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  1. Megablackdragon31

    VE - Active Time Battle

    Sorry to bother you Victor,i setted the VE_ATB_TIME_COUNT to 200,battle events works now. But after showing a message window,the battle hud sometimes gets messed or frezzes without giving a message error (a few times only) and the events gets repeated after a few turns,even if they are made for a single turn. Thanks you very much,your works are amazing. Excuse me for my bad english.
  2. Megablackdragon31

    Skip Party Command Window 1.0.1

    Coolmic,a stack level too deep error occurs when you have duplicated scripts,or a script that does similar things and use the same metod. Excuse me for my bad English.
  3. Megablackdragon31

    Ruby/RGSS3 questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Excuse me for not offered a very good explanation,sir... As you Know,the Hp/Mp/Tp gauges,has two colors (for example red-yellow) But,the gauge_back has only one (black). With my tiny knowledge in Rgss. I added a border to the gauges,but i dont know what to do with the gauge_back. Here is the window base code that manages the part of the gauge_back. I want to use two color in the gauge_back. #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Draw Gauge # rate : Rate (full at 1.0) # color1 : Left side gradation # color2 : Right side gradation #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def draw_gauge(x, y, width, rate, color1, color2) fill_w = (width * rate).to_i gauge_y = y + line_height - 8 contents.fill_rect(x, gauge_y, width, 3, gauge_back_color) contents.gradient_fill_rect(x, gauge_y, fill_w, 3, color1, color2) end
  4. Megablackdragon31

    Ruby/RGSS3 questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Sorry for the inconvenience, I would like someone to help me with my problem ... I want to give a second color to gauge_back,same as the HP/MP/TP gauges,but i dont know how to do it is... Excuse me for my bad English and Thanks in advance.
  5. The battle status is the default,with the opacity changed to 0. Great job William C,your script is very similar to CWinter FF風 ç”»é¢ä¸Šéƒ¨ã«ã‚¹ã‚­ãƒ«å表示,but more compatible with other scripts.
  6. Megablackdragon31

    Visual Novel Choices

    Wow! Thanks you very much,this script is awesome,just a little advice... The latest version is incompatible with Moghunter animated cursor,but that is a very little problem. Please continue with your hard work. Excuse me for my bad English and greetings from Argentina.
  7. Megablackdragon31

    CSCA Light Effects

    Thanks for the fast reply,i'm going to see if i can fix it myself. Good luck in your future projects.
  8. Megablackdragon31

    CSCA Light Effects

    Thanks you very much,Casper. This is a great script,just a little advice. It is not compatible with resolution change scripts,the script works,but the light effects are a little off. Excuse me for my bad English and greetings from Argentina.
  9. Megablackdragon31

    Final Fantasy 7 Materia

    1)I see ... and how? Materia I would like to make a "Double Cut" to replace the "Attack" in battle, or a materia to give the command "Steal", which is used directly in battle as in FF7! 2)So there 'way to have a similar effect? Well... I guess you can try to use Victor Command Replace script.
  10. Megablackdragon31

    Sleek Item Popup

    Mmmm... That sounds like the famous "F12" curse,it breaks many scripts,for example "Khas awesome light effects" Excuse me for my bad English.
  11. This script does what you want,but it is in Japanese... http://www.tekepon.net/fsm/modules/imgbb/dl_attachment.php?attachid=1339251912&post_id=16686
  12. Megablackdragon31

    Translation for TBS

    That battle system is in beta stage... You could have problems in the future,wait a few months until bug are fixed. Excuse me for my bad enlgish.
  13. Megablackdragon31

    Real-time Cooldowns

    Wow! Thanks you very much Mr Bubble,it brings back memories from Breath of Fire 3. Good old times...
  14. Megablackdragon31

    menu Script request

    Wrong place... This seccion is for the complete script,you must post here your request: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/forum/24-script-requests/ But,i think you can use Moghunter "Animated Title Script" and for the gradient numbers and letters just use photoshop/the gimp. Excuse me for my bad English.
  15. Megablackdragon31

    Battle hud v 1.1

    I changed the name,but i dont know very much about scripting,so i will do some changes in the future...
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