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  1. Kargan3033

    Permanent Death Mod?

    Thanks for your input Kayzee. Given how long VXAce has been out one would figure some one some where made a perm death script. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner been feeling ill as well as being busy.
  2. Kargan3033

    Multiple Currencies

    Thank you for the info about this script's creator as well as your own scripts PhoenixSoul. Sorry I have not gotten back to you sooner, been feeling ill as of late as well as being busy.
  3. Kargan3033

    Multiple Currencies

    Nice script Calestian but I'd like to know if you can replace the currency icon with a name or letter instead a of picture. Also what about converting one currency to another as well as exchange rates between different currencies as well as shops who use one type of currencies being able to accept other currencies at a fit exchange rate say the shop in question uses only platinum but will accept gold at a rate of 2 gold pieces to one platinum piece. As well as money changers and banks that accept multi currencies at different interest rate for different currencies, say there is a 5% interest rate on the number platinum pieces in an account and an interest rate of 3% on the gold pieces in the account and so on.
  4. Kargan3033

    Currency System

    Thanks for the tip.
  5. Kargan3033

    Permanent Death Mod?

    I have never heard of this before so I have no damn idea of what you are talking about, but it does sound interesting, thanks for the tip off.
  6. Kargan3033

    Permanent Death Mod?

    I see, given how long VXAce has been out you would think some one would have come up with a perma death option. I'd like to hear your ideas but I'll let you know I'm a complete newbie to VxAce.
  7. Kargan3033

    Currency System

    Does anyone know where I can get this fine script since the link for it is toast? Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. Kargan3033

    Permanent Death Mod?

    I was wondering if there is a permanent death mod for the secondary active party members as well as the main character? Meaning if an active secondary party member died in battle the player can not simply reload a save slot before the death of the active secondary party member and the dead secondary party member will be alive. In the case of the main character if the main character dies then the game is over and you have to restart the game from the beginning and you can simply reload a saved game from before the mian character's death and continue on from there. Also would the perma death mod be optional like the hardcore mode in some games so it can be activated from the game's option menu?
  9. Mods please delete this post, made it in the wrong section.
  10. Kargan3033


    Hello everyone it is nice to meet you all. I am working on a game and hopefully I'll have a working alpha version done soon.
  11. Kargan3033

    Gender Functions

    Thank you for this script Mr.Bubble but I'm unsure as to how to use it, can anyone give a simple explantion as how to use this script Thank you in advance.
  12. Kargan3033

    This Is Awesome: Akira

    I remember this flick, it's one of my all time faves.
  13. Kargan3033

    A coupe of quick questions.

    Much thanks this will go far in helping me out.
  14. Kargan3033

    A coupe of quick questions.

    Ahh ok then thank you for your input, basicly I just need to know how to set variables for the time being, have you made any games?, if so some basic tips in game making would be most welcomed.
  15. Kargan3033

    Yanomry's Comprehensive Event Learner Kit

    Thank you very much for this, it will go far in helping a newbie like me