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  1. I'll put sauteed, no rating from 1 to 5 of the most important to least , sauteed: 1.-The attitude: It's one thing I do not usually see much of this forum, but elsewhere other. People do super fast games, with the objetive to have one, with thousands of RTP graphics and cliches, then go to chat and discuss all their friends of his game, so again and again, and I've seen thus decline to many forums. 2.-The Graphics: If RTP is not used, will be used Mack tiles and characters, and in the rare cases: "Coming of Age Day to" or Celliana or Lunarea. Nothing of originality? And you will tell me some "... you talk like that because you are a graphic designer ... blablablabla" My response: "I am not a graphic designer, YOU are a ******* lazy!!", I have no special skill, please, I've very bad coloring xD if you compare me with the great designers I am only one poop at his side: but I strive to get my own resources, something that people have to understand that free is not good, if not, would be private, do not you think? , Have these resources are free because its creator wants it that way? the original creator wants something in return: fame. Who does not know the graphic designers who give away cute and complete free resources? 3.-The Story: Please, think a bit, Sephiroth was not bad for no apparent reason, there is no one who wishes evil with no reason, something like: "I will rule the world because I want." In FFVIII, Squall says a phrase that is sure to help you think "In this world there isn't good and bad guys, just allies and enemies," that is the reality, fix the story in this way, be a little creative, complex, make paradox or something xD. 4.-The main theme is always the same, a medieval world that has nothing to do with the medieval itself is more, people talk like in the 21st century, but what the hell is that? , Read you a little that was feudalism at least, or not, make a game in the Victorian era or perhaps old age or prehistory, why does not anyone that? the answer I said in point number 2, if no resources, no desire to think or complicated, heh ... foolish and lazy people. 5.-The music: Dude , I have to disable each game I play, it's horrible, they destroy my good music memories, why always you use Final Fantasy I - X OST or known RPGs? , Utilize music from RPGs that are not known or do not have much music so great, some SaGa, Dark Cloud 1-2 (Dark Chronicle), Eternal Sonata ... seek, work hard at it.
  2. Orish

    Hi everyone :DD

    Pasha monoo!... ouch , yeah , this is a english forum , well , friends are always welcome (it's the phrase that there's in my room mat) , here you will notice a big change compared to the forums that you and I know you will not see reviews you look down upon pure beginners, but also can't see the "warmth" of being constantly clothed friends and many more people to know, is more ... distant. That's at least my experience so far, though, of course, you did not pay me much attention, get your own, that is nice ^ ^, I can not say much more because I am a very recent new in this forum as you , of course, I have to say, and believe me, that there are people with good intentions and very friendly around here (just I have to say that the "Night" (the way of being of which we know, the typical person who is always posting ...) of this forum is much more nice than the one we know xD) Check my game plz and , welcome!
  3. Orish

    Warn Lowering thread

    And mine? I guess it's been a month since then, beginner mistakes . This warn for me is like to a "Saint Benedict" (an expression of my country, before the Jews in my town that turned to Catolicism put a "San Benedict" in the Church with their name so that everyone knew that he was wrong). And of course apologize for the error to the end that got, well, I guess I won't act so silly, practice makes perfect, right?
  4. Orish

    It's about time...right?

    Hum , hi! xD , I am new too ,I have to say that comparing Java with RGSS (1-3), the RGSS stays quite simpler than C+ + (And I only do small programs in C, well, not get sidetracked me xD).You are an expert in everything and perfectionist , cool, but try not to end up crazy .In terms of game design...Who has not made​ ​a card game ever? My brother made ​​a lot of money (in primary school , eh, who had him as 10 years) with a card game itself and sold the cards on the playground (very cheap, about 0.05€ each ((0.1$ approximately))). You , had a good time here, so see, and I hope you also see, everyone is very friendly and there is no annoying user...yet (ORISHTROLLMANLEGACYBEGINS! >= D ) <- is kidding.
  5. Do you believe in love at first sight ... or do I have to go back through front of you? 8)

  6. Orish

    My nick is Orish , hello (:

    Thank you all,I can feel your personality by the way you give me welcome, I see the locations of your profiles that although we are far apart from each other, this site unites us. @Balthier 99: If you want, you can.Although using paint (I do everything in paint or not though, 'cause I'm really bad in Photoshop and I don't know were are the options u.ú ),if you do something original, I don't guarantee you get approval by people, but the internal satisfaction is unsurpassed @magic2345: To see imageshack images you must have an account, your commentrealize that I have to use another server,since not everyone uses imageshack here (in the Hispanic forums the 100% of users have a imageshack account, it is curious to see how habits change from one place to another) @Knightmare:That comment reminded me of a guy named "orochii" which is very joker xD
  7. Hello,I think I haved welt too much on my "Half-presentation" on the topic of screens, well,even so, I start xD My nickname is Orish (as Shiro was choosed),I come from Spain, Toledo (A little , little , little , little city , the nearest cinema is 5 km. outside the city xD ) and comparing the "level" of the Hispanic and English scenes, I must say you are going far ahead, far more than we do.Well, despite my young age I am a good maker,and I've been 2 years in VX. And now that the the Ace is released...be seized,right? I love this place, is small and has everything, well, you will see me posting here, discussing and contributing (to see if a bag shortly demo). Ah! I forgot, I love the original graphics and always try to stop people bad habits of using the tiles of Mack& Blue,Celianna and RTP. Be original, guys! xD