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  1. Hey Yan, a dumb friend of mine asked me to report you of the new adress of his site, and the banner also (maybe for changing links on your blog). Here is: http://ateliercross.webege.com/ and this is the banner: http://i43.tinypic.com/10pyexj.png Actually he just wasnt able to register here, so I am passing the message^^ See ya

  2. It was short but fun! Best of luck to all of you and your RPG's once the full version comes out in English! ( ̄ω ̄)ノ
  3. YF

    VE - Followers Options

    I like the coffin! DQ Nostalgia ftw.
  4. It's not possible through the default scripts. It's actually nested inside of a hidden class. You can copy/paste that somewhere above Main in the script listing and adjust the formula however.
  5. With no intentions of raining on anyone's parade: Putting these movement commands in a custom moveroute with the highest frequency will cause them to reach that opacity and blend type before the map loads visibly. Still, your script's useful in the event that you need a movement route without the highest frequency and custom opacity/blend types.
  6. Good job, Yami! Finally got a chance to test this out.
  7. Melody required a team to make and it was a month long process. VX Ace isn't even out in full for English yet, meaning I won't have a reliable team. Please stop asking.
  8. I finally got a chance to look at the code for this. And I must say, I'm very impressed and greatly appreciative that you decided to keep all of the core functions referring back to the default Scene_Battle methods. Other ATB scripts that were made in VX vanilla didn't do so and caused a ton of compatibility problems with other scripts that modified the default battle scene. You've saved yourself a huge headache in the future. Kudos a lot for that!
  9. Good work, Fomar! Mind if I like this add-on on the Ace Battle Engine page?
  10. YF

    Copy Events

    I felt like something this useful needs a bump. Good work on making something like this. We need to see more utility scripts~
  11. YF

    Gender Requirements

    Yey~ Nice job, Bubz!
  12. It's generally better for public scripts to use alias. Overwriting an entire definition causes incompatibility elsewhere.
  13. YF

    Gender Functions

    Wonderful! Have you considered maybe even gender specific equips, Bubz?
  14. Would like to remind people that this won't for the trial versions since you can't reopen projects.
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