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    Searching for the perfect ABS... =P
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  1. RaiMaker

    Mystic Action System BETA

    That's a Brazillian forum... Well, i was a fan of your royal battle system, but now I am a GIANT FAN of this one! When you finish it, it's going to be great! Keep on, because it's a great ABS!
  2. RaiMaker


    I have a question, err, is there a way to make that when an enemy die, it doesn't actually fade, but instead it activates an self-switch?
  3. Hey, is there a way to make that some enemies don't have a Hud? If there isn't, do you plan on adding it on a future version?
  4. RaiMaker

    Miscellaneous Options

    AAAAAHHH! Incredible! F*cking unbelievable! Explendid! I almost wanted to chanfe my game name to the one that is in the APPdata configuration! You're the man!
  5. RaiMaker

    Angelo Menu I α (alpha)

    Great Menu, no Lag, no Bug, it's on my RPG Already! Thanks Burandon OffTopic: Brasil é nóis!
  6. RaiMaker

    Simple Gold Hud

    Just join this Gold Window to a HUD and you got a perfect combination! Excelent script, already in my RPG.
  7. RaiMaker

    Hey, fellas!

    Thanks for the 11 responses! I'm sure I will like this forum! Because I already AM liking it! Hahaha!
  8. RaiMaker

    Hey, fellas!

    Hey there, RMVX-Ace community! My Nick is RaiMaker (Pronouce:Rie Maker), but ny real name is Rai Benjamin (i'm from Brazil), and as soon as i had my hands on Ace, i loved it, but where the hell would I get my resources? That were my first tought. So I turned the internet upside down (just teasing ya, it was the first result that appeared ), and i found this community. I loved here, and I almost immediatly made my account. As i could see until now, the people around here are all good fellas, andI hope there's enough space for me around here. So, that's all, thank you, and good bye!
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