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  1. Monsterseye, what is the error you are receiving? Also, can you please post a issue ticket over at my website? That way we can keep better track of the issues. Misaki, the error message implies that there is not a valid x or y value for the sprite. Which could only happen if there is an update requested after the sprite is disposed. I will look into it to see if I can find the cause. lerugray, to install the script you need to copy all of the GTBS scripts from the demo to your project. Then graphics folders. You can see some older instructions (that are still good) on my youtube channel at: And Victory Aftermath is a script I have yet to make a compatibility patch for so far.
  2. Check out this game made using GTBS by Quasi. http://rpgmaker.net/games/6058/ It doesnt have a super deep story, but it is still a good play. Game play time 40-70 min.
  3. Webpage is back up. New address however. Gubi.us Sorry about the outages guys. I was having some problems with dyndns for some reason. So I bit the bullet and bought my own domain. Anyway, I have updated all the links in the main post and posted it here as well to help get you back to there. Hopefully now that I have a new provider we will stop having these stupid outage issues.
  4. Ah, you mean the ability to assign a class skill set to the second slot. Thus having dual classes. I get it. Dont mind me and my thick headedness. Hope all is going well for everyone. I see that we have just broke 1000 downloads of GTBS 2.4! I am happy that it seems to be addressing all the old issues and was feature rich enough to make you all happy Most of the issues that have been presented are dealing with other scripts compatibility. Most have already been addressed and the others are being worked on. If you are having any issues with compatibility or otherwise (setup/errors/etc) please visit my website and post there. I get a RSS feed of the issues reported and can address them their fastest. Thank you for your support!
  5. gentlemanorcus, Importing from 2.3 to 2.4 1. First, open the new demo. 2. Select the Import/Export script. 3. Set Export to true. 4. Test run the game to have it export the scripts. 5. Copy the 'Scripts' folder from the Demo Project to your Project under the same name/location. 6. Open the editor for your game. 7. Select the Import/Export script. 8. Set the IMPORT to true and SHOW_CONSOLE to true. 9. Test run your game. 10. It will import the scripts (Note that your 'script sections' must be of the same name for them to import without reporting "missing headers"). The console will ask you if you wish to import two scripts, say yes to both. 11. Close your editor (without saving) and reopen. 12. Cut the script '[GTBS] Action Animation' from below 'Main' and paste it between '[GTBS] Process Action' and '[GTBS] FriendOrFoe'. These scripts are under the [GTBS_BattleScene] header. 13. Copy the MGC_Layy_Meta_1_5.dll file from the 2.4 Demo Project folder over to your game's folder. 14. Your scripts have now been fully updated to the 2.4. Remember to change Export to false in the Import/Export Script in your game. gonns, What do you mean dual job? FFT didnt allow that. (At least not in the PSX version) And by Vandal Hearts, do you mean to have DUAL turns?(actor and enemy moving at the same time) Or the skill system where you decide your skills via the weapons? Wren, DO IT! I always find that if I am not motivated to more my current thing forward. I just need to play a game and stop trying to create one. Anything non-fps. And that helps get my creative juices running again. That or a deadline for a particular goal.
  6. GTBS v2.4 has been released! Check out the first post for details and release notes.
  7. Mattsomeness, That is a loaded question! I am honestly not sure how to answer. The mini scene stuff in my system basically hard coded. However, I dont have the ability to restore a completely alternate scene given no context of where it came from. That said, the place the start would likely be in [GTBS] Process Action section. This handles the drawing of the mini scene and all aspects of delivering an action (be it mini or not). That said, you need to be careful about what is edited because it affects both mini and main scene actions (Be that skill, attack, item etc). You should likely be able to locate my code for 'is mini scene' and call over the new scene to address the entire thing, then return. You might talk with Galv to see if he would be willing to adapt it for you. ProtoflareX, Yes. http://www.youtube.com/user/gubid Thanks!
