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  1. silversatyr

    rpg maker 2000 Chii's Challenge

    Help Chii get home! Genre: Puzzle/Retro Game Progression: Complete One day Chii is walking the path back to her home after a hard day's work and finds it blocked by a hole. Undaunted, Chii gathers her courage, makes a run and leaps over the hole! Well, that was the plan, anyway, but alas, Chii finds herself falling into the hole instead. Now she is trapped in a cavern full of puzzles and locked doors. Can Chii find a way out? Chii's Challenge was created for the Retromania event held in honour of RMN's 10th Birthday. It's my first fully custom (graphically) game and is both quite short and quite simple. I might come back and add more to it at a later date but for now, it's complete. Please keep in mind that despite the name, it's only very lightly inspired by Chip's Challenge - basically what I recall of the game. Total gameplay is about 5-10 minutes (maybe a little longer). Character: Chii - A fiery young woman searching for her way home after falling down a hole. Credits: Graphics: Liberty (me), Kadokawa Music: Ozzed Screenshots: Download
  2. Liberty here, from RMN. The reason it got spotlighted on the front page is because I chose it to. Every week I pick a completed game that looks promising, fun, cute, funny, interesting, cool or the like and show it off as a spotlight. This way new games that are promising get some time to shine and people can see what might be worth giving a go. I thought it looked cool so I gave it a spotlight. Anyone jealous of that fact should get their asses in gear and make their own cool games to show off instead of bitching about it. It's a neat little game and deserved the spotlight. That's all.
  3. silversatyr

    Resource Backlog #1 - Charactersets

    Terms of use are: If you legally own RMVX Ace you may use most of these commercially as long as you credit me and Degica/Enterbrain. Also, some of these cannot be used - The secret spots, Celianna's edits, and DS world map rips (unless you have bought the DS pack and have the right to use it). Also, the cats can be used, but you have to credit Mack for them (looseleaf/REFMAP) You must only use them in an RM engine that you legally own. No distribution.
  4. silversatyr

    FP Inventory System

    ^.^ This will make it much easier to make sure I don't go over the limit~ Thanks so much! (Hopefully others can use this too~)
  5. silversatyr

    FP Inventory System

    I was wondering if there was a way to check the current amount of items one has, via variable or script line, as a workaround to the 'not picking up an item when full' issue. So I'd have a conditional branch in the chest event that checks to see if I have that amount of items and if so, leaves the box unopened until I get some space. How would I reference the item limit I've set and check it to see if it's maxed? (I'm not very good with scripts, though I am trying to get better.)
  6. silversatyr

    Battlers Emerge!

    UPDATE 6th April, 2012 Nothing too special. Messed around with some battlers today for the first time. These are what I came up with. They're not great but I'm kinda proud of them... a little. Negative Fairy. Just a negative of a fairy. Lady swordswoman. Gave her a sword and changed a few colours. Female grappler with minor hair edit. Ice Ghost. Recolour and slight edit. Floaty dude. Hair and clothes edit. Bat swarm. Rainbow Plant. As always, enjoy~ Source: Liberty's RTP Edits
  7. silversatyr

    Resource Backlog #2 - Tiles

    Resource Backlog #2 - Tiles Welcome to the second of the Backlog series of blogs. This time I'll be compiling all my older tiles and chipsets. I've done a lot of work over the past year or so on customising tiles to fit my games and what I have, I'm happy to share. As always, credits are appreciated if these are used in your own games. Side view water tiles for cutoff. Closer to the RTP color scheme: One tile high shelves, roof to match the hut, window edits, boxes More tiles: Sideways stepping stones/path, recoloured barrel, well, chimney and windows. A1 and 2 tile edits/recolours Outer hut edit/recolour Stove edit, snowy stepping stones, string sign Created for a cartoonish game that never saw the light of day. Original 100% TileA4 Edits. For creepy places. Snow house (Square Igloo anyone?)
  8. silversatyr

    Resource Backlog #1 - Charactersets

    Resource Backlog #1 - Charactersets Welcome to the first of my Backlog Blogs. There will be one for each type of resource that I've 'made' and will host all the current backlogged resources in one place. This way it will be easier to find the resources of the past. Any new resources will be added in their own blog posts, as well as the blog topics. The first Backlog Blog will be of charactersets. I've not created many, but those I have will be hosted here. Without further ado: Transparent waterfall events. To use: Goes with custom water: For RTP water: Corner foam: Arrows for indications. They glow. Footsteps/invisible person Upside down stairs and shadow. Stairs with carpet edges and wall shadows. I find that on world maps one tends to use events to transport to towns so it makes no sense to me to take up room in the B tile with world map items that can be used as events instead. Hence this compilation of the TileB world map items into event form. It'll free up space that can be better used on trees and plants elsewhere. An ice-slope edit and tree edit. Secret spots - now with shiny stars. Remember to set them to step animations. ^.^ Celianna's tiles for use as charasets RPGMaker DS Worldmap Rips Enjoy~