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  1. The trick is to mix an a4 tile with another a4, overlay it and then use the blending options and adjust the opacity. You can create really great effects this way, and almost any kind of A4 tile (RTP or Non-RTP) will work great. If you have Photoshop, give it a try. Just a few clicks with the blending options in the layers will do the trick =)
  2. Already edited the first post to warn that both packs must not be used in commercial projects, and credits should be given to the respective authors. Thanks
  3. That last note about the 'Don't credit me, use freely in your commercial projects' was refering to that summer tileset I posted some days ago. But yes, my bad, it looks like it's refering to the packs as well, which it is not.
  4. Hello again! Been a while. Here's a new add-on for your RTP based games. I needed some coffee tables with a beach umbrella, and then I just got carried away and tried to do some more stuff. Credits go to Enterbrain and Mack. I hope you like them =) (Don't need to credit me. Free to use in your commercial projects)
  5. Forgive me the necroposting but... I would take a bullet for you! One of the most essential scripts I've seen around! The player benefits from this, specially if the game has hundreds of crafting ingredients and special items and all you want is to find that health potion!
  6. I'm going to steal this script and post it somewhere else and name it "3D FPS System". Let's see how many promising games we can set on fire!
  7. fbu

    Horror resources by Blackxwolf

    Just dropping by to say... awesome work! seriously, these are some of the best edits I've ever seen. Keep up the amazing work =) Thank you so much for sharing these!
  8. RaZzi, I love it, amazing work, but I wonder if the gamer loses a bit of attention due to the excess of details! I love it, really, but perhaps you should consider reducing a bit of the assets used in the background of the battles, so the player can focus more on the battlers and less on the bg. Maybe a bit of blur, or weakening the saturation could work better! Anyway, it's just a suggestion. Wonderful graphics, and you can tell you know what works in the visual department. keep it up!
  9. what is making you frown in rpg maker?

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      It's not Monster Hunter. ;w;

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      That it takes me ages to save my cash to my art and coding.

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      Hey, I can't believe I found some one from Portugal.

