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  1. - Z -

    Not Me Mapping Critique

    Thank you all for your insights on mapping. It's really helping me so much! Many have said to introduce brightness/contrast to my maps, to give off a more "gloomy" feel to the maps. I WILL use that technique, but not as of now at the moment. The reason being is that I've forgotten to mention what the maps i'm currently doing are for in this horror game of mines. The previous 3 maps are, how you say, the normal version of the map. These are the prologue areas of the map, the intro places, as you will. They are to show how the University was before the horror events occur. This is why I haven't implemented the contrast/brightness tips mentioned earlier just yet. So for now, I'll map the areas as if they were never tainted by evil and horrific forces. Just have a normal university. Now for MORE MAPS! We have the ENTRANCE! And the AUDITORIUM AREA! Both maps are smaller for preview purposes. Any tips on making this look more genuine/better? All criticism and comments welcomed!
  2. - Z -

    First game length?

    Here's my short answer: Do something in the bounds that you can do, as in, limit your project to your capabilities. If you do something more ambitious and demanding than you're skilled for, then chances are, you may not finish the project at all. This happen to me twice. The topic here. tells of what happened to me. Don't end up like myself, where two very wanting projects end up in the dusty shelves.
  3. - Z -

    Khas' Light Script and Flashes

    NEVERMIND! I was able to resolve the problem myself! So I did this to get the flash effect I wanted, in case others want to do the same old default flash effects even with Khas' script in it. First I did a script call and types this: s = $game_map.effect_surface s.set_alpha(0) This sets the opacity (darkening) of the script back to 0, giving light back to the scene. My default was 150, and this was causing the flash screen to appear darker than usual. Then I use flash screen effect as normal (flash red for 40 frames: no wait) Finally I did another script call right after flash screen, and put this: s = $game_map.effect_surface s.change_alpha(40,150) This sets the opacity back to normal gradually. I put the time as the same as the flash's frame time to keep in sync. All this got my flash to look the way I wanted: bright! And put the darkness back into the scenery. So my problem is resolved! Yay! (This thread can be closed now. Thanks!)
  4. - Z -

    How big is too big?

    Questions like these, ones involving sizes, have always been given variable answers, all with their own opinion and suggestion to it. So here's my take to it. Make it as big as it needs to be for the player. When making maps, always plan it out. What will this map be? What will it have? How many times will the player visit this map? When making maps, always create the map for the purpose it's being made for. In your case, you're making a dungeon filled with monsters and traps and such. So map that as normal. However, players entering this dungeon would want a reward, or a sort of incentive to go in there. Maybe the dungeon is a story-crucial place, or it's simply a exp area. The bigger the place, the more reasons a player wants to stay and fully explore that dungeon. So while mapping, put in places that will reward the player, such as simple treasure rooms, or passage to new areas, for engaging the dungeon. Heck, you can scatter the rewards hidden around the map if you really want the players to be the explorative type. You can map the place as big as you want it to be. Just make sure to add a balancing number of reasons for the player to explore the whole place.
  5. Today is Valentine's Day, and i confessed to the girl I loved for awhile! Now just gotta wait for her response.

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    2. Whiona


      Good for you! I hope she feels the same way, but even if she doesn't, you should be proud of yourself. That takes guts.

    3. Spectre


      Best of luck, mate, and if all goes well, remember: Don't. Ever. Forget your anniversary. Trust me on this.

    4. RavenBlueIndigo


      I forget anniversarys all the time. 4get Anniversary eryday.

  6. What is a pun? I wanna make sure i'm using them right in conversations...

    1. Atleast6char


      A pun is an intentional misuse of a word that is still relevant to the topic, and sounds a lot like the originally intended word(s).


      Example from SoulPour: Nazi sounds like "not see" (sounds like originally intended words) and Hilter was a Nazi (its relevant to the topic). Did I help?

    2. Sessie


      Yeah, it's just a play on words that relates to the subject :)

      Some other examples:

      Someone says: "I don't like cows"


      "Why? what's your beef with them?"

      "They're so cow-ardly!"

