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    OTHER Swans In The Wallow

    I played it a little. I really like what you've done here. the art style really works well. This is my kinda game. One thing I would suggest (I know its difficult sometimes) is more detailed version update logs, for example "bug fixes" could be greatly expanded. Can I ask what engine you made this in?
  2. This sounds like the method I used. I did open up my old lumberjack game and found it working in 1024x768, but the fps when playing is at best half of what it should be. Wouldn't recommend going beyond the engines limits for a commercial game. Its legal to posses modified dll files and use them if needed. The issue comes up with actually sharing said dll file though, as modified parts of the engine are not part of the end user agreement.
  3. Gump

    New to the forum

    Welcome! I haven't played with MV much yet but I do own it.. If you need anything scripted feel free to PM me. I'm okay with java now.
  4. Gump

    OTHER Eheb Saga - Droughtlock

    Oh wow you made this with rm2k3? Couldn't tell by the screenshots. I really like the graphical style. Back in the old days I tried to make a rpg maker within rpg maker 2003... Suffice to say it was very limited lol.
  5. Current Version: BETA 1.20 System(Script Collection) Author: Matt Sully (Gump) Download: Attached to this post! Apologies for the lack of formatting on this post. This system is distributed as a demo as it is a collection of scripts that makes a system. It also includes one of my old scripts, 'Gumps LVLUP Messenger" which can be optionally used in conjunction with the system. This project was originally developed many years ago (early 2013), Beta 1.20 is the last version made. I am willing to update or add to this system and/or fix any bugs you might find. Always interested in adding more stuff. I feel as though I know a lot more about Ruby now than I did all those years ago. This script may get some optimizations. I read through it all this morning and got a few ideas. CHANGELOG: ============ A lot more settings now. To see everything that was added, check the README(Version Info) Changelog. Quest data created with the ALPHA version is compatible, but it must be imported. You must also redo all your settings. Find the Beta download attached to this post. Information: I created this system for my first commercial game (WIP). It is an easy to use Quest System that provides feedback windows to the player via Scene_Map. Quests in this system have 3 stages: Active, Finished, and Complete. When a new Quest becomes Active, a feedback popup window appears for a few seconds informing the player. The same thing also happens when a quest is Finished and Completed. When a Quest is Completed, a second popup window appears on screen, displaying the rewards earned for that Quest. * Feedback windows are processed and animated within Scene_Map, and do not interrupt player movement. They will also only appear if the game is "not busy" doing something. Also included with this system is a Quest Manager scene, intended to be accessed via the main menu by the player. This Scene allows the player to view the current status of all Active/Finished Quests (currently, it does not have any options to display Completed Quests). All Feedback Windows, and all Windows within the Quest Manager scene are fully animated (meaning they animate on and off the screen, they don't just 'pop' into existance on the screen). Virtually all Vocabulary within the system is easily changeable. All Vocab variables are located at the top of the QUEST module. There are various other settings available at the top of the QUEST module as well, in fact there are more settings in the public port of QSB(Quest System Basic) than there are in the private version I am using for my game. All scripts and additional README files are included within the DEMO. You will find the Demo attached to this post as a file. Download it, open it in VX ACE and check it out. Legal Info: All Legal information is within the README(TERMS OF USE) script inside of the DEMO. The TLDR for Legal on this script is: You may modify and release modifications for this system, you may freely use this system(QSB) in any free or commercial game, you must provide credit to the script author if you use this system. Please see the Readme(TERMS OF USE) for more detailed information on this subject. Other Info: Quests may have up to 4 required items (with any amount for each item). If a player has all the required items for a quest with required items, then that quest is automatically pushed to the "Finished" state (but must still be cashed in aka "Completed" by the player). Quests may have up to 5 reward items (or none at all). Items are rewarded when the player cashes in, or "Completes" a quest. Quests without item requirements, Game Variable or Game Switch requirements require manual calling of the method to finish that quest when it is appropriate. For more information, review the comments at the top of all scripts and be sure to review all README files within the demos script section. Feedback/etc: Also, screenshots? There isn't much to show but I may add some shortly. I am looking for feedback though. Additionally if you have any ideas for QSB feel free to suggest them here in this topic. Quest_System_Basic_BETA_120.rar
  6. Perfect, exactly what I needed to know. Thanks Riki, always soo informative.
  7. I just found a series of my own scripts and script demos that were lost to time on an old harddrive. I was thinking about posting some in their own topics (like the demos, which are multi script systems, one being a quest system another being a blacksmithing one) but then I saw this topic.. Should I just post it all here instead? Don't wanna flood out the script section. Maybe post the demos in their own posts but the smaller scripts in here?
  8. Gump

