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  1. AeghtyAteKees

    Simple Message Feature

    Wow, that was it! Thank you!
  2. AeghtyAteKees

    Simple Message Feature

    Hello! I'm using MA's Advanced Text System (extensively!) in my project. It's just missing one feature. Displaying pictures in the message window. I need to add this option. Yanfly even has a very similar script that HAS this feature, and it looks to me like it should be as simple as copying the code and adding it to MA's. Maybe I wasn't adding it in the right spot? At line 556 in MA's script is the section for processing escape characters. Yanfly has a very similar section in his script at line 436. I'm unsure why it doesn't work to copy when 'PIC' text.sub!(/\[(.*?)\]/, "") bmp = Cache.picture($1.to_s) rect = Rect.new(0, 0, bmp.width, bmp.height) contents.blt(pos[:x], pos[:y], bmp, rect) and add it to MA's script. There's clearly something I don't understand. I'm not a coder. Thank you guys for the help, as always.
  3. I can use $game_map.display_name to access the display name for the map I'm on, but how do I access the display name of any map?
  4. AeghtyAteKees

    Scripted effects list?

    Got it worked out! Thank you!
  5. AeghtyAteKees

    Scripted effects list?

    So if I start it like this: statlist = $game_party.members[0].access_states what do I do to statlist to make it display? (I know next to nothing about scripting). It looks like .each_with_index is something to use?
  6. AeghtyAteKees

    Scripted effects list?

    Thanks for the reply! I'm not sure what to do with this data, though. I found that it's easy to get the icons at least (from the status screen) with $game_party.members[0].state_icons and .buff_icons, but that doesn't get me the names. Does your way include names? Then once I get the info, how do I display it properly?
  7. AeghtyAteKees

    Shaz's Region Common Events

    Works like a charm!
  8. AeghtyAteKees

    Shaz's Region Common Events

    Hi, Shiggy! Thanks for being my go-to for help with this feature of my project. Anyways, you corrected many No Method errors in the last fix you did, though I just now found another one: if you try to use trigger_face without any direction. And I've since used every feature of this snippet but that one, so I can more or less guarantee that's the only thing about it that doesn't work. If you could patch that for me, I would be forever grateful. Thanks for all your continued support.
  9. Pssst.... I don't wanna be that guy, but you totally spelled your name wrong :D

  10. AeghtyAteKees

    Lock Screen Scrolling By Axis?

    Going once; going twice...?
  11. AeghtyAteKees

    Grass and Dirt Stairs

    No! The tiles you made are great! I love them and I've already used them a bit since yesterday. I guess what I meant was sideways stairs that look more like the RTP sample I posted originally, sort of like this: Although I see what you mean by the border on yours. I liked the ones above because they looked more like the RTP earthy stairs (they just aren't formatted properly in 32x32), but I can see how it might be hard/impossible to make the dirt ones like this. And after looking back at these, I do think I like your's better. They're a lot more defined. Thank you for your help!
  12. Hi everyone, If I check my fps using F2, my results vary drastically, usually fluctuating around 20-40, but occasionally dropping to 10 and rarely ever at 60. Is F2 a reliable source for my frames per second rate? I have a pretty big game in development, but I never go overboard on my map sizes/number of events. I never have maps with either dimension over 100 (rarely over 50), and I rarely have more than 30-50 events on a map (though I do use most of the events for mapping aspects). However, my fps seems to heavily depend on what map I'm currently on. Is the size of the map in comparison to the amount of events the primary contributor to fps drop? I don't run any parallel processes on the maps, just a few parallel process common events when called (though I do have one parallel process common event that is always running, though that doesn't seem to affect fps if I disable it). It's worth noting that I do use a lot of pictures in mapping. Not parallax-mapping technically, but fixing pictures to the map and layering them above/below the map at times, so my game does deal with processing several transparent elements at a time. Do pictures/graphics with transparent elements drastically affect fps rate? Personally, I don't seem to notice any significant loss of gameplay or appearance of my game at 30 fps, so I guess that's not an issue? But of course dropping to 10 is pretty laggy, so I'm hoping to make some improvements. It's also worth noting that my laptop is a Grade A Piece of $hit. Most games/applications do not run smoothly on this machine, so how much lag should be attributed to my game development/RGSS3's capabilities, and how much is the fault of my hardware? So, do your games always run at a smooth 60 fps, and if not, what do you do to reduce the amount of drop, and are you also okay with a 30 fps rate for an RM game? Thank, everyone! Update: I decreased the size of one of my particularly laggy maps (10-20 fps) and noticed an immediate improvement. Curiously though, my fps is not very improved (hardly over 20). It runs a lot better from what I can tell. Strange...?
  13. AeghtyAteKees

    Grass and Dirt Stairs

    These look great and they tile really well! I will definitely be using them and crediting you in my project. If anybody knows of other nice earth stairs/slopes or some that more closely resemble the RTPs, please let us know!
  14. AeghtyAteKees

    Grass and Dirt Stairs

    Hello, Does anybody know of sideways stair variants of these RTP grass and dirt stairs? (Sideways style like this?) I have spent hours searching the interwebs for these tiles, and I know somebody has HAD to have made them at some point. Thanks!
  15. AeghtyAteKees

    Using the SE channel for BGS effects

    Well, for the most part, this script works. One big issue I've found is that the pitch (frequency) of the sound that's playing isn't updated if you change it while it's already playing. This feature worked well in the default audio system, and I implemented it heavily in my game, so this script is breaking quite a lot of stuff. It look like a clue might be found at line 1000 in the script, where it checks if the new sound to be played is the same as the sound already playing, in which case, the script says it has no effect. But I need it to update the volume and pitch like Play BGS will do in the default engine. Can anybody help? UPDATE: I've found a simple workaround, which involves stopping the sound that's playing before replaying it with the new pitch. Works fine, but it would still be nice for the system to include this function.