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  1. # You can also leave the switch ID at 0 to disable battle tints altogether. This is the feature not working, I set a dummy switch and voila.
  2. I tried this but is not working Edit: Worked after using a dummy switch, the leaving the switch on 0 option is the one not working.
  3. I really wanted this is script but it is very outdated. It has a bug with YEA Battle Command List which keep displaying the execute window after the input. and Another one with Instant cast ignoring it completely
  4. Huge update, I'm not sure if I will take ir. I love this script, I even took the time to modify the whole scene for my project despite I wanted something simple haha Spoiler for screenshot: Thanks for this one Estriole!
  5. oriceles

    Passive States

    Hime I'm confused... This is about the effects of a state always being active while equipped? or something else?. The link takes me to a script that tags objects with learnable skills which is something way different .__. Edit: Lol, I think you mixed up your threads. I found the correct one in your Dropbox, is this one, can i use that note tag on skills?
  6. oriceles

    Battle help window

    Is there a way to change that messageback to the dim background used in messages?, also changing it to display only one line?
  7. oriceles

    Reverse Time

    If this gets to undo more stuff then it will work perfect with the retry battle from Game Over with choices by regendo!
  8. oriceles

    Dynammic face pictures

    I know this is necropost but... I have managed to do this using a common event that change all actors face graphics, off course the common event is based on the emotion, so after the required message i run another common event that resets back to the default face
  9. oriceles

    Enemy Reinforcements

    Then I can create a summoner skill by using the script call on a common event? or this is just to be used on the troop events?
  10. oriceles

    Message Busts

    oh true, I didn't look at that part of the script haha!!. Thank you for beign so patient with me Galv
  11. oriceles

    Message Busts

    everything worked fine until this thing happened when using a normal face haha.
  12. oriceles

    YEA | Visual Battlers - Addon + Fix

    Please change your host to dropbox or attach it on the Main post, pastebin is not always up and the script is erased if no one enter anymore.
  13. oriceles

    Message Busts

    Oh, I understand, but I won't use the event command for portraits if I can use them in this way. I would use it only for fogs or backgrounds while reading a book event. Plus, I have many portraits that doesn't have a face set, so this give me two options: 1- using dummies to point to the pictures that I want to use (mess and empty templates with just text and filename) like: 2- resize and crop every portrait that I have to a face to know exactly what I'm doing. I'm requesting this without fear of messing with my project, I don't need a plug&play :x
  14. oriceles

    Message Busts

    I have an idea to help improve this script. What if instead of having faces and portraits using the same name on diferent folders, we could pick the portraits right from the editor?, Formar0153 have this option on his script "faces to busts". This is the best portrait script that I have found so far And can get better if has that feature. I used the one from Formar before this one, but his script won't allow me to have the portraits over the message window (like "BUST_Y_OVER = true" of your script). I even tried to change some values on that script to have them over, and used TDS Change Message Window Z for the porpouse, but there are many problems like using dim message backgrounds will send the text under the message back . Am I the only one who wants this feature?.
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