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  1. Brief hijack. Were you using a lighting script in this demo? The clips of you running around the forest and kickin' baddies looked really nice. If it was a script, which one was it, and is it pretty light to run? (Pun absolutely intended.)
  2. ALSO. :D Is it as simple as replacing "return a.any?" with "return a.all?" to make it require all IDs being called? (Nothing's ever simple, is it?)
  3. Thanks, Kayzee! Could I pass a range into this? Check for ID's 20..30 for example?
  4. This is true, though the last argument in $game_party.has_item?, which in my snippet is FALSE, states whether or not to include equipment in this check. ^_^
  5. So I added this to game_interpreter so I can more easily check inventory: class Game_Interpreter def hasitem?(id, *args) return $game_party.has_item?($data_items[id], false) end end # Game_Interpreter But it's not exactly useful yet, because I need to be able to check for multiple items, ie: hasitem?(12,53,77,42). How do I get the method to take several arguments like this, without them ALL having to be in the inventory? EDIT: It could be useful to keep the functionality this currently has, where all items must be present to return TRUE, but what I was going for was creating a condition to see if the player had at least one of the items in the list.
  6. AeghtyAteKees

    Categorize Item Scene

    I'd like it to function this way, actually. Thanks for helping! I wish I could give more feedback but I'm a rough coder. Good luck :D
  7. AeghtyAteKees

    Categorize Item Scene

    Hey guys, I'm using this script to add more categories to the item scene. It works really well and is miraculously compatible with my item scene script. HOWEVER. I would like to request a small, simple tweak that I just don't know how to go about implementing myself. I would like a category tab to only appear IF there is an item in that category. Could anyone help me accomplish this? THANKS. :D
  8. AeghtyAteKees

    Add barriers to fly script!

    True for the first two! I can't get player block to block flying, though. Tried it in an blank test game, too. *shrug*
  9. AeghtyAteKees

    Add barriers to fly script!

    The flying barrier works for sure, thanks! However, I'm uncertain how to make a region that blocks all movement: flying and walking.
  10. AeghtyAteKees

    Add barriers to fly script!

    It'd be nice to have a region that will block flying but not player movement, and also one to block both, since I can't have two regions at one coordinate. Just in case I'd ever need that.
  11. AeghtyAteKees

    Add barriers to fly script!

    Quick question. I'm already using Neon Black's Terrain Tags Script. It provides functionality for a region ID to make a tile impassable. Would it be possible to add a region ID to accomplish the same thing if the player is flying? It would be great to add on to this script rather than adding another similar one (Yanfly's). Just to reduce bulk. I think line 277 is of interest? :D
  12. AeghtyAteKees

    Add barriers to fly script!

    Ahh, thanks so much again! Unfortunately, still a no-go. And yeah, I painted some region 8 squares over a test map to try it out. Nothing.
  13. AeghtyAteKees

    Add barriers to fly script!

    Thanks for the help! Sadly, this snippet doesn't have any effect on the script I'm using to fly. I tested it in a black project, too, so something maybe conflicting between the two scripts?
  14. AeghtyAteKees

    Add barriers to fly script!

    Hi, guys. I'm using Galv's Superman Ability to allow my player to fly, though it has no movement restrictions whatsoever. The player is set to THROUGH and can move freely from corner to corner of the map. Would it be possible to tweak "passable?" to check for a region ID I could use to draw some boundaries that block passability even when flying? Thanks in advance!
  15. AeghtyAteKees

    Adjust Loading Time

    Got it! So I believe I was actually referring to fill_rate, which is defined at like 317. There, I changed 0.5 to a higher number (0.95 actually), and it works a lot better. Thanks again!