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    yes please
  1. itzphilip

    Help with character display in face

    BUMP Those lines makes it so that the frames cycle from the positions 0 to 2. How do I make it so that it adds another 1 after it becomes > 2? def update if Customization::NameEdit::ANIMATE @frame_counter = @frame_counter + 1 if @frame_counter >= Customization::NameEdit::SPEED @frame_counter = 0 @frame = @frame + Customization::NameEdit::FRAME_SKIP if @frame > 2 @frame = 0 end refresh end end my_update end
  2. itzphilip

    TP Question

    Thank you. That seems to do the trick.
  3. itzphilip

    TP Question

    Alas, it works... somewhat But with your instruction it also deals damage to the actor. And I don't want it to neither heal nor damage the actor; just restore TP. And if I set the type to none it disables the formula box. What do?
  4. itzphilip

    Philip's Lit

    Okay. *Edited the main post
  5. itzphilip

    Philip's Lit

    Hello. Anyone with enough spare time to read and comment on this 6 page story i've written? I'd greatly appreciate. Give, it a chance, most of my friends have said that they enjoyed it a lot. http://www.mediafire.com/download/tppb13gds46e502/23_Nov.docx (Download link)
  6. itzphilip


    Hello, guys. I'm having a probelms. I can't seem to get the fog to move. Whenever i'm moving on the map the fog is just a static picture. However, if i'm talking to someone (as in having the text box to pop up) the fog starts moving (only as long as the dialogue box is displayed.) My fog is configured as following: setup_fog("Fog01", 0, 125, 0, 2, 4, 4, true)
  7. itzphilip

    Hide timer

    Do you insert this script in Sprite_Timer?
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