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  1. SlickStretch

    GameOver with choices

    I don't know much about scripting, but it seems to me that the retry option could be simpler by creating (or overwriting) a save file at the beginning of each battle, and then loading it when selecting retry. Would have to prevent it from showing up in the load game menu somehow... Just a thought.
  2. SlickStretch

    Removing/Adding battle_member but not the follower

    I would like to do the same thing, only I do use random encounters.
  3. SlickStretch

    Another Point of View

    Yeah, I really want to do both, but I see your point. I may have to make a decision...
  4. SlickStretch

    Another Point of View

    Well, it took some googling, but i found all 6 chapters of The Way. I'll give them a play through.
  5. SlickStretch

    Another Point of View

    I'm thinking of a more serious plot. Like maybe playing as a character who has some tragic event happen, and then you play as he/she falls slowly into madness and evil. Alienating those around him and causing lots of pain, suffering, and destruction. Sort of like Anakin Skywalkers fall to the dark side.
  6. SlickStretch

    Another Point of View

    I've had this idea floating around in my head for a long while now. A lot of the time when I play RPG's I wonder what it's like from the villain's perspective. So my idea is to make an RPG where you are the villain, not the hero. Maybe you start out as a good guy, and turn evil for some reason, or just start out evil. I don't know about that part yet. The main points are that there is a hero (or group of heros) that want to stop you from completing your nefarious deeds. Like all heros they just won't die. This must be infuriating for villains. You keep beating them down, and they keep showing up throughout the game to foil your plans at the last moment. So, what so you guys think? Would you like to play an RPG through the villain's eyes? Ever played a game like this?
  7. SlickStretch

    Twists and Turns: Too much a bad thing?

    You could always add plot twists as an optional part of the game. Like a side-quest full of a characters back-story. Just make sure that the story still makes sense if the player chooses not to partake.