    OTHER Eheb Saga - Droughtlock

    This looks awesome.. I can't wait to dive into this. Can I ask what engine or language you made this with?
  9. It's been a number of years since I was involved in this community. At one point I was a moderator over at the programming forums. So recently sitting around bored and in quarantine, I decided to get back into it again. I quickly realized I had forgotten almost anything I had learned about Ruby as it had been years. So I dived in, with the intention of creating a game purely using the Ruby programming language. A few weeks later I'm sitting here with a mostly complete project and more knowledge in Ruby than I've ever had. This game was not made in RPG Maker, so I'm not sure if its appropriate to post about it in the in progress or completed game forums when it hits that state. If you want to check it out its here: Ruby Arena (itch.io) Its free of course. I've also made the games source code freely available, as I'd like to eventually find gainful employment working with Ruby (making games or really anything) I figured anything I work on should have source available. The source can be found here(GitHub). As for contributing to the community I will definitely be active in the programming forum again. I am looking for old copies of some of my Ace scripts that I have lost to father time. In Particular My Blacksmithing system demo and my Quest system demo. I think I may even work on some scripts for the community again. I am having a lot of fun working purely with Ruby right now though, and starting to read about Dragon Ruby as well, which is a lightweight Ruby based engine. I may even fill some script requests. Anyway, its nice to be back! Hopefully I run into some familiar faces. It's been a long time. I notice the spoiler I use in my signature to hide my old completed scripts doesn't work when you click on it. I tried remaking it, still no dice. Anyone got any ideas? Also just reinstalled vx ace. took me a hot minute to find my serial number but its up and running and Im ready to make and help people with ruby scripts.
  10. Thank you Phoenix! Some good news. I was able to get my old harddrive running! I recovered EVERYTHING I was missing (including some crypto wallets woop woop)
  11. Gump

    OTHER Ruby Arena

    Ruby Arena is a text based roguelike game. Your main objective is to get bigger and stronger, equip yourself and prove yourself by competing in the arena. Climb the ranks of the Arena! Prove yourself worthy of the Ruby once and for all. The Beta version is now available, which means all core systems are completed. More content, formatting and stuff is now being added to the game. It is Now in a playable state with all the core stuff. At this stage of development updates are coming out very often. Currently I'm working on adding more Arena bosses and a few new areas to level up in. I'm always open to suggestions that anyone might have. There is still lots of ongoing balancing but things are pretty good now. The intention of this game of course is that it's supposed to be hard. There is still late and mid-late game balancing to work on. Note: for an ideal gaming experience, when the game opens, click on the top left corner of the console window to open a menu, and go to Properties. Click on the Font tab, set the font size larger (your preference) and text to bold. then maximize the window. The game will take care of these steps eventually. Screenshots of the game have been attached to the post for your convenience. You can download the game for free here: Ruby Arena (itch.io) The latest version is always uploaded there, and also on github here: Ruby Arena (github) Currently known bugs: Crash on battle complete -- this bug happens very rarely and is sometimes triggered if an enemy drops an item. This should not happen often. I have not been able to solve this bug yet. You will be naturally saving all the time due to the games inherent difficulty so this bug should not bother you too much. If you encounter any other bugs, you can either post them here on the forum or you can report them as an issue on Github. Including your debug.log and all your save files will be very helpful in diagnosing any bugs you might find. Of course, I'm always open to ideas for things to add to this game. As of posting this topic, Beta 1.7 is currently out. The game is getting pretty regular updates. The full changelog is visible on the github readme. Its also available on itch but it is chopped into different posts for each version. Looking forward to hear what you guys think of my game. Thanks for your time.
  12. I just released a new build, Beta 1.7. Here are the changes: There will likely be more adjustments that need to be made. I'm thinking I may have to rework the spell damage algorithm (visible in Game_DB.rb). Let me know what you think and if you find any other issues. I really appreciate how much you've been playing it. Also, your old save file will still function of course. Also if you wanna see some internal values, check the project on github(click) open the Game_DB.rb file. To see version changes, Click on "BETA 1.7 update see readme" text that is just to the right of Game_DB.rb I'd definitely like to get the balancing more tested and sound before I start going crazy and adding more areas. Edit: I've posted a game topic in the development forum, once you approve it I'll kindly ask to redirect all game related talk to that topic to keep things organized. Thanks
  13. Oh wow, thanks for this informative post I really appreciate it! I'll try to respond to everything here. First off with that bug I'd actually need the next line or two from the debug log as well. I'm aware of this crash, its happening in rare cases when an enemy drops an item. I haven't been able to solve it yet. Magic damage is calculated based on a fraction of defense, and elves have a boost in magic defense. So grabbing a new armor will reduce damage. I've watched people get to late game and have a hard time but they're able to grind through. I definitely need to balance late game enemies better and balancing the actual magic is an ongoing issue. The early/midgame spells are fairly sound, its the late game ones that need some reworking. Spells have a damage range, Heres shock: # [Spell name, Heal?, [Minmax], Cost, Description] @spells[6] = ["Shock", false, [28, 40], 9, "Electricity shoots from your mouth and strikes"] Which works fine and has a base damage range of 28 to 40. In conjunction with this your level versus the enemy level also matters. If they are higher, they will naturally hit harder. Late game spells definitely need better balancing. Short of putting on a Bastard Armor that Blue Dragon will 1 shot you. Balancing is always difficult in later game, the games database and full source is online on github. I may have to ask around for some help to get it just right. I want it to be very hard, as the game is supposed to be mean and unforgiving. Getting it hard and right is definitely a tricky balance. I'm aware of quest enemies going out of range, in my next update I'm planning on adding an override to that to the spawn code that forces them to spawn regardless of level if you have a quest. Level range works from -1 to +3 but the forest caps enemies at level 5 -- this is actually a conflict with the spawn code in the forest which can result in the wrong things spawning. I actually need to re-write the spawn code from scratch, as the game was originally designed without the swamp area even in mind. So I need to write it again and make it universal and apply the proper level capping. You don't suck (lol) but saving up for a better armor will help, and steamrolling through the Arena if you haven't already will generate money pretty quickly. Thanks for filling me in on the policy for posting the game! I'll put up a post for it soon.
  14. Is it appropriate for me to post my game purely made in Ruby in the game section of the forums? I ask because its not made with rpg maker.

