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  1. ShadowServant

    Shattered Hourglass

    Man! I love these kinds of features!! would try this
  2. A great trailer make me even more curious (in a good way)
  3. ShadowServant

    Toasty's Dazzling Effects(Added Stuff: 9/12/13)

    Nice job I will put a good use of it
  4. ShadowServant

    Free to Use Music

    Dark toned? Can you give me an idea of what it is you are looking for? I'd like to try my hand at the particular type of atmosphere you have in mind. My themes are revenge, intrigue, mystery, ...maybe dark ambient or gothic atmosphere will do Here are sample kind of the music I'd like to have in my project
  5. ShadowServant

    Sonorode's music for free usage (CC)

    I've listened to some song in your soundcloud. You said you are inexperience but I think you are quite great I really like Nightfall Forest and Devotion
  6. ShadowServant

    Free to Use Music

    Although they won't fit my dark-toned project all of your music are nice
  7. ShadowServant

    Suikoden Ace (Idea)

    I agree with HumanNinja. There are some suikoden-like games made by RPGmaker like "Legion Saga" or "Exit Fate". You might be able to create suikoden-like (having castle system and 50+ characters) using your own name to avoid legal problems
  8. ShadowServant

    TheShadow is Here

    Seem like there are so many Shadow in this forum than I expected
  9. ShadowServant

    Hello everyone, I'm new here

    Thank you everyone for recommendation.
  10. ShadowServant

    XS - Journal

    This script might be something I need Would try it
  11. ShadowServant

    Need some input on my strange RPG idea.

    Interesting Idea I'd like to say I'm also working with some but not all of these idea especially disposition point and consequence of event depend on how you role-play. These two can be done by eventing using a lot of Switches and Variables (at least that's what I'm trying to achieve) . But other features might be done by script system
  12. ShadowServant

    Another Point of View

    On SNES age there are two game allowed you to play as villians One is Dark Half (1996) and another...is... ....this (SPOILER ALERT)
  13. ShadowServant

    Dating Sim Game

    I agree with Fafnir. Choosing the character you want to end up with at the beginning is not a good idea (I've played a game that implement this before and It's not fun in my opinion). It would be more entertaining if you can decide after talking with or having some events that reveal another layer of characters' personalities or making choice less obvious. There would make a beautiful dating sim
  14. ShadowServant

    Music Inspired Projects?

    I think so...some gothic metal song also inspire me with the project that is now still inside my head
  15. ShadowServant

    Granny's Lists - VX Ace Portraits and Facesets

    Thank you so much I really love the list