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  1. Hey there xD That is a really, really cool Script i have to say. Great work! But i have some ideas for that. First, maybe it is possible, that only one Actor have these Deck? So that i can do a single Class which have these options? A special class? 2nd it would be really nice, if i can increase the amount of Card in a Deck with Items or Skills. Lets say, if i get the Skill "Deckmaster" i get an amount of +5 Cards. Or that i can change the base amount for each actor. Or that only speical actor, or special classes can select special cards Or to change the Start Handsize with items or skills and to change the amount of same cards for each special card And to increase how many cards you can play with skills or items A demo would be great too, for understanding like learning by doing xD If this is already done sorry
  2. Yeah, i have it like this more or less But i would be easier, for all who dont know how It was only an idea for the script
  3. Ahh okay... now i understand, and i think the Problem with the mimic should't be so hard. Create a Event with random Variable. If it is a.E 1-45, its a Chest and you get random loot, If it is 46-50 its a mimic and then he check with Common Event, which lvl the Main Caracter is So should it work right? I love random thing ) Thx
  4. Haha Yeah This would be really, really great I hope it will coming soon You need something? =D Edit: Some Ideas, maybe that there is Random BGM in the Dungeon, Random Wether Effects,Random Battle Music and Random Monsters Like: 1 Floor Smile Chance: 50% Bat 30% 2 Floor Smile Chance 45% Bat 45% And so on Only a idea xD And a boss Room ... This would be really nice i think... So you can set when a Boss floor appear, maybe all 5 floors or 10 floors. Then a random Boss. And you can desice, if you appear actually in the boss room, or you need to finish the last floor, and at the Exit the boss is waiting And (more ideas while writing xD) You can set up map's, which are rooms, (As Example a Merchant, or The Devil Room), which appears between the Floors and they dont count as Floor. The Merchant appears to 10% and the Devil Floor to 2% or something like this xD (and of course, dont forget traps ) So much for this I hope you know what i mean If there are questions, ask me ^^ Dont know, how hard it is, to do this with a script But maybe you like my ideas
  5. Sophien

    Pets and Summons

    If someone wonder what does not work, see here http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/27210-pets-and-summons/page-3 THere are some listed Problems Only if someone search an Answer
  6. Sophien

    Falcao Pets Servants 1.3

    Hey there Is there any Chance to insert a Face Graphic?
  7. Sophien

    Fantasy Bestiary

    Hey there It looks like really nice But maybe you can make it compatible with Yanfly Engine Ace - Enemy Levels? So that it shows, how much they get if they level up? As Example: Slime: HP: 100(+15) And so on, so the Slime gets every Lvl +15 HP Only if that isn't much work I want to ask, maybe you like the idea xD
  8. Hey there I like it, but i can't exchange it with my other Script. Maybe (Really only if you want, and you can xD) you can make more like Item Drop Ranks? From Modern Algebra? The Problem is, that i want, that you can get the Diamond Sword as Example, if you are Lvl 50. But i Schould be harder to get, as the Gold Sword, or anything like that. In the Item Drop Ranks, you can set Ranks (who thought it xD) It looks like this as example. Drop Rank 8 = 10% and Drop Rank 9 = 2,5%. So if Diamond Sword has Drop Rank 9 and you need to be Lvl 50, and the Gold Sword has Drop Rank and you need Lvl 50, the Chance is higher to get the Gold Sword. Or can i do something like that, with that Script? O.o xD And what i like too, is that i want to have Mimics. Not only one. If you are min. Lvl 1, you fight against a normal Mimic. If you are Lvl 15 you fight against a silver one You know what i mean? I hope you like it, or can give me some answers
  9. Your Demo is amazing. Seems to work really really well. Are we free to use it of course crediting you and the original author? Anything we should be aware of? Works really really well. Also this the first time looking into these kind of procedurally generated dungeons. How does one finish it? How does one exit? Yours seems to have a really cool forever lasting level system. When it says enter a level does that mean how many to make or where you start? Thanks for anything you care to share. Amazing work though Well, really the only thing my demo does in increse a floor varible, and the stair event check the floor number varible and decide what to do from there. The only tricky thing is I have to jump to another map and back to get it to update properly. So it only really makes one floor at a time. The bad thing about my demo is, I don't think it's very easy to paste the scripts in new projects, expecialy since I use a whole lot of common events and stuff too! I even have some terrian tags set up on he tile sets... There are lots and lots of features in their own scripts, and I devided the old Dungeon Generation into 3 or 4 scripts on it's own. It would probobly be much less work to modify and add and delete scripts from my demo then try and navigate my maze of script interdependency. I really should make it more plug in based or something. This would be very nice I try and try and try... But all i got is, Error, Error etc. xD Maybe you make anytime a "Copy and Paste" Demo :DDD
  10. Really nice, use the first version all the time WOuld be great it make them better So i am interested too EDIT: I Dont know, what i have to change, if i want, that my dungeon looks like yours. With the Traps etc. I have the old 3 Scripts, Dungeon Generation, Minimap and Event moves when player moves. I i change all of them, i get an Error xD Really dont know what i have to do
  11. Sophien

    Simple Battle Rows

    Hey there Maybe you can make it compatible with Yanfly's Parts System + Addon?
  12. Sophien

    Scope Damage Modifier

    My Problem is, try to use the Skills, like Heal in the Menu... I get every time an Error ...
  13. Sophien

    Symphony Battle Script (Throwing an Item/Bomb)

    Maybe a demo?
  14. Sophien

    Battle Voices

    Hey there where i can get battle voices? I dont find anything ^^
  15. nice script really easy and funny i love random things in my game is all random xD and now the title bgm too :DDD