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  1. GreatRyukage

    Game Mechanics!

    Well, no one is going to be turning to stone in my game, that much is already for certain. I would of course make items that restores varring amounts of stamina, such as food type items, as well as those that restore health, and those that restore both. I would also add some sort of "rest" option for in battle that would restore a small portion of stamina, though at the cost of, say, slightly reduced defense for that turn (whereas "defense" would slightly increase your defense for said turn, but drain you stams!). Everything must have its equalizer, else there would be no balance, and that is one of the foremost things I seek. Balance. It shall take studious work, but it won't be without its merits.
  2. GreatRyukage

    Game Mechanics!

    I keep seeing the term "done right". I think that's the key. I'll put the effort needed into, and it will come out "done right". I believe everyone here is making it sound more complicated then I intend on making it, but we'll have to see how the project comes out before anyone can say for sure.
  3. GreatRyukage

    Need Critics

    Dem hips ._. (No, I like hips. So that's a compliment!) How long does such a piece usually take for you to complete? I can't wait to see the finished work.
  4. GreatRyukage

    Better Succubus Advice

    Lasor eyes. Pewpewpew.
  5. GreatRyukage

    More feedback for my RPG music.

    The only downside for me is that I'm the sort of person that actually sits around and enjoys the music in towns and such, when it is as enjoyable as this. So, I'll probably never beat whatever game you're working on.. I'll spend too much time in town, going "lala laaa".
  6. GreatRyukage

    Hello there!

    Salutaions!! Glad to know ~I'm~ not the new guy around here anymore.. And I feel your RPG making pains. I, personally, am always interested in hearing about the stories, characters and worlds invented by other people!! I'm sort of an imagination leech.. once I see other people putting effort into their works, it makes me want to put some into my own. As for Persona, I played it, was ok with it, but Shin Megami games of all types have never quite favored me, nor I them. Final Fantasy 7. I'm a sucker of FF7. I still analyze a hundred different ways she didn't have to die... Such a loss.
  7. GreatRyukage

    Game Mechanics!

    No, I believe I shall still put said system to work. There are plenty of simpler games out there for people who don't wish to concern themselves with tracking multiple staus bars, and there are plently of people who would at least give such a system a try, and I'm sure some would even like it, were it implemented properly. Besides, it's a simple, turn based battle system. Quite hard to ger overwhelmed when you can stop every turn and go "Ok, guys, how ya'll doing this round?" I'm stubborn. I abandon nothing, until it abandons me.
  8. What inspires you? Where do you get your ideas for stories, your characters? By what muse do you bring your worlds to life?

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    2. RetroExcellent


      I get inspiration randomly, then I write it down in a notebook and add to it, once something has grown enough to work on it, I start to focus on it.


      I have like six potential games in the making, and about five books.

    3. GreatRyukage


      I hear that all too quickly.. That's what's killing my productivity at the moment! I don't know WHAT to work on.. which stories would look better as a game, and which ones would look better written?

    4. Cecillia


      Music and school

  9. 1000 Rages to be had! I spend 2 days creating a sleugh of characters on Looseleaf only to decide I don't like the way they look and feel during actual gameplay... If only I could magic all the sprites I've made into half-sized little RTP characters. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.

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    2. GreatRyukage


      They fit the doors. They just feel a little.. off. Also, I can't use any animals, say, livestock or anything. And yes, Arin, once upon an age ago I had found a complete set of Mack sprites of ALL the ingame sprites, all the actors, villians, people, everything. Can't remember where I found them or who made them tho.. :(

    3. Tharis


      There are larger versions of all the livestock, Monsters and other things enough to make them "feel right" or are you talking about the way they move?

    4. GreatRyukage


      I'm ok with the way they move.. Some of the looseleaf stuff just looks... off. Like, sometimes hair or cloths colors seems a little too standoutish, I dunno. I'm just not getting a feel for it. I had, at one time, had some tilesets that had most of the exterior/interior objects sort of bumped up a bit, which gave the standard RTP that "head in front when in front of, head poking out when behind" look, thus aleviating the need for mack sized sprites altogether. Sigh. I miss my...

