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  1. You're name is Blue Typhlosion, but your avatar doesn't look like any Typhlosion I've ever seen. :P

    1. Knighterius


      Hahahaah That cracked me up so much idek why. haha :') too good

    2. BlueTyphlosion
  2. BlueTyphlosion

    Script: mp points used = spell power?

    If the formula box is too small for what you need check out Fomar0153's tutorial on using a script for the formula. Here is the link to his website and his tutorials: http://cobbtocs.co.uk/wp/?page_id=269
  3. BlueTyphlosion

    HK Animated Title v1 Translated to Ace

    @GIJhen: It has to be an error on your naming of the image. I have tested this myself, it works on a clean project.
  4. BlueTyphlosion

    SSS - Defend HP/MP Gain (Translated)

    @Jynx: I'll see what I can do! @Jynx: the script has been updated to allow individual hp and mp recovering by notetags.
  5. BlueTyphlosion

    SSS - Defend HP/MP Gain (Translated)

    @laptopdancer: refer to the license restrictions set by Shanghai Simple Scripts.
  6. BlueTyphlosion

    Battle Formation?

    Look at Dekita's Battle Rows. It does exactly what your trying to achieve.
  7. BlueTyphlosion

    Message Backgrounds

    Solved this issue it can be closed
  8. BlueTyphlosion

    Extra Stat Increases Upon Level Up

    Thank you galv! just what I was looking for!
  9. BlueTyphlosion

    VX-VXA Conversion: Rei's Explosion Blur Script

    Beat me to it, and I was almost finished. *drats*
  10. BlueTyphlosion

    Remove (User Name) "casts *!" message when using skills

    Here this should work.
  11. BlueTyphlosion

    FFIX - "Soul Blade" skill

    I would personally advise you to look at Fomar0153's custom formula tutorials on his website. http://cobbtocs.co.uk/wp/?p=271 And then the scripting part http://cobbtocs.co.uk/wp/?p=286
  12. BlueTyphlosion

    HK Animated Title v1 Translated to Ace

    I found a small error regarding disposing the foreground if this was the error it has now been fixed @Levi Stepp
  13. BlueTyphlosion

    HK VS Animated Title

    @ShinGamix I tried my hand at converting version 1 was fairly easy I'll post it right away
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