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    DarthVollis reacted to Necromedes for a blog entry, Chimera Monster Editor   
    I don't know how many times I had looked for a monster editor/generator when I first got into RPG maker and found nothing, so I have decided that I will fill that need myself.
    Chimera is a drag and drop monster editor that will allow the user to create enemies from predefined parts.
    The user will load a base template (body) and then be able to load any number of parts to add to it. These will range from arms, legs, tails, wings, necks, eyes, mouths, etc... and will then be able to be exported to a .png file for in game usage.
    Not only will it have predefined parts but will also have an import function that will allow the user to add their own parts for future use.
    I will be providing as many parts as I can with what little resources that I available but I will gladly accept (and encourage) parts donations from fellow artists to be featured in the final version.
    Chimera will be free to use in any project. No payment is required (though donations will be gladly accepted.)
    If you wish to donate parts for Chimera, please ensure that the parts supplied will be able to mesh well with any or almost any template that may be available.
    Please ensure that the template bodies and parts are between 96x96 and 192x192 pixels. Larger bodies and parts will be accepted for "Monstrous" enemies but I will not be including many of these in the editor itself.
    Whether you donate parts or not, I hope that you will enjoy the editor once it has been completed.
    To donate part templates, please private message me with a link to your image files.
    Those who donate parts to the editor will obviously be included in the credits of Chimera.
    I thank you in advance for any help that you may offer and I will be sure to give you regular status updates once work on the editor itself has begun.
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    DarthVollis got a reaction from Virus for a blog entry, Moogle Fantasy Production   
    Okay everyone I have been working on my project for a couple of months now and things are going well. Before I found ACE I was making this on RPG Maker for playstation and decided that as soon as I found a maker that I wanted and had the options that I needed I would transfer my project to it. I decided to try to keep all the maps nearly the same and focus more on the game play rather than the graphics. So before I get a lot of comments that say that my maps need work please remember that.
    The game so far:

    The story takes place right after the defeat of Kefka in Final Fantasy 6 and the friends all try to return to the lives they once had. Of these friends Mog, a Moogle, decides to return to his homeland. Meanwhile, his brother Monty is on a quest in the Sky Castle. That is where the game begins.
    The Characters so far:
    Monty - He is Mog's older brother and the starting character of the game. He is not class specific and using a sword as his weapon.
    Mog - The returning hero of the Battle with Kefka. At the beginning is is much like Monty and uses a sword. Later on other options will be available.
    Mo - The leader of a trio of brothers that call themselves the "Moogle Gamers". Most of the game that will be in the party as guest characters.
    Og - The brains of the "Moogle Gamers".
    Le - Of the "Moogle Gamers he seems to be always in the mood the run or give up. Will he ever be brave?
    Hugh - Depending on the choices in the early part of the game the party will meet Hugh who is traveling from his home in WinterPort to see some of the other parts of the world.
    Luma - She is a Moogle Summoner and the last of her kind. The Moogle Summoner is an unique class that very few Moogles can become and the ones that did were hunted to extinction. What role does she play in the story?
    Stiltzkin - The famous world traveler that has been encountered selling goods in many lands of Final Fantasy. What secrets does he know?
    Artemicion - The leader of Mognet and the cause of its problems. Artemicion has a desire to keep his fur as shiny as possible and this causes Mognet to occasionally have problems.
    More Characters to come...
    The Menu:

    The above image is of my menu using Syvkal's Ring Menu. The order is as follows:
    Game End
    Debug (Not in the Actual Game)
    The Status Window:

    The Battle System:

    The above image is the current look of my battle system. In the scene Monty is summoning a creature to attack. In the release Monty will not be able to summon. This is for testing. I need to find a decent HUD and add shadows to my characters. This is using Jet's Side-View Battle System with some modifying and now I have my characters showing their different states from dead to sick and more.
    A Few Maps:

    East Side of the first town - Kupoburg.

    Inside one of the house. You will notice the use of the lights and the quest symbol that appears when a new quest is added. That is only for Side Quest. There is also one for Main Quest and Bounty Hunts.
    As the progress continues I will update the blog and tell of any changes that were made.
    Until next time.
    The current scripts that I am using.
    Final Fantasy Styled Battle Log v. 1.01 by William Couillad
    Total Play Time v. 1.2 by Erics
    Total Steps Taken v. 1.1 by Erics
    Xail System - Core v. 2.0c by Nicke
    Xail System - Icon Skill v. 1.0 by Nicke
    Xail System - Status Delux v. 1.0a by Nicke
    Dash-Enabling Equipment by PK8
    Param Limit Breaker v1.0 by Dekita
    Yanfly Ace Engine - Ace Message System v. 1.05 by Yanfly
    Yanly Ace Engine - Ace Menu Engine c. 1.07 by Yanfly
    Resource Checker by Tsukihime
    Mime Effect by Tsukihime
    Simple Pause System v.1.00 by Rony
    Title Screen Skip by Regendo
    Gameover with Choices by Regendo
    Side-view Battle System by Jet
    State Icon Animation by Jet
    Ring Menu v. 1.2 by Syvkal
    Tidloc's Header v 1.5 by Tidloc
    HTML Rendering by Caesar Modified by Tidloc
    Questlog v. 4.3 by Caesar enhanced by Tidloc
    Critical Flash + Sound Effect by Vlue
    Sleek Item Popup v. 1.7 by Vlue
    Picture Bug Fix by Raizen884, JohnBolton, and Gab
    Map Saver v. 0.1 by Omega7 PNG Saver enhancement by Woratana
    CSCA Core Script v. 1.0.4 by Casper667
    CSCA Encyclopedia v. 3.2 by Casper667
    CSCA Game Info v. 1.0.1 by Casper667
    CSCA Achievements v. 1.2 by Casper667
    CSCA Skill Shop v. 1.0 by Casper667
    Victor Engine - Basic Module v. 1.20 by Victor Sant
    Victor Engine - Arrow Cursor v. 1.01 by Victor Sant
    Victor Engine - Target Arrow v. 1.01 by Victor Sant
    Victor Engine - Character Effects v. 1.02 by Victor Sant
    Victor Engine - Custom Collapse v. 1.04 by Victor Sant
    Victor Engine - Light Effects v. 1.09 by Victor Sant
    Victor Engine - Fog and Overlay v. 1.09 by Victor Sant
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