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  1. Sounds great, looking forward to this. Don't you mean bullets
  2. Pjcr


    Welcome to ace.net, Hibi. Just follow what Tricksterl said and you should have a game in no time. Write down your ideas, form a team if you need to, and work hard (this is hard ) Start with a small game first, though. Hopefully you'll get enough experience from your first small game and eventually be able to make a bigger, better one
  3. Pjcr

    Spritesheet Template?

    Inside the Characters folder inside the Graphics folder inside the game's folder ex: Project1/Graphics/Characters
  4. 1) There are many ways to "spawn" an event. The easiest one is to make an event with two pages. Don't add anything on the first page. On the second page, add a condition and a graphic that you want the event to be. Whenever the condition is met, the event will "spawn" (Such as turning on a switch, having a variable > x, having an item, etc) 2) Learn to sprite... or look for character sprites that are two tiles high. Here's a good place to start: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/forum/7-resource-showcase/ 3) You can't zoom the camera in. If you want it "zoomed", try resizing your graphics to 2x the original size. It is possible by using scripts, though, I haven't seen any that does that.
  5. Pjcr

    Spritesheet Template?

    You have one extra frame at the bottom (Dead/KO Animation). Also, when using this kind of sprite, make sure you add a $ on the file name. (Ex: $Gaara) Here's a fixed version. I have to remove the Dead/KO Animation, though.
  6. Pjcr

    Spritesheet Template?

    Can you show us the spritesheet that you are using?
  7. Pjcr


    Welcome to ace.net, Reisen. And stop burning your own stuff, please.
  8. Pjcr

    Hello World!

    You already have 50 posts and you just decided to introduce now? Welcome to the forums, I guess. Also, I'm a CS student (also from Philippines ), so I guess we're going through almost the same things (in terms of studies) XD
  9. Pjcr

    About save files.

    As long as you don't change the existing variables in the future versions of your game, loading a save file from a previous version is possible.
  10. First, use "Control Variables" to store the player's Map X and Map Y into variables. Then use Get Location Info. Set the "Variable for Info" to the variable that you want to store the Region ID in. Then, change the "Info Type" to Region ID. For the Location, use "Designation with variables" and set Map X and Map Y to the variables that you used to store the player's Map X and Map Y.
  11. Pjcr

    Introductions are in order

    Welcome! Glad that you decided to join after lurking Good luck with your first game!
  12. Pjcr

    ReStaff Releases: Merry Christmas!

    I can't do battlers and facesets, but I'm pretty sure someone is willing to make a battler and a face for that demon. Added a sneak peak for the December release, which is really, really soon.
  13. Oh, I forgot about that it needs a max values. So yeah, two variables are needed. But you can make that, right? Thanks! There are times when I don't need the HUD to show, so being able to enable/disable the HUD would be useful.
  14. It would be nice if we can bind variables to the Rects, not just HP,MP or EXP. Also, is there a way to turn the HUD script on and off?
  15. Hey Galv! Great game. I love the graphics and the battle system. I just got the Jade Razor artifact, and now I'm controlling Aryll. I don't know if this has already been reported (can't read all 11 pages of this thread) but if you use the shovel (by pressing D) when you're controlling Aryll, her sprite would change into Vex' sprite and stay that way. And again, great game!
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