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  1. VideoWizard

    How is your game going?

    Seeing as this is essentially a progress thread, I guess I can post here. Mon 2.29.16- First Leap Year Day on a Monday since 1988! Yeah. I started the scene where a kid version of the MC, Kevin, sneaks out of the palace where he is staying at. Tue 3.1.16- Nothing Wed 3.2.16- Started the scene where the hero as a kid and a friend run out of town (it hasn't needed a guard until now, since no monsters want to sneak into this town) Thu 3.3.16- RPG Maker MV 1.10 update released, so I spent the day making new facesets in the generator. Fri 3.4.16- Added the Chronus Palace area map (the palace Kevin sneaks out of). William wakes up from a nap and finds out the boys are gone. He sets out to find them, jumping over bridges so as not to collapse them from walking on them. The palace is the only building he can enter as he towers over most everything else. Sat 3.5.16- Nothing Sun 3.6.16- Posted all this here. I guess that counts, maybe? The game, for anyone curious, is Dragon Kingdoms VI: Heroes of the Past. Yes, all these years after the last one, which was on RM2k. This version started development on February 21st of this year, but there are unreleased versions going all the way back to an RM2k3 version that is about a year or so after Dragon Kingdoms V's release (which released the same day as the original Cave Story. Really.). So I got five games out in six years, and nothing but demos and unreleased versions in the following eleven. Go figure.
  2. VideoWizard

    rpgmaker January-February Goals/Progress

    We're about a week into February now. How goes everyone's progress? Sat 2.6.16- I started on my game again after a hiatus. I know, not the most thrilling thing ever, but we'll see. Sun 2.7.16- Nothing. Crazy day due to the Super Bowl. The joys of retail. Hope to start back up Monday. -February goals- Getting the first town and a bit of the surroundings mapped.
  3. Normally, it would be a monthly topic, but it is already less than two weeks to February. But, yeah, this is where you post some of your goals and also your progress during the month. I'll go ahead and start. Wed 1.13.16- Finished off Chapter 1 in writing my outline. Thu 1.14.16- Absolutely nothing. Was sick instead. Fri 1.15.16- Nothing special, just watched Raven's stream Sat 1.16.16- Started writing Chapter 2. Sun 1.17.16- Nada. Mon 1.18.16- Created the actual project so I can start putting some of that story into events and such. You don't need to wait that long between posts, it can be every day or even more often if you desire. Have fun with it!
  4. VideoWizard

    Project Destroyer by Neon Black

    There is a use for this. Imagine that when you die, the game simply deletes itself. Talk about immersion! I think there was a PC game or two that actually did that, as well.
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      And that's a wrap! It was a bit short of a stream but I guess that's OK.

  5. It's been a long time since I've been here. Maybe I should drop in a bit more often?