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    The End of an Age

    Oh thanks ! Does it state requirements you know for use in commercial games ?
  2. vanburman

    The End of an Age

    Hello everyone, Like most of you I'm making a game. It's currently on Kickstarter and doing rather well. I'm looking to make the game as unique as possible as I want to get away from the original graphics of the program. I have already starting implementing certain things and keeping a list of credits. If people have resources they'd like to share with my project in return for credit I would be glad to view them and see if they fit in. Assuming I'm allowed to link to my Kickstarter here is the link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1960057500/the-end-of-an-age alternatively search the name in the title. I look forward to hearing from people as I continue development of the game. Regards, vanburman
  3. Hello Everyone, I am new to the forums but used several versions of RPG maker. I have made various tutorials for my YouTube channel. And I currently have a game in kickstarter. I would like to know where on this forum I could possibly find or look to find a graphic artist for my game. As If I am funded I will need that input to make my game that extra bit special. Thank you, Hope to hear from you soon. -vanburman
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