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  1. Shock256

    vx ace zelda traps

    If anyone has ever played the original Legend of zelda there are sliding traps that, when the player steps in front of them, move swiftly toward them. If they hit them they do damage and if the player moves they do not. In either case they move slowly back to their corners and prepare to strike again. I need to get these in my game for my concept to work but have no idea how to make them. I saw a brief post about them but there was no guide to how to do them. Any help is appreciated!
  2. Shock256

    Tomb of Horror Fire slide

    I'm still stuck, I think if i decrease the move speed it's part of the puzzle.
  3. Shock256

    Wizard class glitch

    Once again this forum comes to my rescue! You guys rock!
  4. Shock256

    Wizard class glitch

    THANK YOU TAKEO212!!! It WAS they're type. For some reason it had reset to NONE. I set it to magic and my wizard has got his fire back in his eyes, so to speak!
  5. Shock256

    Wizard class glitch

    Ok I tried both starting him at first level, and setting the skills to level 3 and it is still a no go. This is reaaaally weird! Here's a pic of the skill page if that helps?
  6. Shock256

    Wizard class glitch

    Here is screenshots of the class and actor
  7. I made one of my actors the default wizard class in my game but for some reason neither fire nor sleep are appearing in his spell list at first and second levels. It says he get's sleep when he levels up and the class has it set. He get's every spell from the class from three on but not the first two. Weird huh?
  8. So I'm recreating the old dnd Tomb of Horrors (as just one dungeon in an 8 dungeon game so I bit off a giant mouth full) and I want to make the hallway where you get to the end and it turns out the floor tilts and fire starts coming up the hall toward you. The way to beat it is you have to run back to the entry of the hall before it tilts to far into the fire. How do I make it so the fire chases you and it is an actual struggle to move up the hall(as if it was tilted)?
  9. Shock256

    Tower Rising From Sand

    Yeah doing each tile would be very lag heavy and it looks a bit weird cause it the tiles move at diffrent rates. The switching map idea might work, i'll try it in a sandbox and let you know though keep coming with the ideas, i'll most likely try them all.
  10. Shock256

    New level not playtested but runable

    What do you mean?
  11. Shock256


    Newest level Waterdeep, is added. Welcome to the first town and your first taste of not being in a dungeon. As always get it HERE and if you want an easier fight with azzidar the dragon download THIS and overwrite your Enemies.rvdt2 under draco nocturn/data/ We're up to 3 hours of gameplay!
  12. Shock256


    Thank ye much!
  13. Shock256


    Well it loads the file and then when I'm scrolling down through the text it get's cut off after a certain point. There is just blankness below that point. It's almost like it will only print a certain amount of characters and then blanks out after that many characters and just has blank space. If i put a bunch of space between each line in the txt file it will still scroll till it reaches that max number of characters. It will scroll way way down(taking into account the extra blank spaces) but still stop after the exact same number of words.
  14. Shock256


    I made a larger text file and it only scrolls down so far on it, is there any way fix this?
  15. Shock256

    text box nicknames

    Yes it does, it will work very fine.