    1. Rikifive


      For everyone to know, the answer is: yes, and when the editor asks for tag, choose "other". 🙂

    2. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      I was going to say pretty sure yes, as I've seen other section for non-RM developments and content. But it seems it's been covered by a proper authority.

    3. Gump


      Yep! Thanks tho! The game is up btw if you wanna check it out, Ruby Arena. :)

  15. Thanks for the signature info. And I would love to get a copy of those! I have those scripts, but I'm unable to find the demos I spoke of. I'd love to see how you modified them to make them work and would enjoy checking out any games you made with them. Thank you
  16. Many years ago I managed to break this limit using a modified dll in conjunction with a script I made. Regardless of properly breaking the limit the engine simply cant support anything over 640x480. I was able to render in 1024x768 for example with added tilemapping, but the problems you described happened, along with a severe drop in FPS on modern hardware. The engine simply isn't capable of those higher resolutions.
  17. Some of you might remember me from a couple years ago, I was a mod of the ruby scripting section at one point in time. Recently I've decided to pick up game dev. as a hobby again. I got a few ideas that have been burning in my brain for a couple years that I would really like to get finished. My primary platform I am aiming for is Android, with PC as a secondary. I'd like my games to be free to play but have some sort of option for people to pay that doesn't break the game or make it a grind fest for free players. I know that's a hard balance to achieve and I intend to put a lot of thought into how to go about implementing it. I grabbed Rpg Maker MV + season pass on steam yesterday on sale for 100 Canadian rubles. I like what they've added to the engine so far and with java being much more open and easier than Ruby overall I think its a good step forward to use javascript. Now I just need to actually learn Java - something I've put off for a while. I figure with my background it should be easy enough to pick up on. One thing I've noticed is the "official" method of porting MV games to Android is... Well.. Clunky to say the least. I've seen a couple other methods posted online (on the official MV forums) that seem to be a bit more organized but apparently have some performance concerns. Anyway, its nice to be back and I hope to become an active contributor again - this time with java based MV plugins.
  18. yeah. This is how you know I haven't hit the books yet.
  19. Getting back into it! Need to learn Java now. Shouldn't be too hard. Just bought RMMV! Android gaming here I come.

    1. Chaosian


      Javascript. Learn the difference first.

    2. Gump


      Good catch. I figure with my experience it wont be hard to pick up.

