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    Glyxis got a reaction from PhoenixSoul in Music Software Tools   
    About VST and VSTi, there's absolutely awesome website, which should be informed: VST4FREE is full of nice instruments and audio mastering/mixing tools. ALL is freeware. Just amazing site
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    Glyxis reacted to Swagneto in Basic Climate System   
    Love the script (and your Advanced Time as well!) but I have one question. Say I wanted to make it so NPC's reacted to the weather. Meaning, is there a variable I can set so when I talk to an NPC and it's raining, they'll say one thing and if it's sunny they'll say something different? I've combed through the script looking for a way to do it and have yet to figure it out.
    Cheers and thanks for the great scripts!
    EDIT: Nevermind, I figured out the proper way to set it up the dialogue issue with conditional branches. However, I can't figure out "Climate::snow". I got it to work for "Climate::sun, Climate::rain, Climate::storm" but can't get snow to work. What am I doing wrong?
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    Glyxis got a reaction from LTNGames in Parallax Mapping (Bigger Maps)   
    Hi Brank. You got it.
    But oh yes! That's exactly what I need! Tsukihime saves my day once again And you Brank of course. I'll definitely take a better look when I'm back to RPG Maker tomorrow~~ I'll inform if I have problems with it or if I don't need any other help with this
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    Glyxis reacted to Jenhzan in VE - Visual Equip   
    Really . . .how can a beginner like me understand all this complicated scripts instruction without a demo. . . just reading the instruction made my brain all fuzzy. . .can you make a demo so i can understand clearly. . TY
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    Glyxis got a reaction from Jester in Map Edge Transfer (VX-Ace) v2.3 (updated 09/21)   
    Hi there! Jester, you just made my day! This script is just freaking awesome! I've struggled with my transferring problems like wide area transferring etc. And there is a huge amount of work add them one by one. Also i wanted JUST LIKE THIS kind of transferring! ^^
    Excatly what i'm looking for. So MANY thanks for this script. Absolutely remember to mention you in credits if my "game" is ever completed
    Ps. One question and suggestion (if you are still improving this)
    Q: Can i add the transfer sound?
    S: Would it be possible to make, that a player also walks on the map where he transfer? Just like walking off the screen, but backwards! How it sounds? Are you interested to make it?
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    Glyxis got a reaction from TheHarmp in Transferring with variables   
    Mmm.. I still don't get it where and how i put the information that transfer me into map 6? (In my case, map 6 is the map where i want to transfer) Here's the pic.

    EDIT: Oh, i got it! Of course i set constant to 6! Damn i'm stupid :wacko: So, PROBLEM SOLVED! Thank you TheHarmp for help
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