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  1. Lionheart

    Crystal Engine - Traitor

    The script actually ignores the max battle members since traitors are not part of the party until the end of the battle In the demo Class Sprites is used for that. Thank you!
  2. In your own words: - Customizable opacity for the Battle Log window. - Define skills that will not show up in the Battle Log window (i.e. normal attacks, defending, etc.). - Actor and Enemy name prefix omitted before showing Skill or Item name. - "Customizable opacity for the Battle Log window". Where 'the opacity that I set??
  3. Lionheart

    Crystal Engine - Traitor

    Tried! Good script, congratulations ! There 'a way to put the faces to the enemies recruited?
  4. This I understand ... But it does not show the shadow and transparency that there is to be set in the script!
  5. Lionheart

    Crystal Engine - Traitor

    But the demo there '... If I click on the "Demo" I opened the script!?
  6. It is not causing error, is that I copy into a new project, but the battle does not change anything! I do not get the hud of your image!
  7. That 's what I did ... but nothing happens! @ William C:Could you do me a small demo!? This script I'm interested!
  8. No one knows how to help me? How do you make it work?
  9. I put the script into a new project, but not 'change anything ...
  10. I have made ​​but nothing changes!
  11. Lionheart

    Effect: Coin Toss

    It gives me error on line 37!
  12. Lionheart

    Effect: Steal Drops

    To make "Mahager Effect" compatible with "Scene materia" , I suggerist Effects of sotituire with effects2 .... And for now, this script does not work. In this case you have some advice for me?
  13. Lionheart


    I understand the problem: To make "Effect Manager" compatible with "Scene materia", you've suggested replacing "effects" with "effects2" .... And for now, this script does not work. In this case you have some advice for me?
  14. Lionheart


    It does not work ... maybe because I use Tanketai?!?