  8. saevio, If you dont want attack/defend etc commands, visit 'make_command_list' in the 'commands_all' script. Then simply comment out the commands that you dont want added to the list. JMunkholm, Did you catch a copy of the demo yet? The most currently released version of GTBS would be best downloaded from this link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/x49fqvf3fw7qdqx/GTBSv2.3_LMR13.zip Slade101 That is pretty much Advance Wars! Being were within the mini battle we call up whatever we want, this could be done more easily. However, it is something that will have to be a little down in the line. Need to wrap up the 2.4 feature set before I move onto the next thing. And speaking of 2.4, it is coming along nicely. The new animation engine for animating battlers (8D/Kaduki/Holder/etc) + Action List (for user/target movement, +images/icons/screen etc) is almost complete. A couple more weekends and I might have it complete. So many a Christmas present? Thanks Gump! It is high time I posted some more tutorials
  9. Yes, there are problems. Just like any software However, it has been very bug free in general since its release. But, that said, v2.4 is on the horizon with a bunch of new features and a few bug fixes as well. Rose, The good news is that it should be super easy to make those compatible. They are rather short scripts. But, for tracking can you please create feature request incidents on my webpage? This just makes it so that I have a much harder time forgetting about them.
  10. PM sent. Druid, the traverse type is to 'REDUCE' the cost of movement. The cost of movement is determined by the tile tag value of the tile they are standing on + 1. So if the tile tag is 0, then the movement cost for the tile is 1. If the tile tag is 3, then the movement cost for the tile is 4. The different traverse types identify a reduction of the tile tag cost for the tile. So, let me explain a little more. When the tile tag (tt) is 1 and the traverse type is 1, then it will have no additional cost for the movement. It removes it. Intended to be used for 'forest' and allows faster movement through such. when the tt is 2 and the traverse type 2, then it will cost 0 additional. However 1,3 will still cost the extra value. Intended to be used for 'mountain' and allows for faster movement through such. When the tt is 1 or 2, and the traverse type is 3, there is no extra cost. Used as a type of both mountain and forest movement proficiency. No matter what, when the tt 3 is used, you will pay the cost regardless of the traverse type. Intended for 'bad land'/'swamp' which cannot be avoided. Any tile tag greater than 3 is ignored in regards to increasing move cost. HOWEVER! Keep in mind that 'Walk on water' and 'Flying' have special rules in regards to this stuff. Flying is not hindered by tile tags at all. Walk on water, however still is and requires 'boat passable' value to force availability of movement.
  11. Are you still having trouble downloading this TacticsMan? Were you unable to access http://redminedev.dyndns.org? If not, try another computer. If still no, then can you access the other website hosted by the same machine (sponasylum.dyndns.org) or minecraft server with the same address? Perhaps a web proxy? I have seen that people in South American Countries have more troubles accessing the site than others. Not sure why, but proxy seems to always be the final step to access the site if you cannot in your browser. v2.4 coming along nicely. You will be able to define action movements etc using note tags for skills/items/weapons such as: <action_list> create: icon weapon1, user hand1, angle 45 <> move: user, target feet, time 10, wait move: user , icon weapon1, angle 10 <>, time 3 target: damage move: user, target head, time 4, wait move: user, icon weapon1, angle 110 <>, time 4 target: damage screen: flash 200 0 0, time 10 delete: user, icon weapon1 move: user, return, wait </action_list> This action will be carried out not only within mini, but on the map if you dont have the mini enabled. So it is very powerful.
  12. Yes, it does import them. The best thing to do is take the demo, and EXPORT the scripts. then copy the 'scripts' folder to your project. Then set the import/export script to import, then start. Note that the name between your script in your project has to match the name of the exported .rb file. If they do not match then you will get the 'missing header' stuff. If you say 'YES' to import a script without a header or otherwise. You need to make sure that you close your project (without saving) and reopen it to see the changes in the script file.
  13. rbahamut, did you get that resolved? Everyone else, If you have not already seen V2.3 was released last week with a couple bug fixes for reported issues and a couple new features. I am currently progressing on v2.4 which add's support for 'Animated Battlers' for usage in the side view system. It will do scene introduction, transition and attack just like most of your popular battle systems. Support will still remain for my existing 'Animated Battlers' (which is the same but in all 4 directions). I will also be attempting to finish up the 'movement' system that allows not only the mini battle, but map battle attacks to have the user jump around etc to deliver the attacks. Cheers!
  14. Wren, the reason the 'heal' was giving you issues is because it is setup to summon a character to the field in the demo. If you remove the 'actor=51'? from the skill note it will work as expected. And thanks! rbahamut, The reason for the error is that you are using a larger screen resolution script or something to take it out of the default 544, 416. The problem is not that your have that type of script, but that the background images available were built for 544. If you open the background default image and resize it to be 320 in with and 240 in height (according to the script resolution of your images), then you should be golden.
  15. lecode, can you be more specific? What errors are you getting? Are you still seeing the issues with version 2.2?