  10. Welcome to the official page of the game: BETA Version 1.0 already available! BETA VERSION 1.0 FEATURES: * 2h~3h of gameplay; * 1 Full Side-Quest ready to complete; * Fight Club available; * Open World with many areas ready to explore! DOWNLOAD LINKS: - Dropbox (Click here...) RTP OF RPG MAKER VX ACE REQUIRED! To play this game you will need to have the Run-Time Package of RPG Maker VX Ace installed in your pc. Click here to download the RTP for free... In Unholy Sword, you will play a quest where your objective will be saving the world. However, you won't save the world from some heinous boss or an evil creature. You are that evil creature! You are Balbino, the half-orc half-human destined to take part in an adventure against the forces of goodness. And who would be threatening our evil and nasty world? The boring RTP heros. Of course! (Adam, Leticia, Clark, Lilian and Adrien) But don't despair! The game creator will help you with an evil group... each of this guys has a motivation (or not). It's up to you to join forces and work out the forces of evil. So, we have... Prince Lulu, the son of the Great White Dragon (GWD). But I wouldn't trust in his strength. There is a great problem with this guy... not even the Great White Dragon has yet managed to solve... his son is addicted to social networks. This will include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... sometimes he will take a snapshot during the adventure and post it on his social profiles. See, he doesn't care for his evil blood, as long as he reaches the 5000 Friends on his Facebook Page. Can you help him? Can you end his addiction? (It's a retoric question, don't answer it, no one believes in your skills...!) Then we have Merlin, a very dangerous and crazy sorcerer. He is a cool guy, though. This is not Harry Potter where you have a magic wand and your spell jumps out of it! Merlin uses a very special guitar to unlock his tremendous power! He helps the group because his evil brother was killed by the heros of the game. He obviously seeks revenge for his loss. And finally, we have Irina, a sexy succubus who will join the group in order to conquer Lulu's heart. She has a thing for power and wants to forge a promising destiny. Being in the family of the Great White Dragon would be a big deal for her! Can she win the prince's heart? (Who knows... not me... I never lose control.) And this is your main adventure... then we have... SIDE QUESTS! The Side-Quests are a fun way to explore the world map, visit many new locations and keep the player interested in the adventure! I don't want to create a huge game with lots of side-quests. I'm plan to include three side-quests, each of them lasting at least 1 hr of gameplay. Why only three? Well, I'm just one guy and I have a trauma with big projects. I can never finish them. So, let's keep it simple but fun, shall we? #1 ~ AHOY, BRING ME AN ALE! HIC... The first side-quest is already included in the beta version 1.0. A quest for a lost treasure in Yürn's Island. It features a new island with new locations: a forest, a pirate village, several dungeons a lost temple with hidden treasures and one oasis area where you can fight many thieves... To start this quest, talk to the barman in the tavern of the Bloody Hecatomb. He then will tell you to talk with the Cabin Boy! Don't forget to bring some dybriks, the coin of the game... you will need some to start your adventure! TITLE SCREEN: EXPLORABLE AREAS: DIALOGUES: IN BATTLE: FIGHT CLUB: SIDE QUESTS: WORLD MAP: 1. Battle. Battle a lot. (To win EXP & Dybriks) There is a golden rule I created for every RPG I play: battle. Battle a lot. Never run away from a battle you know you can win! It's never a waste of time. Specially in Unholy Sword you won't have an hard time with enemies! The battle only begins when an enemy's sprite catches you in the map. So, you can always run from him (actually, not always). If you kill the nemy, he will disappear temporarily from the map. If you return to it later, he will be there again. This way you can always battle foes to win more EXP and Dybriks! 2. Complete the Fight Club! (You will receive amazing items...!) It's a fun place to dwell for a while. You will meet funny characters, battle in a fun way (if you enjoy Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, you will love this!), and you will unlock rooms with awesome treasures like huge amounts of dybriks, vital potions, dusts to increase your ATK and DEF points, and you will find a variety of weapons and armours! And the good thing about battling in the Fight Club. Even if you lose, the game doesn't punishes you! 3. Buy Snake's Teeth! (Some enemies are a drag... don't get poisoned!) Snake's Teeth prevents your character from a poisoned death. Buy this item whenever you can! It's not expensive, and you will need to use it sometimes... 4. Explore your map! Touch everything... (You never know until you click...!) From hidden treasures to talkative plaques. Press Z everywhere. Maybe you will find a cave with treasures or a chest hidden in the trees! 5. Report bugs and language mistakes! (To improve the game's quality...) It's not really a trick or an hint. You know, I'm one guy only on this... so, there's a big chance you will find a bug or two... or three... or four... I don't know. And I'm portuguese, which means I may spell a word wrong or write a weird sentence. If you don't understand something, please contact me! In the game you will find my e-mail and I will always be ready to solve any bugs/errors that you may find in the game. I would really appreciate this. Thanks! (ABOUT THE GAME) 1. When will you finish this junk? I want to have it ready before halloween's eve! Who knows. It depends on my will and also from the feedback I receive from you. Yes, you! Comment the game! Don't just read the topic and leave. Don't do that... oh well, if you really have to! 2. When did you started this project? When schools was out for summer! Yeah. According to the date that the game folder was created, I would say around 8th of July. But I started a draft of the game in September 2012. At the time I was using Rm2k3. Good thing I lost the project... Local switches save a lot of time, I tell you that! 3. Why choosing an evil dude for protagonist? Because evil characters are always fun! Think about it... heros are dull, with an overrated sense of justice. They are dumb. The evil guy is always smarter. Also, how would I have a story otherwise? And I don't have to worry with the moral laws and lessons the player will get in the end... but, should I worry with that? Hehe. 4. Can Balbino's condition be considered a racist topic in the game? Absolutely! It conditions his life in several ways. He will never be considered totally evil because he has a human side. That's bad for him. He wants it so bad, you know, to prove the world his evilness, that he will end up doing crazy things. Racism is, sadly, still a big social problem today. If you are black and live in a country where most people are white, you might face some really bad situations. Mostly because people are mean. The same thing will happen to a white person if he travels to Jamaica. Some people may not trust you at first! That's a result of a racist mind. But let's not discuss this here. It's just a topic in the game to make you think about it! 5. Is this game free? Free as the air you breed! Unless the government has been selling that too...!