and exhausting) tinkering, I may have pinpointed the problem. The movement for those 3 sprites was set to "Custom" and Transparent ON. Moved that to the autorun event, seemed to fix things.
  4. Here is everything that's relevant (and more). The common event transfer player leads to this main cut scene. (This game is not going to be released, it's just a huge RPGVXAce tutorial for myself, but I might show a friend or two for kicks) Arbace stays no matter what. The green ninja and the dude behind him disappear (Idoru and Murrio, respectively) about 70% of the times I've tested this (seems random). If they disappear, it's always by the time the ShowText "What the hell is this?" appears. If I can get through that and they haven't disappeared, they will stay for the whole scene.
  5. Thank you so much guys! The explanation really cleared things up, and I took your advice and went with the extra switch. Looks great now
  6. ddblue

    XS - Equip Requirements

    Is this still supported? I got an error when trying to equip armor that did not have any minimum requirements. When selecting optimize after getting this new piece of armor, got an error box. Script 'LV Requirements' line 107: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method 'level' for nil:NilClass Not sure what to make of this. Anyone who knows a bit more about scripting than I do willing to help me troubleshoot maybe?
  7. No good, I'm afraid. Same problem. My wounded old bearded man becomes a fully armored red-headed woman But she changes back into the proper sprite once the "..." dialogue disappears! Edit: I fixed it! The trick was to turn walking animation OFF and direction fix ON in the movement box (not as a move route, but where you choose fixed, random, or custom on the front page). Thank you, and sorry to have bothered you guys !
  8. Good information here. Thanks, everybody.
  9. Actually yes =-/ I've been looking for a better way to do it, but having various actions spread out among various events on the map was not much better for me... and when a cut scene gets complex, it gets even more confusing! Do most people manage their events on an event-by-event basis? Also - I fixed the problem by having the autorun from one event / map lead to a parallel process on a different map which handles the character transfer character and environmental stuff (BGM, etc.) and then hands it over to another autorun common event via trigger (not having a transfer player to this map command seems to fix everything when using a common event to manage a cut scene - is there a disadvantage to having too many common events if the parallels are properly managed?). Not the neatest, but could be a lot worse, I suppose. Thank both of you for your feedback!
  10. I realize that when I'm on a different map than a common event is designed for, all the events go haywire and they just pick whatever events happen to be at the same spot on the list in that map. I think my issue is when handing off from one map to another. If I want a cut scene that spans 2 or 3 maps and I'd like to do it using a common event for each map and autorun, what is the ideal way to move to the next map? I tend to do something like... Common Event A (autorun, enabled by control switch 1): stuff stuff control switch 2 ON control switch 1 OFF Common Event B (autorun, enabled by control switch 2) Transfer Player to (0,,0) on X map stuff stuff control switch 3 ON control switch 2 OFF Common Event C (autorun, enabled by control switch 3) Transfer Player to (0,,0) on X map stuff stuff control switch 3 OFF But I think something gets messed up when there is a transfer player at the beginning, because when I was doing cut scenes that only utilized one map, I never ran into this problem.
  11. I am very thankful for the responses, but I'm a little embarrassed to say I'm not sure I am fully grasping what to do. Could you break it down a bit more for me? I have the control variables set, one for x and one for y. I get lost at modifying the variables. How exactly can I do that? How are you doing minus 2 or plus 2?
  12. ddblue

    Editable ships?

    Tigerbite - thank you for the response. I tried what you suggested, but I think it might be a bit over my head... Charlesthehurst, - you knew all that without being in front of your RM computer? Dude, that's amazing! Thank you very much, your solution solved half my problem I really appreciate it!
  13. ddblue

    Editable ships?

    Yeesh, it requires a script? Thank you for moving my post then. Also, I know how to change the whole graphic, but I just want to change the angle - meaning I want to pick one of the angles at which the boat is displayed in its default graphic/sprite, but it only places one way when using 'set boat starting position.'. edit: Ironically enough, in the system menu it actually displays at the angle at which I'd like to place it But when I actually place it on the map, it changes.
  14. Brilliant, thank you! Though props to the other folks in this thread as well, as I eventually did get it working (though I'm still not entirely confident I could make it work elsewhere using that other method).
  15. I'm sorry - this thread seems to address my question perfectly but I can't seem to wrap my head around how to execute it. Could someone please explain in more detail? Should we have one completely separate conditional branch per check? I don't want to mistakenly return logs that I didn't take, but I've been banging my head on this for about an hour and can't seem to figure it out. First conditional branch - If you have one in your inventory take it. Else = "Sorry, you don't have enough." Then begin an entirely new conditional branch? Squeeze the next branch into the first branch?