      "Moo-ve aside please"

      Sorry, I started milking this for all it's worth xD

    3. Sessie


      ^Sorry, I love puns. Driving people nuts with them is a hobby of mine lol

  7. - Z -

    Not Me Mapping Critique

    Can you elaborate? The wall is there; it's just hidden behind the furnitures. I guess i can add more shadow to them to make them pop out. I hope this doesn't sound rude, but i don't get what you mean. Sounds like a good idea. I'll tone the brightness down on the bright tiles. Or should i do the same to all the tiles?
  8. Well, the whole list of characters I put up is the complete list of survivors ingame that you can get. Ignoring the protagonist and the main 5, all others characters are just there as your source of information and assistance (hence the skills). They are also there as targets for Shifters. Their abscence in the game is only devestating if the information they had was valuable to you at the moment. This is where I have this mechanic in the game: not all characters are necessary to pass the game. You will head to different places of the university, and whichever place you're going, the character important there will be the character you want to have with you. However, once you start reaching near the midpoint of the game, it will be obvious some places will no longer need to be explored again. This is where some character's usefulness begin to expire. So, darkly speaking, if such character is unfortunatly offed by a Shifter, their loss isn't too large. It is possible to keep all characters alive, but that's only if you're a sort of completionist. I do have planned for characters to contribute to the ending, but, again, not all are needed for such ending. Oh, and Killo, the randomized thing of characters is a great plan! The randomization of different characters you get in the game will definitely make each playthrough of the game very different. I love that mechanic! I can imagine someone play the game and finish it once, then tries the game again, expect a similar run. But instead, the first character he recruits is different than who he recruited last time, now making some areas now became harder/easier to inspect. One player can get someone who is knowing of the Stadium, so he heads there first, while another player gets someone who is knowing of the Auditorium, while another player (possibly me) gets a shifter. (I have bad luck in games ) I'll definitely go for randomized character placement in Not Me, and I'll see if i can do randomized puzzles/item placement. Gotta make sure placement of characters is balanced and not game-breaking. Now about the food/sanity meters. I definitely love the sanity/morale ideas you guys are giving, especially how you guys described it! And the food thing seems good. Timewise, the game takes a time of 3-4 weeks, so hunger is definitely an issue. But, i don't know if i should put that in, since the sanity/morale thing is already a tasking problem, and including the constant fear of Shifters lurking amok, the problems keep stacking up. I don't want to put too many problems for the player to handle all at once. I want the player to enjoy the game for it's horror atmosphere, and not fustrate to keeping characters alive constantly because of many things. So the food thing may be scrapped, for simplicity of the game. Besides, i'm still in process of making a demo, and not the entire game, so the food mechanic seems even less necessary. The demo will have at max 10-15ish characters, and only about 1/3 or 1/2 of the map will be explorable. So demo-wise, all the characters and maps I've shown, I will only be using half to a third of them into the demo. Thanks for all the help. I really appreciate it. If there's other things you have a question about, then you can give a reply. For now, i'll continue developement until something else comes up. Again, thanks.
  9. - Z -

