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  1. Writing a guild on Sim Theme Park.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. magic2345


      I miss Theme Hospital...or was it Hospital Theme?

    3. kaz


      Theme Hospital

    4. kaz


      They used to get attacks of bloaty head!

  2. Just got to get 70 Bucks...

  3. My trial is going to run out tommarrow.

  4. Avi is glitching out. It thinkg si have that Mods avi. Odd.

  5. I, am, EARTHIFIED! Whatever that means.

  6. Celt Chikyū

    My Video Review Templates

    Give your windows a fire red color.
  7. Celt Chikyū

    Free to Use Music

    Wow, these are awesome! Nice work.
  8. Celt Chikyū

    Other Character Generators?

    There's also what I call a "Manual" Charecter Generator, as you have to mix and match peices.
  9. Celt Chikyū

    Boss Spawning

    Well, you could also use a Common event.
  10. When is SiIence going to come on?

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    2. Celt Chikyū
    3. Titanhex


      He already came. *pokerface*


      Wonder why Silence hasn't posted here.

    4. Celt Chikyū
  11. I get depressed so easily...

    1. Dark Influence

      Dark Influence

      Most of the time I can't stop laughing, too many stupid things going on these days.

    2. Celt Chikyū

      Celt Chikyū

      Like me, I'm stupid

  12. Celt Chikyū

    Blades of Fate - The Cursed Sword

    Naw, it's quite awesome. Still seems better then what I can imagine.
  13. Celt Chikyū

    My Video Review Templates

    Ah, much more readble but at least make your YT tittle fit with the rest. Or make the rest fit with that.
  14. I hope I can spread CATS!!!

    1. Darkanine


      Thats what she said

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