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  1. So excited for Pocket Mirror's release tomorrow! Been following their dev blog for ages. Hopefully I'll be able to play if after I feel a bit better after having all my wisdom teeth removed today~

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    2. Mashuzu


      You mean the horror RPG game? I can't wait!

    3. Chadzter01


      That game is awesome!

    4. nellbellz


      Ikr, I can't wait either! They've worked so hard for so long--it's very admirable and motivating~

  2. nellbellz

    Title Screen Bonus Add-on

    You can check out these topics [X X] that may help with what you're looking for; one of them includes a demo. Or you could use Yanfly's New Game+ script as an alternative~
  3. nellbellz

    Character: Isabelle Black

    She looks adorable (´∀`)♡, the artist did a great job~
  4. The creator of Dreaming Mary actually posted a small tutorial a while back explaining how she did side-scrolling mapping in VX Ace. Here's the link, hope it helps!
  5. I don't want to get too off topic from this thread but to me, DR was like Battle Royale (awesome movie, btw) meets Phoenix Wright. I had read some reviews of the game that have said similar things as well [X]. Interestingly enough, both the creator and producer of DR (Kazutaka Kodaka and Yoshinori Terasawa) have said in interviews that Battle Royale--as well as other movies, games, and books--have had some influence on DR [X X X X X]. Though, they've stated that the game itself wasn't based on them, just that they do share some similarities. Overall, it's kind of cool seeing how some of these influences may have affected some elements of DR and the developers' creative process~
  6. nellbellz


    Sure, no problem! I also have this version of it w/o the words too, if you'd like. I'm really glad you like it; it's my first time making something like this. Hope progress with your game is going smoothly! Hopefully, I can get some stuff done with mine too~
  7. nellbellz


    Finished it, hope you like it! Good luck with the game jam Whiona~
  8. @Wisteria I really hope my comment didn't seem accusatory! Σ(ï½¥å£ï½¥) Though, I never thought or said that you were being/on the defensive. I'm sorry if I came across that way. From looking at your project, I never thought that it was influenced by or based off of DR since DR isn't entirely original itself. It was the art, storyline, and overall quality of your game that made me really interested and excited for it. Having enjoyed the DR series and the unintended similarities between that and your project made me think that, once your game is released, I would enjoy it too~ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ @Tarq I would like to clarify that the second part of my comment wasn't directed at Wisteria in regards to her project. I wasn't suggesting that influences are required to be included in her, or anyone else's, credits. It was a general statement/response to her comment about games being based off of other games which she clarified. There have been many instances where creators whose projects have been based off of/inspired by others and didn't cite or acknowledge them that have received backlash or gotten into legal issues. Citing influences, though not obligated, is a good way to mitigate or prevent that from happening.
  9. nellbellz


    I'm really loving the character art and mapping, and the synopsis has a lot of potential story-wise! Can't wait for further updates. Between this and Jubilee Royale, I'm not sure which I'm excited for more~ Also, I know it's early, but is fanart allowed? I'm really itching to draw Jett and Toa... ლ(Ì◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
  10. The artwork looks amazing and the story-line is very interesting! At first glance, I also got Danganronpa vibes from the art style, story, and UI--having recently played both DR 1&2 myself. I have to say though, it comes off as a bit condescending to suggest that a developer's work is better than others because the latter were inspired by someone else's work(s). A work drawing inspiration from another isn't necessarily a bad thing; it only becomes an issue when the author doesn't properly credit who/what their work is influenced by. At the end of the day, developers put a lot of time and effort in order to create something of their own to share with others. Good luck with the development of your project~
  11. nellbellz

    Art Style Choice?

    I really like your art style! Like others have said, the girl is really cute. You can use this script to have animated busts. As far as I know, it's mainly used for blinking and talking but depending on how you use it, you can probably implement some pretty cool expressions/effects~
  12. nellbellz


    Thank you Tsarmina! ^^ I wasn't sure if or how I would be able to create a scary/unsettling atmosphere in a small, plain apartment so I'm planning on doing my own take on the short story. I have a few ideas in mind that could add a lot of depth to the characters and story overall, though that involves making the game a bit longer than I originally intended it to be~
  13. nellbellz


    Completed another map! This is a map of Mrs. Miller's living room. Here's the psd file if you're interested~ Current Mapping Progress:
  14. nellbellz


    Finally finished an interior map! (•̀ᴗ•Ì)Ùˆ Ì‘Ì‘ I've also included the psd file here for anyone interested in seeing the mapping process or fooling around with it. Now that finals are over, I have way more time to work on this game~ á••(á›)á•—
  15. nellbellz

    Monster Girl Boarding School

    I could definitely do some art like that for your game . The backstory that you created is very interesting, particularly how monsters were created and the consequences that came from it. Looking forward to how you will integrate your planned features into the game! (•̀ᴗ•Ì)Ùˆ Ì‘Ì‘