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  1. Glyxis

    Feedback about my music

    This track has been laying unfinished quite long in my folder so I decided to finish this off. I used good old RPG style clarinet and vibraphone (very similar instrument to xylophone, except the keys are made from metal, not wood), combined with fatty guitar bass, so I think it sounds very RPGish!
  2. Glyxis

    Feedback about my music

    Here is another one. I think it's not that good as the Snow Village. The body of the song may be a bit boring and too repetitive. As main instruments I used acoustic like guitar and some kind of melodic flute. I think it's heavily inspired by one of the world's best RPG game, Dark Could, especially by
  3. Yeah, definitely. But why is this limited? I mean what prevents this in script? Why they don't just allow to us add more?
  4. Glyxis

    music academy Music Software Tools

    About VST and VSTi, there's absolutely awesome website, which should be informed: VST4FREE is full of nice instruments and audio mastering/mixing tools. ALL is freeware. Just amazing site
  5. Oh, that's a shame :/ I just don't need one or two specific tiles. I need the whole set, since I have big trees and stuff. Well, I can do all that with parallax mapping. It needs little more work, but I'm pretty experienced with parallax mapping, so that's no problem.
  6. Glyxis

    Feedback about my music

    Hello everyone! Since I've lost passion on my "real music" what I've been doing with FL Studio 12, I have found the joy of making music about my seconds interest; RPG Gaming of course. So. I thought I could come here and share these tracks with you guys! All feedback is very welcome! I'm NOT very productive person, so I don't have much ready songs. And making them to start to finish, can take a while. Actually I have bunch unfinished stuff, but for now, this is my only song that I have mastered, looped and uploaded on the net, so it's ready I don't have specific interest about genre, so I'll do anything between chilling town music to battle music (Although fast paced music is harder to me to make for some reason) So, here's my first creation: All my stuff I create is free to use. I have the OGG download link in the Soundcloud description of the song. But yeah, I think that's all. Feel free to listen, comment and use the stuff I upload here!
  7. Hi CVincent. Thanks for the answer and your super useful parallax guide! I'm pretty sure that I'll use it to get my working more efficient. Especially with gimp. Sometimes working with those layers give me headache. And I also use Yami's overlay script so perfect guide to me anyway (although I know quite well how to use it) And yeah, the Mapshot script is very easy to work with, so no problem there. I will ask some help (if needed) in your topic in future ^^ So I think this can be closed then~ Thanks Brank and CVincent.
  8. Hi Brank. You got it. But oh yes! That's exactly what I need! Tsukihime saves my day once again And you Brank of course. I'll definitely take a better look when I'm back to RPG Maker tomorrow~~ I'll inform if I have problems with it or if I don't need any other help with this
  9. Hello. (Umm, first I must say I don't know does this belong here, so if this is wrong place, please move it to the correct place.) But yeah, I need advices about parallax mapping. I know how to do it and how to use scripts that uses different layers like ground, light, parallax etc. And I consider myself as "average" gimp user, so creating own stuff itself is not a problem. SO, The problems is when my maps grows larger than my screen, and I can't take 1:1 screenshots in editor. Because I use that editor picture as a base, where I add new layers, like trees, darker sand, grass or whatever and fine tune it a little bit. It's easy to create layers to 1:1 scale. But it doesn't work if I can't take the screenshot from 1:1 scale. (I was thinking actually some kind of program, which could take wider 1:1 screenshot than screen, but I'm little sceptic if programs like that even exist ) And I know how to do exactly right size layers (32 x map's width and height), but there's no way I'm gonna do parallax mapping for "blinded", because I don't have the editor picture, it's just too impractical. I'm not sure if anyone can understand my confusing explanation, but any hints, tips, advices or anything, for creating parallax for big maps are welcome.
  10. Glyxis

    More than 1 starting MC

    Sorry about the dumb question, but what MC? Main Character maybe?
  11. Glyxis

    Making monsers unable to attack.

    What do you want to enemey do then? I don't think the game engine would allow to enemy do "nothing". I don't say this is impossible, but maybe quite hard. When do you want this to occur? When used some kind of spell, maybe? And how long it affects?
  12. Hmm.. I think this might still be the better one than what i'm doing now so this is worth of trying. Yeah, I'm already using that script, which uses note tags to call events in the armors. Nice script, but shame that's not working with items :/ E: Oh well, tested it and yes, the result is actually the same. The only difference is that the quantity number doesn't change when I try to use it in other map. So, it's JUST LITTLE better. Maybe I'll try to search some nice sricpt to this..
  13. You're welcome. ^^ Glad to help
  14. Of course. 1. Just create a switch to ON at end of that event, which you want to activate another one. 2. Set second event condition (Left side of the event) to react when when that same switch is activated.
  15. Oh, didn't notice your post there. But yes, that what I was tolding to myself.
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