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  1. @Wraithblade: Like you said, still needs some shadows. Despite that I think it looks pretty great. If I had any critiques it would probably be that it is a little too symmetrical - maybe adding some slight imperfection to the garden or something like that will break up the repetitiveness. Blah, what do I know, I'm just a beginner! I do like how you did the moat, though. One tile was the perfect depth. You also used your space very well; all of it is filled with something and there's no "blah" space that the player will never see. At the sake of blowing up this thread... When I read the quick feedback, I realized that wow, my map was blocky and definitely amatureish. Still is, but I was hoping it was better? I fixed the water fall and the cliff edges, replaced most of the flowers and got rid of the awkward rocks in the water. I actually see a few places I need to fix up (it's always after I've uploaded it ). Thanks for the feedback guys, my mapping skills definitely need the work.
  2. I just got a lot of inspiration out of nowhere! Better use it before I lose it...

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      Give me a little of your inspiration. I can't write anymore---

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      Find your own inspiration. :|

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      I wish I can download inspiration

  3. @Ocedic: I have to say, that map is just awesome. I hope the scene you plan to use it in is suitably epic! My favorite part is how the background is a darker hue than the foreground; it really emphasizes the sunset and the colors that go with it. The shading is great, as well. I also love the way the path curves around the tree stump, because people walked and wore out the ground around it. If that is your first parallax map, I am really inspired to try and add some uniqueness to my maps. My screenshot is one section of a mountain pass. It's supposed to be sort of a somber place; the background music is "dungeon 5" played at the lowest tempo (if you listen to it while you look at the map, it really sets the mood). I was hoping for some critique on the shading. I'm using Mack's tileset and it's a little awkward matching up the cliffs. It's also like my 5th completed map EVER (so woot for not giving up after my first!)
  4. I really appreciate all the ideas, guys. I especially enjoy the firefly one, and I think it may end up in the final project if I can stop changing my mind. I have question from here, though: how much gimmick is too much? Let's say, for simplicity, I decide to make the forest a dark dungeon where the player needs a lantern to navigate (I have the lantern currently implemented). On top of that, there is a strong monster that the player is unable to defeat and thus needs to avoid, both by avoiding its sprite on the field map and running if the battle is triggered. Is that in itself too much? But then, consider if on top of the darkness and the monster-in-pursuit, there are vines that block the way until their flower "heads" are defeated, meaning the player needs to avoid the monster while searching for the head to move forward. And consider that on TOP of that, the lantern requires fuel, so there is essentially a time limit placed on the player. Basically, how do you decide when you've given too much for the player to juggle? More things to think about add intensity and complexity, but too much of that make the game frustrating and unfocused. I want to make the dungeon as original and captivating as possible while not looking like I'm trying too hard.
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    On the what, diabetes?
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    "Greetings, Earthlings."

    I'm more of a spikes guy anyways haha. It's nice to meet everyone! I really like this community; everyone is so helpful and friendly.
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    "Greetings, Earthlings."

    Believe it or not, oatmeal raisin is my favorite kind of cookie. Apparently I'm not supposed to share with you... do you bite or something?
  8. I really, really like this idea Shaddow! Even if it just ends up being for ambiance, I think it will really fit the setting. The grabby-trees might get used for a return trip to the area. The head plant I think is definitely going in. Each head can serve as a sort of "mini-boss" that all mimic the battle style of the dungeon's real boss, except not as threatening.
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    "Greetings, Earthlings."

    Consider your warning heeded. Cookies are hard to share anyways. That said, anyone is entitled to my share of bananas.
  10. But no really, hi guys! I've lurked on this forum for about a year and I've finally just made an account and started posting. Anyways, I'm ZapCannon! Currently working on a demo for my project that I will post soon - very, very soon! See-ya guys around, I guess.
  11. The first dungeon of my upcoming project (which I hope to post a demo of soon!) is set in a forest, and I need opinions from this awesome community on the type of puzzles I should employ. I had a few in mind, but let me set the stage (slight spoilers for an unnamed project below): Anyways, now Ruth and Lynessa are basically lost in a dark forest and the goal is to get out (to the world map). This is literally 10 minutes after the intro, so the party is level one with default equipment. I don't want to make it just a standard dungeon crawl, but forest puzzles? Not forest TEMPLE puzzles, just forest puzzles... it's hard to think of any. Here are my attempts: It is night, so the party needs to find a lantern to navigate and keep it fueled. Small evil plants have grown large, impassible vines over the paths - the player needs to find the "head" (flower) of the plant and use Lynessa's special skill (as outlined in the spoiler tags) to get through. Jumping from trees? How do you guys feel about these gimmicks, either alone or in a combination? Would they annoy you, or would you enjoy them? Even better: can you suggest any BETTER ones?