    Not Me Mapping Critique

    Well, this is just a screenshot I took from the editor, and not ingame, so lighting hasn't been added. I also haven't put any light scripts yet. So for horror aspects, it's a no-go. I just want a take on my mapping skills, if they are in need of repairs or they are fine as is. Thanks Chaosian, though!
  10. !UPDATE! BANNER! Not Me has been going pretty well in developement! I've spent a lot of time thinking of the final kinks to the game, and I think i'm done planning it out! The story's been finalized. I had mostly ideas for events and situations of the game, but never had them in a particular order. After some outlinging and organzation, I think I finally nailed it on the story aspect! Beginning, middle, end(ings), twists, character, and whatnot! The story's ready! The map of the University is complete! The entire place is set on a hill of sort, with the Observatory being the highest point. I also done a full list of survivors in the game! (May add/remove some during developement, but this is the jist of it) And their relation to other characters! (Basically their knowledge of other characters. These will be important for figuring out who's who and who isn't who. What I love about this web of knowledge is that you can put your thumb over someone, and by covering them, you will know how much valuable knowledge you lose if said someone is killed.) Also some Shifter designs! :wacko: (May need some assistance of their sprites ingame. Don't need one now, but later...) AND MAPPING! (What my photoshopping tileset skills turned out to. Check the thread for details!) And so ends my update of the game. As usual, i'll ask a question and need some criticism of said question. Cause every opinion is important! My new question involves this. As you can see from this list, there are some characters that can perform a specific skill that affects what occurs ingame. Most will lead to a new area, and some will give valuable items, and even knowledge. But two of them have a question mark on them. Cook and Entertain. Cook is to technically recharge a food meter I've been thinking of imputting into the game, but the idea seems far-fetched... Entertain involves raising the sanity meter (not ever shown visually). This is to keep people from developing paranoia and possibly relax from all the hell they go through. Again, this is another idea i see odd. Should I put these two skills (along with the game mechanic mentioned) in the game? Or will this prove too multi-tasking for players? (Remember, the player still have to occupy about Shifter wereabouts all around) That's it for now! I'll return to mapping and eventing. Thanks for any criticism and compliments in advance!
  11. "NOT ME" MAPPING This topic is to be my main topic of posting screenshots of how I am mapping out Not Me, a horror game I have currently in developement. So I'll probably be posting a good amount of screenshots here for the sake of critiquing. Any and all advice will be helpful! So here are my first attempt of mapping! I am not using parallax mapping at all (due to I don't know how), and only using tilesets off from the RTP, some dlc's, and photoshopped alterations of both. So here's the FOREST! And here's the DORMS! And finally, here's the DORMS (outside)! So how are my mapping skills? :blink: :blink: :blink:
  12. - Z -

    First Serious Mapping Attenpt

    (puts hand over laptop, comparing both sides) *I really did that* I definitely go for the brick. But that if it was me. Both can go fo sewer levels, depending on your time setting. You see, the brick ones can work for older sewer types. The other can work on more nowaday or even futuristic sewers. But my trouble for the right wall texture is that it's a bit clean. I think there's a more, how you say, dirtier wall type in the future tileset (i have it, too). Give the top 5th wall texture on A3 (the brown one with rails on the sides) a shot. Also try the top 6th one (has a yellow line and number on the bottom) on A4. And about the bridges. I'd definitely go for the rail bridge, but the plank floor can also work. You can put those as events that the player can retrieve, such as getting woods from one floor, and put them as a bridge the next floor! Hope this info helped!
  13. - Z -

    Saving Takes Awhile!

    All the resources I post are the only things I put. If you guys want to know specs, then here's my laptop's: Windows 8 6GB RAM 750GB Memory (620ish free) AMD Quad Core with A8-4500M and 2.80GH.z Radeon HD 7640G with 512MB Graphics Burns out everytime I play Hawken without an elevated stand. Seems my laptop is fine. I've decided to time my save. It's around 8 seconds, but still a troublesome save time. I DO have the steam version, and that using the Gear Icon in my steam Maker takes FOREVER to go. Maybe it can be the steam version, but how do I remove the workshop version, anyway??
  14. - Z -

    First Serious Mapping Attenpt

    I LIKE IT! It looks really well done! For a sewage type of dungeon it works pretty well! However, the walls seem unfitting for the sewage feel. This feels more of a nitpick myself, but it seems more of a wall texture for a factory map. Have you tried a brick wall type? Also for tranversing the map, i suggest adding a few bridges to go from one spot to the next. Just because the player can go from one spot to the next with a hookshot doesn't mean that's the only way to get to and fro. Maybe the hookshot mechanic can be for alternate routes? But all and all, it looks pretty good! Nice work!
  15. I feel SO lazy. I get up form bed at 10am and higher. Maybe it's because I sleep at 2am everytime. :\

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      I'm always a night person so I end sleeping at 4 a.m. then wake up in the afternoon... :3

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      ^ What Minerva said, lol.

    4. Chaosian


      10 to 2? Noon to 4? This all sounds familiar for some reason...