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  1. Need help with tree sprites

    The light source comes from the front. Thank you, I will definitely check that "link". Edit: That vas VERY helpul, thank you very much. What do you think? I darkened the outlines as well. Ingame:
  2. Hello everyone, I'm working on a tileset for my game. It is my first tileset and is still largely a work in progress. Right now, I'm working on the trees, I've got one for each season. However, I'm having a terrible time texturing the leaves! Any critisicm and tips would be very appreciated. In order: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Here is an in-game screenshot to give you a feel of the environment the trees are gonna be in: WIP Thank you!
  3. mapping My first parallax mapping ..~

    I love it, but your maps would benefit from having the lighting effects more subdued, in my opinion. Subtelty can go a long way. Keep up the good work.
  4. Harvest Moon: Once Upon A Clover

    It's not a script though, just an event system.
  5. Harvest Moon: Once Upon A Clover

    You can put it wherever is more convenient to you. I just want people to know it's not done yet. That's not even a demo, it's an early version of my game. I'd love to incorporate weather in my system in some way... By the way, I have a working barn animal system now where you have to feed them, talk to them, and brush them and they give produce depending on their affection. I'll upload the updated version when I have time.
  6. Harvest Moon: Once Upon A Clover

    Hello! I'm the one who made the other farming system. I don't mind you uploading it, it's an old-ish version of my game, but the farming system hasn't changed yet. Credit shoule be given to the right people for their scripts and resources if you want to upload it, though. Author's names are written in the script editor, and graphics credit should go to Enterbrain, Celianna, and Mack. I'm always looking for ways to optimize the system, so pooling our resources is a great idea.