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  1. Hello i am new developer and would like to state my claim. I came from mainly FFXIV forums and my characters and ideas are superb. I have a very big audience and I am into a lot of hobbies with videos that include BAStokIAMtheone. I like Paladins and Gladiators and I am doing some Beta testing for a game I cannot disclose. However I cannot dispute with NDA on this and will not disclaim my real name as I would not be able to test. I have seen the way the RPG maker VX ACe is taking to the 2-d crowd and I still love FFIII haha okay well I would like to try your beta and see what details you may have missed or something with dialogue that i can catch. Thank you, Bastok
  2. BastokIAMtheone77

    Vauge Introduction and Story!

    Memories in a puzzle sounds like "Chocobo Tales", or "Chocobo Dungeon" what a game. if this is the idea that is represented I have a few comments on the battle system. Sounds like a excellent idea. Have you started? Bastok
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