  10. GreatRyukage

    Better Succubus Advice

    If Unspoken thinks a 6 year old can do better, lets see what he has to offer, eh? Also, I'm fairly certain that rules of critisism on this board say only creative critism. No "der your work sucks everyone stop saying its good cause it sucks you really suck". So. That being said, it could use some work, yes. But props for the effort, just keep at it. Skills only get better with use, not worse. Although no sucubi will ever be as attractive as the ones from the disgaea series.... xD Ninjad. Also what that guy said. I'm new here too, but I at least wait a whole 24 hours before I start bashing people.
  11. GreatRyukage

    Game Mechanics!

    Yea, I'm not ready to start messing with scripts yet (I used yanfly way back when I was on regular old VX.. and i still wanted to pull my hair out. Heh.) Maybe running out of stamina and filling the "fatigue" guage could cause the same "Oh, I'm tired, I need to rest" status affect. And yea, making even the basic attack action require some sort of fuel will cut back on the "mobs are too easy, i can ohko everything der her" comments. Kinda like when playing Pokemon.. You might be able to knock a level 2 Rattata out in one hit, but you can only do it so many times before you can't attack anymore.. and then when you run into an ememy you NEED to be ablew to attack, suddenly you can't. Of course there will be methods for restoring yourself, food, potions, the likes. But you'll still have to watch you characters a little more closely.
  12. GreatRyukage

    Game Mechanics!

    Sooo I'm working on my game, of course, or why else would I be here? But anyways, I have an idea the I want to implement, and I'd like a little feedback! Right-o. I going to use a "stamina" system in my game, using the ol' "mp" bar for my "stamina". {I'll change it to something like Stm or Stam, I don't think "Stamina" will actually fit..} It will function in almost the same way as any other sort of pool for using special attacks, except that I plan on making even a basic attack drain from it. I.E. simply using the "Attack" command will drain 1 Stam per use. Stronger attacks, of course, will drain more depending on their stregnths and effect. Also, I might even set it up so that when a character's Stam reaches zero, they become incapacitaed in the same manner as if their health were depleted, meaning players would have to keep a closer watch on both Hp and Stam, sort of the in the Star Ocean games. Maybe make some attacks and status affects that specifically affect Stam? Also also, if I can figure out how, I would like to set up a "fatigue" system. Set the Tp to carry over between battles, building up with every hit given and recieved, but instead of it being a possitive thing that characters can use to unleash super powered, over the top moves (Omni Slash Omni Slash Omni Slash), have it so that what Tp = 100%, that particural character is put into a sort of dazed state for several turns. Unable to act, lowered defense and such, where at the end of said turns, the character's Tp would reset to 0% and they would return to their normal state. Just something I've kind of always wanted to see done in a game.. I think it will give it a slightly more "Yea, this is what an adventure would really be like" feel to it. I can't see how every hero in the world can swing around weapons the size of an average person without ever getter so much as a sore shoulder.. So, yea. There ya go. My idea. Has anyone ever used a system like that before, or seen something of the like? Any input would be greatly appreciated. I await your critique!
  13. Hey, guys.. Um, guys.. How do I use spoiler tags?

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    2. GreatRyukage


      Thank you, all. I appreciate everyone's assistance and patience. It will all pay off one day when I am the most renown video game makers in the world. :)

    3. Radiant Arin

      Radiant Arin

      And instantly, I've lost respect for you.

    4. GreatRyukage
  14. 18 days until my trial version expires? Guess I'd better get started on my game soon..

    1. SolarPhantom


      why not buy it? lol

    2. GreatRyukage


      Broooke. Until I get my tax return in, at which point that is my plan. Unless anyone wants to contribute to the cause!!

  15. GreatRyukage

    Sprites loose transparency when edited

    I got Paint.net. Works like magic. Thank you ever so much