  20. This should be possible if the Tactical System you are using runs with Scene_Map. Otherwise it can be done but would require a little bit of code.
  21. Potentially easy. If the method is called every second or every refresh/update cycle just modify it, comment out the random functions and insert a counter variable, once it reaches 60 then initiate regen otherwise break operation. Or you could compare system times, one 1 second difference is detected initiate regen. A few ways you could do it really. Both of my suggestions rely on the method being called constantly by refresh/update cycles. Does it do that? I stopped using the system so I'm not 100% sure anymore. If you can confirm it does that, I'll be happy to write the method out for you. Hey just wanted to say welcome to the forums! I'm not using this system anymore but off the top of my head it sounds like you got settings wrong for the item being used as a hookshot. Double check your notetags and all that stuff. Assuming you got everything setup correctly it should work. If yer stumped, take a look at the hookshot in the system demo.
  22. Awesome work Vlue. I'm using this in my commercial game. Its a humble project but you can expect a free copy no less.
  23. Gump

    [RGSS2/3] Tips - Script Experiment Template

    Topic moved to new, more relevant section, Handy Tips forum.
  24. Today I will be taking a break from writing about game development and scripting, to instead talk to you and anyone interested about the subject of Bitcoins and Crypto Currencies in general - my personal favorite being Dogecoin. Dogecoin is a user friendly way of getting new people into crypto currencies - and its flourishing. Now is a great time to get in. When I first heard of bitcoin 2 years ago I wouldn't even give it the time of day. I dismissed it [ignorance, in hindsight] as a scam. I didn't bother reading into it. Beyond subscribing to the /r/bitcoin subreddit for nerd cred, I didn't bother with it for 2 years. At that time, Bitcoins were worth less than $1. As of now, they recently peaked at $1200 and are currently going for about $700. If I would have taken the 10 minutes it required of me to read the Satoshi Paper (warning: 8 page PDF) and wrapped my head around it, I would have jumped all over it. I think a big barrier to wanting to get into it is understanding what it is and how it functions. If I had gotten into bitcoin 2 years ago, I would've been able to mine it with my setup. I'm not the best at math but my conservative calculations estimated that I would have mined around 250 BTC in a period of about 6 months. 250 BTC sold at $700 usd each = $175,000. Thats 175 thousand reasons to beat myself up right there, I tell you what! If you have any questions about bitcoin, or crypto coins in general, I've dived into this subject in general over the past couple months and I can most likely answer any questions you might have about what it is, or how it works. I would be happy to answer to any questions or criticisms of the subject of crypto currencies in general. Feel free to ask away! I would personally love to see people selling games for Dogecoin, or giving games away and providing a Dogecoin address for people to send them a little bit of money if they liked the game enough. Note: This blog was originally a private message that turned into a Blog post as I felt maybe it would be helpful to the community.
  25. Thanks for the questions AlliedG! The scandal with Mt Gox was a long time coming. Many in the bitcoin community saw it coming over a year ago when the exchange first suffered major issues and halted fiat transactions. That was just a really, really bad exchange. They weren't properly licensed as an exchange in the United States, doing business from Japan with international customers in the United States. This resulted in millions of seized US dollars. It was a sad scandal. That's not related to the actual scandal you are referring to however, which is a scandal that resulted in Mt Gox closing its doors. There are many theories abound right now. The Blockchain can account for roughly 90% of the 'missing' bitcoins and most of them are in large wallets. This rules out hackers and so called "transaction mutation" which is what Mt gox attempted to blame their failure on. many people think the guy who ran Gox still has the coins, but perhaps he lost access to the cold storage wallet(s) or something of that nature. Even their claims about the bitcoin protocol being at fault and the reason for their failure was debunked. They had an internal management system which was just well, for lack of a better term, ridiculous. I should also point out that there are multiple lawsuits going forward in Japan as I type this, including one involving a few dozen plaintiffs, seeking to get reparations legally for their lost money. I can't think of any [major] security concerns with bitcoin which may be relevant to the discussion, if you'd like to point some out I'd be happy to elaborate on them for you. The market has already recovered (100% value recovery) from the Mt Gox scandal, and its on a steady incline now. Most Bitcoiners welcome regulation. Hell, most of us want and demand it. We want to pay taxes on our transactions. We want to be honest about our income. We want regulations and protections for consumers -- things not built into the protocol of bitcoin per-say. China's banning of bitcoin only hurt one group of people: The Chinese. As G8 countries move forward with bitcoin, the value of bitcoin will also most likely increase as regulations come into play. I say this because it will increase overall stability of the market and relevant exchanges, therefore leading to a price increase. This will also lead to China lifting their "ban" on Bitcoin, widespread acceptance, regulation and mainstream adoption will quite literally force their hand. Ban is in quotes because, a Chinese citizen can legally still own and trade bitcoin, they can't buy goods and services with it inside of China or trade it for Chinese Yen directly. They can hold it, and trade it on international exchanges or buy products from companies not within China. Edit: To be fair it should be mentioned the adoption of Bitcoin in China is part of what led to a value of $1,200 USD per BTC. The following 'ban' was also the primary cause of the market crash which hit 550, leveled at 800 and coasted down to 600, then the MT Gox failure happened.
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