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  1. MCOD1999

    Granny's Lists - Under the Sea

    What are the licences on these graphics? Are any available to be used commercially for free?
  2. MCOD1999

    HD Game resolution

    What if you were to import Vector graphics into VxAce? They would look much better than the default SNES style graphics.(I love the graphics that come with VxAce btw). I know Vector graphics are hard to draw but if you desperatly wanted anything near HD, then this is your best shot without violating the terms and conditions. Another solution: Just make the graphics you are using smaller. I'm not sure if this will do anything but it is worth a shot! Hope my tips help. MCOD1999
  3. Hello VxAce users! I'm a new indie game developer! I have developed a non-RPG game in RPGMaker VxAce (I'm such a rebel). What are your opinions on non-RPG games made in VxAce? Is it a bad idea? Is it a cool new idea? Please let me know in the comments below! If you like the sound of a non-RPG game made in VxAce the please check this fourm out! http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/20404-hunt/#entry141844 Thanks for your contribution and support! MCOD1999
  4. MCOD1999


    Thanks for the advice. The sprites seem small because I recorded HUNT! in non-full screen. The games runs in full screen however. I will definitely make a demo. Thanks again.
  5. MCOD1999


    Hello everyone! I'm MCOD1999 a new indie game developer! I love RPG Maker VXAce, it is complex and simple but everyone thinks that the name limits you to only making RPG games. Well think again because I have created a non-RPG game in RPG Maker VXAce! I have created an adventure-maze game. There are over 40 levels filled with fun and challenges! Interested? Lets get into more detail! Here is a breif summary of HUNT! One day, in a land know as "Invertuba" the Devil Dragon launched an attack! The creatures that inhabited Invertuba were no match for his minions! The Devil Dragon cast a spell that placed mazes everywhere to stop anyone from attempting to stop him! Invertuba needs a hero before it is too late! That hero is you! Venture into the land of Invertuba in the form as an arachnid. Travel through the mazes and avoid the monsters, but if that isn't challenging enough then there are quizes the Devil Dragon scattered about and you need to answer the questions correctly using the knowledge you find in the mazes! There are countless mazes for you to explore! Can you explore them all? And can you save Invertuba? Game features: Over 40 mazes filled with challenges and fun! Increase your knowledge on arachnids with the quizes at the end of each world. Discover knowledge in the levels that you then use in the quizes! Play as a Spider or a Scorpion! Amazing music and graphics by Enterbrain! So lets get into the unique features of HUNT! You can play as a "spider" or a "scorpion". You can play with any name you like. Learn useful facts in the mazes you explore. Get challenged to a quiz at the end of every world! Find keys to unlock gates. Meet "Shergar" the famous race horse! 3 easter eggs to find! Improve your knowledge on arachnids! 7 Worlds to explore! Beautiful looking levels! HUNT! is raising money for my high school! Can take anywhere from 2+ hours to complete! Loads of FUN!! Fun for all ages! So that may seem like a lot of unique features HUNT! has! I want to make HUNT! unique in a good way. Choosing only a few from a huge choice of design and gameplay ideas! I have dedicated all of my free time into making HUNT! an amazing indie title! There is no rush to take in all of HUNT!'s unique features! Lets take a look at some gameplay screen shots! Here is Shergar and you can even listen to a story of his! If you love history or horses then you will want to listen! Here is a sneaky preview of level "6-2". Isn't this level beautiful? 3-3 looks a bit cold! That wasp! I wonder what goes on in its little mind? Here is a spoiler of one of the 1st quiz's questions. Explore volcanic pits!!! Find keys in chests located in mazes! Sail the seas via a boat! Learn knowledge from creatures in mazes! The knowledge is needed to answer quizes! (Which get harder as you move through the game). Here are links to the HUNT! trailers: http://www.youtube.com/user/modguide50 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5ma7h_c4WY&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=PLd3wTyn8CYLXT45B7HoR3Ep46eafoLyE8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5K97ruoYjY&feature=c4-overview&list=UUiCAZpPOxZWKaZUmnMZwl-g I will be uploading more onto Youtube! Also be sure to subscribe! Sorry if this seems like alot to take in but there is loads to talk about HUNT! Don't worry not long to go. Basic game properties: Genre: Puzzle/adventure Average time length: +3 hours Price: £1- £2.99 (Not sure yet) Abstract: An amazing Arachnid adventure filled with fun and challenges! Platform: Windows PC (XP,Vista,7,8 and above) Age rating: 4+ File size: Approximately 0.2Gb CREDITS! (Same as the game's) Credits: Plot Design: Max O'Donovan (MCOD1999) Level design: Max O'Donovan (MCOD1999) Graphics: Enterbrain Music: BGM (Background Music): Enterbrain SE (Sound effect): Enterbrain ME (Music effect): Enterbrain Game programming: Enterbrain Max O'Donovan (MCOD1999) Beta Testers: Max O'Donovan (MCOD1999) OrangeFlash81 A special thanks to! OrangeFlash81 Enterbrain TOMAS AHLSTRÖM And most of all YOU! Thanks for playing! And remember! HUNT! is © MCOD1999 2013 All resources are © Enterbrain! (These are the credits in HUNT!) I will be using the RTP resources and my own. The goal in HUNT! You enter the land of Invertuba in the fourm as an arachnid! You must travel through various worlds and slay the Devil Dragon to save Invertuba from destruction! Also knowledge is power in the land of Invertuba! You need to gather knowledge from the mazes scattered around Invertuba and use what you have learnt in the quizzes! Can you save Invertuba? Download(s)! You can buy HUNT! from itch.io! HUNT! will also be comming to other sites but not just yet! Download links! http://mcod1999.itch.io/huntComming soon to! http://www.moddb.com/games/hunt http://www.desura.com/games/hunt http://www.indiedb.com/games/hunt ENJOY!! If you have any questions or require assistance then please ask! MCOD1999
  6. I wonder if you can import Vector Graphics into VxAce?

    1. kayden997


      Nope, have to render them into a format it understands (png)

    2. charlesthehurst


      ...or jpg. But those are evil. Use png.

  7. MCOD1999

    Selling your own created games

    How do you get the licence does it come with VX Ace when you download the full version? I need to know asap for some comercial games I am working on. I just want to doube check so I don't run into any legal issues.
  8. Thanks it looks like I will have to make some or look over the fourms. This game I am going to make will be usesd to rais money for a school astro turf. A mate is doing the same so I have competition. But thanks.
  9. Oh the romance is part of the plot. That still is cool. It is funny that any vx ace game I see never has huge custimization or loads of open routes. But loz lacks these and is great. The same should happen hopefully with this game.
  10. This looks great. I wouldn't call this a horror game from what I have seen. Romance is something vx ace games lack. My other game I am making will have relationships. what type of romance will it have? This looks great!
  11. The plot is setting the scene. The game you play is exploring Firetop mountain. I have changed the lava tilesets I am using for the mountain interior. Also In the finished project there will be a short movie setting the scene. That plot is only there because you have to have some form of plot. But thanks anyway.
  12. Thanks for the offer but I am really busy with projects atm. I am working on 5 games and trying to bring minecraft to WII U. If you need any advice I am capeable of giving it.
  13. Thanks for you offer but firstly this game is based mainly on a book and secondly the plot gets really complicated as you play the game. I'm trying to make this game appeal to casual and hard-core gamers. So a simple plot will help. I will add challengng puzzles and replay value for the hard-core players. But thanks for your offer. You will see what I am on about when I realesa a demo.
  14. Yay! OBLIVION! I'm loving the sound of this! A game with the word Oblivion means action and horror! I can't wait for the demo!
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