(ABOUT ME) 1. Are you portuguese? I'm a portuguese from Portugal! Many makers that are portuguese are brazilian. That's not the case. However, I take part in almost every brazilian community... we have amazing game creators and very kind people ready to help you! Also, there are loads of good games and resources from brazilian makers. Not portuguese. There are not many portuguese people in the RPG Maker area. (Sad... sniff, sniff...) 2. Since when do you mess with RPG Maker? I found out about it when I was 12. I started my participation in RPG Maker communities around 14. Good times! I started my campaign in the deceased RPG Maker Brasil. I hold good memories from this place... where I met loads of brazilian friends... and never completed a game! Hehe. 3. Do you have more games besides Unholy Sword? Well, I do have two projects that were never finished: Alex and the Lost Temple [RM2k3] ("Alex e o Templo Perdido" in portuguese), a comedy game where you played with Alex. It was a tribute to this hero who was forgotten by the maker community once RPG Maker VX came out! Cacildes and The Cursed Curse [RMVX Ace] ("Cacildes e a Maldição do Mal" in portuguese), a comedy-sandbox-adventure game where you played with a fat dude named Cacildes along with a stroller philosopher named Sidónio, a kind king of Hell who is doomed to live in a human exile for being to good for people and a half-orc half-human being named Balbino! Haha, that's right. Balbino has his roots on this old project of mine. I never finished it because it became too big... but I still love this project. It's wonderfully big. The land is full of life. The history and the mythos of a place named Skalya are for me one of my best creations in my Game Developing journey. Google the projects to find out more! They are both in portuguese, so you better be fond of the lusitanic language! 4. Which are your favorite RPG Maker games? I love the games of a brazilian guy named JPA. He created this comedy trilogy where you play a fat guy named Rhygar. It's just insane. And I think the third game has 30 hours of gameplay. Then he created Drunkmaster 1 and 2. They became my RPG Maker inspirational works! From RPG Maker.net, I only played one game to the end: Epic Elf. I just loved it. It was produced by Spirit_Young and tells the story of Dagree in a land called Vitality Island. Now there is an Epic version, man. Need to take some time to replay it all! Click here to see the full "Special Thanks" list... If you are not on the credits but still you have helped me somehow, please contact me so I can edit this section! And forgive me for forgotten you! Known Issues: * No critical bugs were known to the date. * However, the beta tester has reported that some characters and items are still in portuguese and therefore, not yet translated! This will be fixed in future versions. And that's all! Download the game. Have a great time, and come back to tell me what you thought of it... even if you are in a bad mood and need to load your negative energies on someone! Thank you for wasting your time reading my game. I hope you have a fun time! Good games! Bye. Last update: 7/August/2013
  11. Ahoy, bring me an ale, hic! Hey Galv. Been searching for some scripts when I found out about this project of yours, and well, pirates, man. How I miss them in the world of RPG Maker. I can't recall many games that used piracy as the main theme of the adventure. Sure there was CrossBone, and in the brazilian community there is a lot of good games like the trilogy Orca, but I feel that a pirate's game is an excellent choice, especially when there are already a lot of games that feature high fantasy and medieval style adventures. One thing I always like to check in videogames: how much the developer has decided to go in order to develop his characters! So, we have this pirate guy that likes oranges but at limes. Not a friend of lemonade I imagine. I loved the characters. I think it's great to have a variety of people in a group. People with different opinions. After all, what fun it all would be if the whole group loved oranges? Who would care for limes? Hehe. The screenshots... wow! Must be hard work. I can see how far you go to create something new. And that can be a problem as well! Your maps are great. You don't use too many objects, and there is the smart use of backgrounds. Also, the systems are great. I really need to say this: I think it's great for a person who develops such a fun and amusing mini-game as the fishing system to share it with the community. You could have kept the scripts for yourself, but instead you decided to share with us! That's awesome, in my opinion. I would really love to play this game, Galv. I can only imagine how hard it must be to write codes and still have time to create backgrounds and work on an story, but I think you are doing great. I wish you the best luck in the world. Keep up the good work FBU EDIT: Oh, there is already a demo! I will gladly play, and as soon as I can I give my feedback
  12. Hello Galv! I'm a huge fan of your scripts. They are very easy to install and just add so much fun to a game! So, I have this mini Fight Club in my game where I'm trying to create stages, and each stage corresponds to an opponent the player has to beat in order to proceed thru the stages. Now, the battle is between the player and the AI. If the AI wins, the player has to try again in order to gain a key that opens the next stage. But I can't do that, or at least I don't know how. There is one variable that corresponds to who wins. If it's zero, nobody wins. If it's different than zero, the player or the AI win, but I need to separate this in order to create the condition WIN (and gain the key) or LOSE. Is there a way? I know I'm asking for too much, I just would like to know if there is a way to work this out. I appreciate your time, and thank you so much for the fantastic scripts! Love them. Keep up the good work
  13. new skyrim dlc : redguard

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      You know Microsoft. They wave money in every company's face.

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  14. Sexy Lara Croft. That's all I can think about right now

  15. I think I can call myself a writer too, so I agree with your point of view. RPG Maker makes it easier to imagine and to built the world that is stuck inside your imagination!! Also, it's a great way to learn about other areas like drawing, level design, mixing sounds, crafting events and systems... I hope you enjoy it, RPG Maker is a great toy for people with creativity =) Also, welcome to the community, I'm sure you'll find what you seek. Good games!
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