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  1. Kargan3033

    Gender Functions

    Thank you for this script Mr.Bubble but I'm unsure as to how to use it, can anyone give a simple explantion as how to use this script Thank you in advance.
  2. Kargan3033

    This Is Awesome: Akira

    I remember this flick, it's one of my all time faves.
  3. Kargan3033

    A coupe of quick questions.

    Much thanks this will go far in helping me out.
  4. Kargan3033

    A coupe of quick questions.

    Ahh ok then thank you for your input, basicly I just need to know how to set variables for the time being, have you made any games?, if so some basic tips in game making would be most welcomed.
  5. Kargan3033

    Yanomry's Comprehensive Event Learner Kit

    Thank you very much for this, it will go far in helping a newbie like me
  6. Kargan3033

    Defend-Learn System

    I have a picture to explain for that. Seriously.png EDIT: I distribute ALL of my scripts as demos so that people would experience my scripts first-hand. Up to you if you don't want to download it. Oh ok then, no problem but how do I transfer it from the demo to my game and thank you this seems like a kick ass script, I take it you played the Final Fantsy game with the Blue Wizard in it
  7. Kargan3033

    A coupe of quick questions.

    CVincent, HumanNinja thank yo for your help but I'm a complete newbie when it comes to events and variables this is the first time I have ever used RPGmaker with any real intent so is there any tutorials that you would recomend that I can download for off line use? Thank you for your help.
  8. Kargan3033

    Defend-Learn System

    Why is this an EXE? Looks intresting but since it's an EXE I'm not to sure about this file.
  9. Kargan3033

    A list of questions

    Thank you for your help Dymdez, I will look into that link.
  10. Kargan3033

    Changing Character names

    Thank you for the info.
  11. Kargan3033

    Changing Character names

    Ok thank you for the info, but how to I chain that to take place after the game intro?
  12. Kargan3033

    Euphoria - Alternate Currencies

    Much thanks, this will be quite helpful. Can you design a currencie exchange rate?
  13. Kargan3033

    I'm back.

    I know it's been awhile since I was last here. But I'm back now and hopefuly I'll be more active.
  14. Well my beta testing has been slow going due to real life issues but so far I have not encountered any bugs, the game is pretty damn good. Well done Anothergoblin.
  15. Ok Erin, Kaz thank you for the information.