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  1. Lowell Richards

    Magic Junction System

    If I Recall Correctly, Element Rates are just Attribute on Attack in VX Ace. Don't Recall if Fire Strike etc had rates in FF8 but you could use another script to have the overall power of that particular element be enhanced. (Craze did this with his Elements Booster script found here http://crazescriptas.../rmvxa-scripts/.) A simple invisible autostate alongside this script when junctioning elemental attributes should achieve the same effect to an extent.
  2. Lowell Richards

    Battle Systems 101: Creating Bosses

    Sorry it's taking so long to get to the examples, working with someone on a project and actual work is taking up most of my time. I'd like to ask what exactly you feel needs to be expanded on as the tutorial would more or less be useless without the input of the people reading it.
  3. Lowell Richards

    Mon's Guide to Better & Badder Bosses

    I'm actually wonder what was useful in this... thing called a tutorial that people apparently saw. It doesn't really offer any help in regards to... well anything regarding the creation of a boss aside from... yeah nothing.
  4. Thats what I was trying to figure out how to do but through a script Fomar. I kinda have it working myself now but the issue is that the script input method in the events command is too small for what I'm trying to do and I was trying to figure out how to get it to run in a script that could be called.
  5. I was looking towards the first method, but having it based on the value inside the variable.
  6. What would I need to do to get text to display in place of a variable when using \v[x] Trying to get the information to display outside of just windows being told to use xyz in place of the value, (Like in skills, script calls, etc)
  7. Lowell Richards

    You have caught a wild Hirei!

    Yo Hirei, you've actually reminded me that I don't have an introduction topic yet >_>